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Any favorite youtubers?

Oh gosh, yes!!

I love Ahmed Aldoori (THE BRUSHES ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION lol). He’s an artist from my hometown and he does awesome tutorials and gives out legit life advice.

Extra Credits has a history series that’s awesome, and their game stuff is really interesting (and simple enough that even I, a total non-gamer, can understand it).

Stuff Mom Never Told You and Sex+ are both great because they’re funny and super educational (about actually interesting topics). I’d recommend these to anyone, but especially to my female followers. 

Kitchen Daddy is my favorite food porn channel lol.

Anything by the Green bros is worth checking out (Crash Course, VlogBros, SciShow, etc.)

And for some reason the Irish People Try series on Facts always cracks me up (why do accents make everything better????)

I also have a YouTube channel… just puttin’ it out there lol. 

Headcanon #2

Harry and Draco meeting each other through some kind of competitive game. The two of them are both like the best in their country but every time they play Draco loses which ends up with them playing together until 4 AM with the score being Harry: 37 and Draco:5, and they keep doing it over and over and over again. 

So how this works is one of two ways (I don’t think I’ve ever explained this for non-gamers): either I wait until around 8 o’clock and the game will automatically trigger the Sim to age-up, or I set out a birthday cake and make the Sim blow out the candles. The second one cannot be done automatically, so I have to help by clicking, if I want it. And I like the way the cake looks and stuff, so that’s what I do: set the cake out, and while acting as Korra, I select to blow the candles out for Ryubee.

For some reason, instead of helping Ryu blow out the candles, Korra decides to put him on the floor by the table. Then Bo picks him up to take over the honor of holding the toddler for the candle blowing. Which… I prefer one of his parents to do it, but whatever. This works too I guess?

But why didn’t Korra do it?

I don’t know! But I do know that Mako felt it was very important to distract her from the task by telling her how he feels about her.

Like she doesn’t know.

i was so disappointed when i started watching seagulls stream & he queued w shayed a lot then so i thought maybe she was a team member but she’s the team manager… where are the women… where are the fuckin non-white gamers too