Non Dairy Calcium

Milk and dairy products are among the most famous sources of calcium, essential for teeth and bone health.  However, Lactose intolerance is becoming increasingly common in the UK; luckily there is a large range of other non dairy foods that can provide you with the calcium essential for health.

Start your day with a bowl of instant porridge; just one sachet will give you around 100mg of calcium and release energy slowly keeping you full all morning. Wash this down with a glass of orange juice, many juices are fortified with calcium but be sure to check the label and be aware of added sugar.

For lunch have a calcium boosting salad with a base of leafy green vegetables such as kale and broccoli, both rich in calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals. These can also be cooked with meals as well as added raw to salads however the cooking process may reduce the amount of calcium present, raw is best!

 Salmon is a great centre piece for your evening meal providing essential fatty acids and multiple minerals.  For additional calcium boost sprinkle over some sesame seeds, also high in calcium and a source of vital fibre.  This addition gives the fish an Asian twist and goes great with reduced salt soy sauce.