(also works on scale insects, spider mites, and other small sap-sucking insects)

This is my go-to DIY pesticide, and it really works for persistent mealybug/scale insect colonies…just…keep spraying…everyday… and in a week or two all the insects should be dead 💀

4 parts vegetable oil
1 part dishwashing liquid (non-bleach!)

Pour into container and shake well until it turns white (as in photo)

To use:
Mix approx one tablespoon to one litre of water in a spray bottle, shake well, and spray onto insects. Shake well before every use !

It works by coating the insect with a thin film of oil/soap so they suffocate, so you have to make sure that it covers all insects thoroughly.

Don’t use when temperatures will be above 32 deg c in the shade. Don’t spray just before your plants will be in harsh direct sun. Don’t spray directly before/after watering as it’s less effective (In fact if I’m spraying this on I won’t water for a couple days before and after)

For very bad infestations, I’ll take the plant out of the pot and remove as much soil as I can, and spray the entire plant (roots and all) everyday, while keeping it in the shade. Once I’m sure there’s no more insects or eggs I’ll pot the plant back up :)

If anyone has other DIY pest control methods, do let me know !

If Jamie and Claire (and Fergus and Marsali) could text: First chapters of Drums of Autumn Edition
  • Marsali: FOR THE RECORD
  • Fergus: oh mon dieu not again
  • Marsali: OH AYE
  • Claire: told you so, fergus
  • Marsali: THIS AGAIN
  • Fergus: Milady you are not helpful
  • Marsali: I am STILL NOT PLEASED with being left behind like this
  • Claire: let the record ALSO state that Mother Claire was on your side
  • Claire: but that male-r heads prevailed
  • Fergus: chérie, come now, you understand why it had to be this way
  • Marsali: oh I most certainly DO ken why
  • Fergus: then no need to fash, non?
  • Marsali: because you needed a break from your pregnant wife
  • Fergus: !!!! That's not fair,
  • Claire: it does raise that question
  • Fergus: Milady pleasssse tais-toi
  • Fergus: and marsalou, mon amour, you KNOW that is not the case
  • Marsali: and HEAVEN FORBID you should stay here WI ME YOURSELF
  • Fergus: mo chridhe,
  • Marsali: NAE
  • Claire: to be fair we do have gemstones,
  • Claire: so we're gallivanting like non-liquid princes
  • Fergus: chèrie, don't even SAY that
  • Marsali: just you WATCH ME
  • Fergus: mo ghraidh please don't
  • Claire: Marsali dear you're going to be fine
  • Fergus: See, milady herself says
  • Claire: ...but I do fail to see why a man would CHOOSE to be away from his sweet wife in her time of need 🤔
  • Fergus: 😡😡😡😡😡
  • Jamie: I leave for a quarter hour and notifications to last me to samhain
  • Claire: except for mE!
  • Claire: 😁😁😁
  • Ian: across town playing cards
  • Jamie: oh for the love of
  • Jamie: WTFH
  • Claire: Of COURSE you did
  • Marsali: Oh I see, so a WOLF is fine but no pregnant ladies allowed??
  • Jamie: we're NOT keeping a wolf Ian
  • Ian: oh but we are 😊
  • Claire: if I had to guess, I'll wager we are
  • Ian: oh you guys canna name the bairn Rollo okay?
  • Ian: cause that's the dog's name
  • Marsali: aww that's adorable, Ian! Send a pic?
  • Jamie: afckingdhiathisfamily

theflightlessfly  asked:

Do you have any thoughts about millionaires qualifying for Medicaid? Is this something you'd be interested in reforming?

I have a lot of thoughts! But most of them are “I’m not convinced that’s a problem that exists” or “even if it is a problem that exists, we’ve got many more pressing issues in health reform.”

First, If you search “millionaires qualify medicaid” the first few results include dailysignal and infowars, one of which is run by the Heritage Foundation (conservative think tank) and the other is run by Alex Jones (batshit crazy motherfucker, nazi)

If these parties are concerned about it, chances are I am not. In fact, I would question exactly how much of a problem it is in the first place, based solely on those being the sources.

Second, Yes, it’s true that if you have non-liquid assets—such as cars, houses, etc.—but your income is low, you theoretically could qualify for Medicaid. (This is easier if you are a child, elderly, pregnant, or disabled, which are the groups Medicaid was created to serve.) Still, if Bob is a millionaire, he’s got to be really fucking stupid to go with Medicaid, which is basement-level insurance that covers an extremely limited number of things, with a hell of a lot of paperwork and restrictions. 

Bob should sell one of his cars and buy individual health insurance like everybody else who doesn’t get employer-sponsored coverage.

Third, at the end of the day, tightening Medicaid restrictions doesn’t hurt the theoretical millionaires who have found a way to game the system. (That’s what millionaires do; tax shelters and indemnification clauses didn’t spring up naturally.) Making it harder to apply or qualify for Medicaid hurts people who can’t afford financial planners or lawyers or the endless rounds of administrative appeals. It burdens states with over-regulating something that is already very heavily regulated, and doesn’t actual solve any of the genuine issues facing healthcare today.

Fourth and finally, in a perfect world, everybody could have equitable health insurance, regardless of income level or net worth. I’m more interested in working towards that, rather than trying to narrow the gate for access to Medicaid for a tenth of a sliver of the population.

Sanvers Week Day 5 - Domestic Sanvers

Turned out fluffier than I intended, this is like a follow up to @queercapwriting TGWWK chapter 141, the one where Adrian was first introduced. The context in this fic is something I feel all the time and I need someone to understand so Alex is the someone XD And the last part was just something I experienced before so… XD 

She had a blast last night.

She received her, ‘some really big-deal community-NCPD relationship-building award’ – as said by Alex -, and she met Adrian after such a long, long time.

She mingled before the award ceremony, with Alex, the most beautiful woman there in her hands, answering a whole bunch of formal questions of her girlfriend, the award, their future etc.

Her friends threw her a celebration party kind of thingy, and she of course brought Alex along, and Adrian too, although he was set to drink non-alcoholic liquid, much to his protest.

And even after the celebration, she went back with Alex and Adrian, catching up with Adrian on his life and about college, and his friends. They talked until 5 in the morning, which was acceptable as all of them were free the next day, even though Adrian were required to go back the next morning, with his friends, and to prepare himself for college.

It was…an eventful day.

Full of people, and socializing, and talking to human beings…

It was a lot.

So the next day, when Maggie had sent Adrian to the train station and give him a five minute lecture on being safe and calling her if he needs anything, she went back only to find Alex getting out of her shower after her morning run.

“Hey babe, you sent Adrian?” Alex asked, drying her hair with the towel in her hand.

“Yeah…” Maggie smiled, seeing her girlfriend in a t-shirt and shorts.

“Do you wanna go out and get breakfast now? I can go change.”

“No Alex I…” Maggie furrowed her brows, trying to find a way to say it.

Alex cautiously looks at Maggie’s face, trying to figure out what happened. “Did I…do something?”

“No!” Maggie looked at her, “Alex…you…you were perfect last night…It was amazing…for my first award…and so much more than I could ever asked for…”

She took a deep breath, “It’s just…”

“It’s just what…?” Alex prompted.

“I…it’s…” Maggie tried, not meeting Alex’s eyes.

Alex read her face and tried to go over what happened last night that might upset her, and then made a guess, “It’s just…a lot?”

“Yeah…” Maggie breathes, like her secret finally being out there.

Alex took some steps towards her, “It’s fine, you know? It’s normal and sometimes I feel it too.”

“You don’t think I’m weird?”

“No…introversion is a thing. And it’s something that’s so normal nowadays. And with you, you’re asocial, right? And it’s fine, it’s valid, you’re valid.”

“How do you…?” Maggie looked at her with a confused face.

“Know? I’m an elite agent, with an expertise in analyzing speech patterns and body language.” Alex bragged a little, which made Maggie chuckle, and then she continued, “And I also did a lot of research about myself just to figure out what I am as well.”

“What I’m trying to say is, I get you. I understand the overwhelming feeling of being around so many people and being in the spotlight last night, and you talked to Adrian so much after that, and it’s amazing and you’re grateful for it, but now you also need some time for yourself to recharge.”

Maggie smiled a little, “…yeah. No one ever really understand, most people just call me anti-social when I refuse to go out with them. There’s a difference between anti-social and asocial, I’m not a threat towards the society and I have no hate towards it, and I just prefer to work alone you know?” Alex nods.

She does understand. She doesn’t fully understand what’s going on in Maggie’s brain, but she understand where she’s coming from. Alex may not be an asocial person, but she definitely is an introvert, which is the one thing that increased the connection between herself and Maggie, they understand each other in that sense.

“We can stay home today. I can make you breakfast?” Alex suggests.


“Your favorite, of course.”

“I’ll go take a shower.” Maggie announces, after giving Alex a soft kiss on the lips.

She went and take a long shower, letting herself enjoy the feeling under the water. When she was done and changed into Alex’s Stanford sweater and shorts, she came out only to catch Alex finishing her phone call while flipping pancakes.

“Yeah Kara…No we’re fine…just today I promise…yes…you guys have fun…love you…bye.”

“Anything happened?” Maggie asked, hugging Alex from behind, careful not to touch the stove.

“No I was just telling Kara to count us out for game night today.”

Maggie pulled back, “What? Danvers no! We always have game night.”

“But today you need some time alone, we can skip one day.” Alex turned the stove on to a lower level.

“They’re gonna be so upset, no one misses game night.” Maggie bit her lip.

“They’ll understand I promise. You need time alone, it’s not like you don’t want to go.”

Maggie looks away, “But it is me…it’s me being stupid needing alone time and shit…”

“No Maggie.” Alex said firmly, and she rests her hands on Maggie’s shoulder, so, so gently, “Look at me, please.” And she did.

“It’s not you being stupid. It’s you needing time for yourself cause you’re a human being, and is not comfortable with being around people all the time. It’s not you being immature or being needy, it’s you caring for yourself because you need this time.” Alex explained.

“And it’s also me being the best girlfriend ever to make you breakfast, lunch and dinner, and cuddle all day watching crappy tv.”

“You were, are always the best girlfriend one could ever asked for.”

“Hmm…I am pretty awesome huh.” Alex shrugs.

“Thank you Alex…for everything, and being so understandable about this.”

“Now about that pancake…I made some with strawberry and I don’t think you like them so I’m just going to finish it all.”

“Don’t you dare touch my pancakes Danvers!”

After breakfast they ended up cuddling on the couch, with Alex’s head on Maggie’s lap while watching OITNB, but that didn’t last long as Maggie fell asleep while Alex, well, she’s wide awake. So being the dork she is, she wanted to do something. She got up, slowly and gently, careful to not wake Maggie up, and went to clean up her wardrobe.

Maggie woke up after an hour or so, with a blanket draped on her, but without the presence of her girlfriend. “…hmm…Danvers?”

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” Alex peaked her head from her room, holding her dress that she was hanging on the hanger.

“Mm…I missed your cuddles, what are you doing?” Maggie stretched.

“I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d clean my wardrobe.”

“You left me sleeping alone on your couch?” Maggie fakes pout, teasing her girlfriend, “I didn’t mean to, I just, I didn’t want to watch the show without you so I just-” and Maggie cut her off, “Calm down Alex I’m just teasing you.”

Maggie got up and walked to Alex, looking into the wardrobe to find a drawer and a side of the wardrobe totally empty, “Why is this empty?”

“I cleared up a side for you, I thought you’d like to have space and leave your clothes here, you practically live here like 70% of the time anyways, but if you think it’s too fast I can just-” Maggie cut her off with a kiss, again, “I love it…I’ll bring them over soon okay?”

“Mm…” Alex hums.

“Now come on we can do this later, let’s go finish this season and we can have dinner together later.” Maggie said, pulling Alex with her back to the couch.

“You cooking for me Sawyer?”

“I am a better chef than you, seeing as you can only make pancakes and toasts without burning the kitchen down.” Maggie teased, “Hey! I’m learning okay!” Alex protested.

“Yes babe…I’ll cook for you later.” Maggie said, pulling Alex into her lap as they sit on the couch, just cuddling and being intimate with each other.

“And then we’ll look at puppy pictures?” Alex asked excitedly.

“Yes…whatever you want babe.”

“Whatever…I want?”

“Except for naming our dog Gertrude, no way we’re gonna name our first dog Gertrude.”

anonymous asked:

hi!! i was wondering if you or any of your followers had any ideas for stimtoys that are i could make out of/look like soda bottles and cans? (eg. galaxy/glitter bottles in cola colours, how to seal opened soda cans with stuff that rattles inside, how to seal an old ramune bottle to make galaxy bottles, stufflike that?) [kind of an odd ask but soft drink is one of my special interests and the fact that there aren't squishies shaped like soda cans or ramune bottles is a crime haha]

Anon, I thought this was a tough one. I’d been thinking about can drink tabs made into chain maille and general sensory bottle tutorials as the closest I might get, until I happened across something quite awesome on eBay.

I hope you’re located in the US, because the shipping is expensive otherwise, but check these out:

[image description: six clear plastic slime containers with grey plastic drink-can lids wrapped with knock-off labels mimicking famous drink brands like Fanta (Fanda), Gatorade (Gutorade) and Sunkist along other brands unrecognisable to this Australian. Two light-skinned hands to the left of the slime cans show a clear purple and a clear green slime oozing over the fingertips holding it.]

Drink can slimes: $1.99 USD, sold at random, ships from the US.

I then spent the next half hour leaping up off my bed (at midnight, mind) because I kept having ideas I wanted to add to my draft.

If you wanted to put something inside an empty, clean drink/soda can (I apologise: I’m Aussie and the words “soda can” don’t go together in my lexicon) I fear that you’d have to seal the tops with an epoxy putty or clear resin (depending if you want it to be transparent). I don’t think anything else would hold it shut without peeling or unsticking over time. Maybe a good glue like Liquid Fusion (discussed and linked in this post) as it has been used to cover holes similar to a putty or resin. If you do that, though, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t make a drink can rattle.

For galaxy, sensory bottles, a plastic or vintage bottle would work just as well as any other bottle. (Although I have no experience with ramune bottles when it comes to getting non-liquid items inside said bottle.) We’ve collected a few tutorials on this now:

Glitter Jar #1 | Jellyfish in a Bottle | Lava Lamp | Nebula and Sand Bottles | Calming Bottle | Glitter Jar #2 |

You can also fill bottles with stimmy items like marbles, buttons, beads, dice, water beads or kinetic sand. I’ve got some examples in the photos on my stimmy room ask.

There’s a link on this post to a tutorial for making maille (you could make earrings, bracelets or just sheets of maille for holding) from drink can tabs. If you want to show off your special interest whilst still being a little subtle or stealth, or just have it as wearable jewellery, this might be a good way to do it.

If you have new or vintage metal bottle caps (the kind that look like mini pie dishes) you might like to try making this DIY clicker toy.

For fidgets, you might want to collect a few drink can shaped puzzle erasers. Easy to pull apart and put back together again, over and over! I bought this set from K-Mart ($2 AUD) which is a knock-off version of this Iwako set ($5.75 USD, an add-on item on Amazon).

I don’t know what your favourite brand is, but if you’re into beading, I found a list of results for Kandi bracelets and fidgets with the Pepsi logo! These look to use peyote stitching, and you can find tutorials for this here.

If you want to buy fidget/stim jewellery, try Etsy. There’s all sorts of things in this search - I used the terms “pop can jewellery”. There’s a whole section of pop tab bracelets, but you might also like things like these very stimmy pop tab earrings ($15.04 AUD, ships worldwide from the US).

It also crossed my mind that one could try making an I Spy Bag shaped like a drink bottle or can, with small bottle and tin miniatures inside for hunting, but this might be more complicated to design, make and source. Dollhouse bottles, for example, might work for this - I’ve actually got a collection of 1/12 and ¼ scale bottles. Sylvanian Families figurines have playsets that come with miniature drink cans and Coke/soda bottles, even, so they do exist.

I hope this gives you some good ideas, anon. I think there’s a few ways here you can enjoy your special interest and stimming all at once! Like always, if there’s something I haven’t mentioned, please comment away!

- Mod K.A.

When drawing Roxy with an alcoholic drink in her hand:

Only times it should be done:

Past Roxy


AU where her alcohol problems never happened and shes just drinking with friends, maybe at a party. (I’ve seen an AU with this, it was fun.)

Maybe a wine glass with non-alcoholic liquid inside, unlikely but maybe thats all there is to use or she’s just bein silly. 

Thank you.   -Mod Al

Un continuo far l'amore
tra noi due.
Facciamo l'amore con gli occhi,
ché mi sento nuda come mai quando mi fissi nelle pupille.
Facciamo l'amore con le mani,
quando ce le stringiamo forti,
per non farci andare via,
via dove poi?
Da nessuna parte, “dove” sei sempre tu.
Facciamo l'amore con le parole,
quando discutiamo,
io divento infantile,
ma poi ci capiamo e spegnamo tutto con una risata
Facciamo l'amore quando ci abbracciamo,
che non mi son mai sentita più libera di abbandonarmi totalmente in vita mia.
Facciamo l'amore con la testa,
quando parliamo,
vaghiamo coi pensieri,
che sembrano sconnessi,
ma sono sensati
e io sento una connessione profonda
quando pensiamo ad alta voce
e l'altro risponde.
Facciamo l'amore
solo dormendo,
quando sentiamo il respiro dell'altro,
ché io mi sento ancora più tua così,
se possibile.
Facciamo l'amore
da quando le nostre anime si sono viste
e si sono scelte.
E da quel giorno sono aggrovigliate l'una all'altra,
per non lasciarsi mai andare.

Poi facciamo anche l'amore,
quello fisico,
ma di certe cose non si parla,
perché descrivere emozioni così
non è possibile.

anonymous asked:

Grocery customers: I don't care if you decided you didn't want the thing and put it back. Really, we don't get offended. But if it's something that has to be cold (meat, seafood, dairy), PUT IT SOMEWHERE COLD. EVEN THE FREEZER IS FINE (for non-liquid products), JUST PLEASE PUT IT IN SOMETHING COLD. Otherwise it can and usually does spoil :(

testingforcake23  asked:

I know Christian has committed sexual crimes and maybe murder, but can you list what in the business sphere he has done illegally or unethically? My dads a lawyer who deals with this shit, so I'm curious.

For one thing, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. is, by its name, incorporated. That means that it needs a board of directors. Christian says loudly in both Fifty Shades of Grey and the un-Google-able sequel, Grey that he has no board telling him what to do. This statement could have been qualified in Grey; he could have thought that he had a one-person board and that he was it, which is possible. But his reaction in Grey is the same–that he doesn’t have a board because he doesn’t want one. That’s not how incorporation WORKS.

Second, he violates the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. All but one of the employees at Grey House, his headquarters, that we see is a white-skinned blonde woman, and that one exception is a white-skinned redheaded woman. Ana speculates that he hires women who look a certain way; in Grey, we’re given confirmation that yes, that’s exactly what he does. From where I’m sitting, he should be half-buried under anti-discrimination class action suits.

He employs a private hacker, Barney, who breaks into computer systems to illegally obtain information–like Social Security numbers, amounts of money in bank accounts, images in closed-circuit city TV cameras monitoring roads, etc. Grey also states that he uses Barney to vet all potential hires and any woman with whom Grey might get into a BDSM relationship.  This should raise all sorts of questions about identity theft and violations of privacy. It doesn’t.

He ordered another employee (Jason Taylor, his chief bodyguard) to beat Jack Hyde  (the man who attempted to rape Ana shortly before this) within an inch of his life when a) Jack was unarmed,  b) he was not threatening  or endangering Grey, Ana or Taylor, and c) Ana was in a tank of a limo that resembles, in many ways, one of the cars James Bond drives. I’m pretty sure that you’re not allowed to order random assaults on despicable people who are not a clear and present danger to you or those around you…even when you have skilled bodyguards.

The chief accountant of the company (Gwen) and the the Vice-President of the company (Ros Bailey, who seems to do all the work, thanks to Grey’s ineptitude) are in a romantic and sexual relationship. To me, this indicates conflicts of interest.

The company was founded with money that Elena Lincoln stole from her husband and gave to Christian Grey. Furthermore, Grey either knew that the money was stolen when he received it or learned it shortly afterwards. I’m pretty sure that profiting from a crime is also illegal.

Grey routinely uses company resources for personal gain. He seems to feel that since it’s his company, everything belonging to the company belongs to him individually. 

At the end of Fifty Shades Freed, when we find out that Elena’s ex-husband Linc Lincoln was the Big Bad all along, Christian says this in a phone conversation:

“Ros, how much stock do we own in Lincoln Timber?”


“So, consolidate the shares into GEH, then fire the board … except the CEO … I don’t give a fuck … I hear you, just do it … thank you … keep me informed.”

You can’t just say “You’re fired” as if the words were magic—and that’s what Christian is doing. He doesn’t OWN Lincoln Timber, not the slightest part. Elena Lincoln’s ex does. And the ex doesn’t like Christian at all. I can’t think that he’d allow Christian to buy a controlling number of shares—and I doubt if Christian did so, especially since he mentioned earlier in Freed that he didn’t even know if he’d invested any money in lumber or timber.   

Boards of directors can be changed, but not by one person hiring or firing everyone.

1) Boards can be elected at the annual shareholders’ meeting at the end of the year.

2) A shareholder can call a special meeting when they want to change directors before their term ends. However, this involves contacting all other shareholders and giving them notice of the place, time, date and purpose of the meeting.

3) Shareholders can vote to remove directors from a board, with or without cause, unless the corporation has a staggered board. Once that is done, they can vote to replace the directors they voted out.

However, a) a meeting is required, b) a quorum of shares must be present at that meeting and c) a majority of all shares entitled to vote must participate in removing and replacing the directors. Furthermore, many by-laws translate this as “a majority of all SHAREHOLDERS” rather than “a majority of all SHARES.” Which means everyone might get a vote over the dismissal of Lincoln Timber’s board, even very minor investors.

4) With a staggered board, only a portion of the board is elected every year—half to one third, generally. Replacement and removal of members of a staggered board are similar to what’s done in the third case…but members of a staggered board can only be removed with cause. And the by-laws spell out what the causes are. Posting bail for someone that one shareholder doesn’t like is not a valid cause.

Removal and replacement of boards always seem to come down to other shareholders, meetings and elections. And even if Christian could just wave a dictatorial hand and say, “Begone!”, Linc could put the directors that had been removed, as well as anyone else on his side, up for election again, campaign for them, recommend that other shareholders vote for them, etc. This has been done in other companies; it’s fairly routine.

As plans for vengeance go, this one is unworkable, illegal, and pretty much useless.

Christian also plans to do the following:

“But he’s seriously crossed the line with Hyde. Linc’s made this personal by going after my family. I’m going to crush him, break up his company right under his nose, and sell the pieces to the highest bidder. I am going to bankrupt him.”

Bankruptcy law has ways of fighting hostile takeovers, which is what Hellspawn is proposing. Not only that, but a Chapter 11 bankruptcy—the most typical way for businesses to go bankrupt in America—wouldn’t leave Linc stony broke, which is what Fuckface wants. “A [C]hapter 11 debtor usually proposes a plan of reorganization to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is REALLY common with big businesses. This not only wouldn’t leave Linc broke, he might even profit from the deal.

If Hellspawn wants to force Linc to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which involves liquidation of non-exempt assets and distributing the proceeds to debtors…well, first of all, Chapter 7 is generally used by individuals, not businesses or corporations (which usually file Chapter 11) or sole proprietorships and partnerships (which usually file Chapter 13). Note the word “generally.” It’s not impossible for a business to use Chapter 7, but Chapter 7 would involve selling a great many assets, including the business itself. So it’s not common.

Second, Linc himself would have to cooperate with Hellspawn’s “plan.” He’d have to apply for credit counseling first, because you can’t petition for Chapter 7 liquidation without that. Then he’d have to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition with the courts, agreeing to sell almost everything he has because that’s the only way to pay off his debts. Linc is a wealthy man. What’s likelier—that he’ll voluntarily strip himself of almost everything he owns or that he’ll fight a hostile takeover? 

And that’s just the stuff I can think of right off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more.

Does that help?  

pachetez  asked:

You seem to know more about liquids than my previous researcher, can you explain the "Sploosh Sploosh Effect"?

I’ve never heard it like that before, but I’ll give it a good go. 

One liquid that is affected differently on various surfaces is blood. I can’t find the gifs, but when a drop of blood lands on tile, it takes on a different shape than a drop landing on asphalt would. 

If that isn’t the right answer, there’s also non-newtonian liquids. Such an example is corn starch and water. 

Originally posted by blazepress

On it’s own, it works as a fluid, but when you put it under a percussive speaker, it takes on a solid form. 

I’m not entirely sure if I answered this right, so drop me another ask f I didn’t. 

anonymous asked:

OK dumb question: What do you do with food offerings? Can you eat them after a certain time? Throw them away? Is there a standard protocol?

Howdy! Not a dumb question!  This is an answer that varies from tradition to tradition, so always glad to help.  In Gaelic Polytheism, the belief is that once something is offered to na Dé, a spirit, etc., the essence of it is then consumed, makin it dangerous then eat.  Tradition says that offerings should therefore be drowned, buried, or burned.  

To drown something, it can be placed in the nearest body of water, moving or still.  I’ve thought about using open water drainage gutters since I live in a city, but I’m not totally sure how I feel about that.  There’s not always water in em and they’re kinda associated with filth, so, yeah.  

To bury somethin, you can obviously dig a hole or, if its non-alcoholic liquid*, you can just pour it on the ground.  Another idea here is making a compost pile or something similar that can then be used in the garden.  If that’s not an option, some people just throw offerings away.  That’s not my cup of tea, but to each their own.  

Burning can be done in a bonfire, fireplace, wood-burning stove, or fire-safe container.  Obviously, be careful and use common sense, but it’s pretty common.  

*I say non-alcoholic because a large number of Native American Nations view alcohol as poison and, because we’re part of a colonial past, that’s something to be taken seriously.  If you’re Native or not in the US, this can vary, but as a US Southerner, that’s my take on it. 

Hope this helps! 

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GIMME YOUR ASGZC + ALCOHOL THOUGHTS? Who drinks the most? what do they like to drink? what do they do when drunk? (this is, for the sake of the question, ignoring any headcanons that mako makes it impossible to get drunk or that you get -very- drunk. okay? :D)


Genesis is the over-emotional drunk. There’s usually a few tears (typically preceded by an “I really love you guys”) His drunken state is probably the only time he doesn’t quote “Loveless”, most likely because even his subconscious doesn’t want to ruin the poem. No, instead he makes a lot of confessions, usually about what he loves most about the people he’s with, followed by even more tears. He’s really fun to be around when drunk even if there are a lot of “I just love squishing your face in my hands, Cloud” and “Angeal you’re just so strong” and crying. They’re good tears. He likes anything fruity and delicious. He’ll often get a Sex on the Beach just to say it. 

Angeal is the sleepy drunk. He’s happy enough to be left alone and nurse whatever drink he has in front of him. He can pretty much ignore everything else. He’s usually the DD because he just can’t seem to get himself to enjoy drinking after the 8 or 9th beer. It’s just bedtime. He is alright with that. Watching the other four is more than enough entertainment. Angeal likes dark beers the most. He likes to savor them. 

Zack is a fun drunk. As more alcohol goes in, things get exponentially funnier. His laughter infects the others quickly and it’s hard to stop. He’s the one that comes up with stupid shit to do, or decides to leave and go to another place to drink. When he crashes, though, it’s hard. He’s like a zombie. He can walk, but he has to be guided. Luckily, he’s a quick rebounder and hangovers aren’t too terrible for him. Zack is the shot taker. He likes the burn. 

Cloud is another quiet drunk, but it’s so worth it to sit close to him (as Angeal as since learned). He mutters under his breath and it is hilarious with or without context. Phrases such as “Squishie Cloud does not like Squishie” are really common–especially once Genesis starts going. He mostly sits there with a dopey smile on his face, looking cute. If he’s seriously drunk, he’ll cuddle with whomever is closest which is why Angeal sits next to him. It was not fun prying Cloud off a stranger that one time. It’s better having a Cloud in your lap instead. Cloud is the mixer: Tequila, Rum, and Vodka most of all, with pretty much any other non-alcoholic liquid. 

Sephiroth gets touchy feely. He hangs off one one boyfriend as soon as he can get his hand on them. It’s not a seductive thing either. Sephiroth just turns into a hugger when the liquor kicks in. The others are thankfully extremely sweet when Seph gets to that point. There is much holding hands, swaying in time with music, and stroking of back and hair once Sephiroth is in hug mode. Sephiroth will try anything the others order for him and usually asks the bartender for a recommendation. His unspoken favorite, however, is still Genesis’s favorite Sex on the Beach. 

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What's the best non-liquid thing to put on top of fries?

a burger

but it works better if you just put the fries in the burger instead