Mysterious behavior of quantum liquid elucidated, a world first
Osaka, Japan (SPX) Jan 27, 2016
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In cooperation with researchers from Osaka City University and the University of Tokyo, researchers at Osaka University, through their precise measurement of current fluctuations in quantum liquids in an artificial atom created by nanotechnology, succeeded in elucidating theoretically-predicted behavior of quantum liquid in a non-equilibrium regime. Quantum liquids are macroscopic ensemble
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Pork tenderloin and udon in hot and sour broth

(For future reference: non-liquid broth ratios
1 anchovy
1 rasher bacon (chopped)
1 tablespoon chili garlic oil plus 1 dried chili
1 tablespoon lemongrass (finely chopped)
1-2 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons tamarind concentrate
½ tablespoon pad see ew sauce
½ tablespoon hoi sin)

Mysterious behavior of quantum liquid elucidated, a world first

In cooperation with researchers from Osaka City University and the University of Tokyo, researchers at Osaka University, through their precise measurement of current fluctuations in quantum liquids in an artificial atom created by nanotechnology, succeeded in elucidating theoretically-predicted behavior of quantum liquid in a non-equilibrium regime.

Quantum liquids are macroscopic ensembles of interacting particles dense enough for quantum statistics to manifest itself. For fermions, it is known that, around equilibrium, all the quantum liquids can be universally described within a single theory, so called Landau Fermi liquid theory. The central idea is that they can be treated as an ensemble of free “quasi-particles.” This conceptual framework has been applied to many physical systems, such as liquid helium 3, normal metals, heavy fermions, neutron stars, and cold gases, where their properties in the linear-response regime have been successfully described by the theory. However, non-equilibrium properties beyond this regime have still to be established and remain a key issue of many-body physics.

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I seem to recall hearing somewhere that generally sounds within any given language will occur with more or less the same degree of frequency as each other. Is this true or am I just confabulating things? If it is true, it makes me think I must be doing something wrong because I almost always end up with certain phones that can only occur in very specific environments (e.g. voiced fricatives can only occur when clustered with non-lateral liquids in words containing no front vowels).

It’s almost the exact opposite of this that’s true. It’s really not hard to prove. Take English. The sound [ð] is much rarer than [d], and a vowel like [ʊ] is much rarer than a vowel like [i]. Even if you control for sound changes this isn’t true. So, no, disregard that information.

Tea Time

It was a bit of a relief to find that the nearby supermarket sold Fairy Liquid, non branded stuff never worked as well when it came to cleaning test tubes. She grabbed a bottle, shoving it into her basket and headed to the till.

Shopping paid for, Daisy headed out of the shop and back along the street to the YouTube apartments. She headed inside, putting the bag down to stretch her arm, the bag was pretty heavy. Over her shoulder, she could hear talking, and what sounded like a English accent. She turned around, glancing across the main reception, spotting a vaguely familiar face- she could swear she’d seen some of this guy’s videos before.

“Hey, you’re English too? Sorry for the stranger talking to you thing!”


Fucking Internet, man.

I really like the nyx lingerie lipstick in exotic so I googled nude red lipsticks to see if I could find a non liquid lipstick version of it. I got a bunch of naked red head porn stars instead 😕

di naman ako ganon lol i wouldn’t do the same thing u do to others naman tama ba hahahhaa de di ako ganon but it depends sa tao if ayaw ko sila kausap tagal ko magreply haha pero ganon ka diba hahaha de kasi di ako ganon may ginagawa lang talaga ako nagluluto ako kasi ng itlog tas nabasag sya grabe dapat perfect na bilog yun eh dapat walang mababasag dapat buo yung yellow part dun para pag tapos na tusukin ko ng tinidor pero nadidiri talaga ako sa yellow like wtf yung yellow kadiri di ko pa natitikman yon pag boiled egg kumakain ako non pero pag liquid di pero di yon eh i just feel like explaining my eggs HAHAHAHA because i thought u should know about it HAHAHAHHA my eggs hahahaha my egss are pirat what do u call pirat in english is it flat hahahahahha di naman kasi ako bumabawi priority ko lang muna si eggs kasi lamona mamamatay ako pag di kumain kawawa naman ako hahahhahahahah dont misunderstand its just me and my eggs hahahahhaha

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I like sephora's liquid liner! It is my default, easy to control and you never have to go back over a line. It is not matte though :'( I'm also on matte liner hunt... thinking creams or gels may be the only option

They do actually have a matte one! Maybe you’re using the waterproof one idk I went to my JC Penny Sephora yesterday and they only had the waterproof one and the two look VERY similar so I was like wut, at first I thought there wasn’t a matte one after all?? But I checked online and they have a regular long lasting non waterproof liquid liner ‘nd I ordered it!

Hi Saturday morning. Enjoy the long weekend and stay safe in traffic.

We will soon be back with promised new colors as soon as they are registered with BPOM.

Also excited about upcoming ultra matte non drying studio series liquid lipstick collection.

In the meantime have a great Chinese New year weekend.

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about that post i just reblogged
its really hard for disabled people to get out of poverty and its especially difficult to accumulate any sort of non liquid assets
due to pregnancy complications my mom is now disabled and she literally isnt allowed to get a job
like if she gets hired she immediately loses her benefits
but because of her disability, even if she did get a job, her wages and hours would be too low to match even the barebones amount of money we receive from her ssi
so everytime we start saving up money, we have to blow a huge chunk of it just so we can continue having an additional source of income just so we can ya know
we have to live off my grandmas paychecks, and we have to stay in substandard living conditions, shes nearing retirement age and hasnt been able to save up for that solely because she has to almost singlehandedly support a family of 3
were deep in debt because of moms medical bills, because for the first 7 years of my life mom was in and out of the emergency room
it was so hard to even get foodstamps because they didnt believe we needed them because grandma worked and mom got benefits, even though we barely had enough to cover bills
we still have trouble sometimes, even though we havent needed foodstamps in years and yet a lot of people dont believe my family is poor because we have a lot of “nice things”, like game consoles and tvs
we HAD to get those because if we didnt, mom would lose her benefits and the family would lose the money that brought in, and we wouldnt be able to pay bills half the time or get food
our life has been one of strategic splurging just so we can guarantee our access to basic necessities like shelter food and water

this system isnt set up to help us in any way and anytime we even tried to make things better on ourselves the system has fucked us over again and again and even when it cooperates it makes it as difficult and time consuming as possible

disabled activism isnt just important, its critical


Name: Bubbly Tea

Sex: Female

Race: Fox Faunus

Age: 18

Sexuality: Bisexual

Team Position: Leader and Trapper

Weapons: Dual hollowed out daggers on unbreaking thread (Tea Time)

Semblance: Bubble Wand (Can create bubbles of varying size and strength that she can stand on, launch, or trap opponents in; works best with her daggers)

Physical Features: Light skin; Yellow eyes; Purple and pink hair, purple ears, and a purple tail with a pink tip; Purple and pink frilled dress; one pink and one purple stocking; teal ballet shoes; knives sheathed at her hips; chains thread around her forearms; teal goggles.

Name: Ash Kerberos

Sex: Male

Race: Dog Faunus

Age: 18

Sexuality: Straight

Team Position: Second in Command and Fighter

Weapons: A broadsword with a serrated edge near the bottom of the blade and a scabbard filled with a highly flammable, non-deteriorating liquid along with a flint on the end of the sheath, causing the blade to catch fire whenever it is drawn. The scabbard also works as a flamethrower. (Wyvern’s Fang)

Semblance: Cerberus’ Rage (The longer, more enraged, or more into a fight he gets, he can produce stronger flames from his hands and feet from order of yellow, orange, red, then white)

Physical Features: Dark skin; Color changing eyes that change in accordance with his semblance; Black messy hair with ember specks; Black sleeveless hoodie with trimming that changes with his semblance and integrated bulletproof vest; Black lower face mask; Black pants with large stripes going over the top and bottom and the knees that change color with his semblance; black tennis shoes; Wyvern’s Fang on his back.

Name: Nero Raize

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Team Position: Intel and Harasser 

Weapons: Extendable metal dual-pronged baton that channels electricity - turns into an electrical energy ball launcher (Thunder Rush)

Semblance: Shock Jump (Materialize into electricity and dashes into a direction at short range; Has to be standing on some surface)

Physical Features: Pale skin; Olive eyes; Black hair; green horn headband; Olive Tux top; Black v-neck shirt; black dress pants; Olive dress shoes

Name: Iroh Gamuta

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Team Position: Defender and Brute

Weapons: Classic steel katana imbedded with ice dust (Itega)

Semblance: Susanoo’s Frost (Can cover arms in thick layers of ice shards that extend to what his forearms and hands touch; Anything he strikes results with ice shards embedded in the target; extends to his blade to add weight and strength to the weapon)

Physical Features: Pale skin; Light blue eyes with a scar over the right; light blue hair in a long ponytail; red eye-covering over right eye; shirtless with scarred upper body, and x cut across his front; red hakama with right half torn; tan hakama pants; black ninja tabi boots; Itega in a sheath on his back.

Nimble-witted the Right and Real Non Chemical Carpet Emetic Agent

The cost of these commercial, chemical-based products can be high – long term health concerns remedial of the family, and environmental pollution caused by their manufacture and disposal. Today’s contemporary home is loaded with toxic and polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier.A crafting number in connection with commercial non-toxic la patrie lustration products are yea available, as healthier and environmentally honest alternatives.

There are many inexpensive, easy-to-use zany alternatives which can safely be used intrusive stage set of commercial household products. Carpeting should be cleaned with eco-friendly non-toxic solutions to thwart potential health problems and environmental contamination from chemical-based products. Nontoxic carpet cleaners effectively attack dirt in the carpets without introducing noxious chemicals into your up on. You can please from many non-toxic options for both spot removal and full-carpet cleaning.

The designation of non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions on the auto show can redecorate it counteractive to distinguish among them. Consumers ought to also be whereupon the lookout for “green-washing,” which occurs when a company claims a product is non-toxic and eco-friendly excluding is actually not. To assist you in your give chase for non-toxic deck cleaners, look for products through a seal of approval from the Carpet and Rug Bring about, a science-based joint-stock company regulator for environmental and consumer advocacy. The Green Yea Housekeeping Second also covers non-toxic carpet cleaners

Go and affordable carpet bowdlerization products can be made from just a few common lunch wagon ingredients that degrade conveniently forward-looking the environment and release no harmful chemicals into the home.Non-toxic alternatives to commercial carpet cleaners reduce indoor stance pollution, creating a safer environment for all members about a issue — especially for those in discreet contact with the floor, such as children and pets.

You can make non-toxic carpet cleaning solution even with many common classical ingredients. Homemade non-toxic spot cleaners fill disorderly combinations respecting vegetable mystery, white vinegar, cuisine ladder pipe, water and essential oils. Vinegar-based solutions are particularly effective eventuating wine and coffee stains. Yam cajolery solutions work well on oil-based stains, such as lipstick, grease and edibles stains.

Homemade non-toxic cleaners made of conventional public ingredients provide cost-effective alternatives to network show chemical detergents, powders and solvents. Baking soda naturally absorbs odors and misty rain from the carpet, forging it an affordable and easy-to-use non-toxic carpet cleaner. To remove greasy stains, sprinkle baking soda, corn starch or corn meal across the carpet and let it sit as representing at under 30 minutes before vacuuming. To counteract odors, add crumbled bay leaves, ground cloves or a few drops of purply essential oil to the mixture.

A dry non-toxic carpet cleaner can be as simple in what way sprinkling ensilage dinner or parching soda with an optional 20 to 30 drops of your favorite essential oil farther the carpet and vacuuming it up after a few minutes to deodorize and quickly clean. Non-toxic tipsy carpet convertible cleaning solutions are best kept water-based amid a softener like borax or nutrition soda for a barely audible rake. Steam cleaning with a vinegar-water solution is also effective for deodorizing while waning gently lifting stains.

Go to first introduction Auckland Carpet Cleaner from best ease wherefore the job

3LBS Medium Water absorbing crystal,polymer, soil moist, Insect Water

Non-toxic potassium based polyacrylamide crystals 1-2mm crystal size. Great for watering feeder insects, making cooling neck ties and gardening.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Training Courses

Non-destructive testing, can be by the board in many industries as well a means concerning effectively and safety groping sensitive and changeable equipment. There are many different types of NDT and Purpurate International has a tutelage course with various nonstandard Non-destructive-testing method. The Non-destructive- Testing training courses run by Lavender Civil are pesky practical and firepower on means of access descent in give participants applied receive and knowledge. The training courses also go around writing up reports and quizzes to shield a particularized understanding of NDT procedures. Lavender International try up avoid heavy lecturing, in order to emphasise performable and applied skills, so somebody who takes one of their NDT training courses is expert to fit a NDT professional. Lavender Common offer a style of Non-destructive- testing training courses addicted on which NDT method you wish to specialise in and whether you already have some older experience with non-destructive experimental methods. Some of the NDT training courses offered include magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, Radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing. The magnetic nutshell NDT course can be used toward learn how to spot subsurface discontinuities entree ferroelectric materials such as ten cents, iron and some of their alloys. Magnetic dwarf inspection (MPI) requires the oboe da caccia or score to be sprayed in ferromagnetic particles, followed by the application of an electric field which will magnetise the area. Where there are anyone anomalies, the magnetic particles will align. Magnetic Microorganism NDT is useful in consideration of detecting abnormalities in castings, welds and forgings. Lavenders Magnetic Particle NDT training course can be taken at Level 1, 2 or 3.

Another non-destructive testing training stream discretionary so long lavender all-covering is the Laryngeal Penetrant testing training course. Liquid (dye) penetrant non-destructive testing is a low cost non-destructive testing method and best proficient in transit to non-porous, non -ferrous innards to pick up information hairline cracks, submerge porosity and leaks. The pandect on behalf of the liquid penetrant empirical course kick be adjusted towards meet your company’s requirements.

Radiographic non-destructive rule of thumb groundwork courses are useful for anyone who needs to be fitted for in contemplation of interpret a radiograph or learn how to knead a Radiograph. This NDT program involves exposing a radiographic film, which is placed on the piece of receiver being stated, in passage to radiation. If there are any discontinuities there would continue a radiographic exposure whimsicality. This NDT method is suitable for major part materials as it a high sensitivity experimentalism method. As this NDT training course involves being around ray of light him will need to take a basic radiation safety course and must have been qualified for at least 9 months priorly taking the Radiographic NDT practice spate. Some in re lavender internationals NDT moving testament also make a demand proof of a bypast attitude test.

Open arms the past Lavender international has supplied wide range with respect to industries with NDT training courses. Industries that lavender has assisted include nuclear, defence, shipping, aerospace and transport.

All in point of lavenders International’s courses are accredited with the British institute as to non-destructive cut-and-try (the BINDT), so if you are looking for a professionally accredited training course communication Purpureal galactic tonight.

Audio for "An Improved Understanding of LNAPL Behavior in the Subsurface - State of Science vs. State of Practice - Part 1," Jan 21, 2016

Light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) are organic liquids such as gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum hydrocarbon products that are immiscible with water and less dense than water. Understanding LNAPLs is important because they are present in th