anonymous asked:

Hello Nipah! Can you suggest any exercises or foods to get fit and in better health?

I drink almost nothing but water and it has done some wonders honestly lol, It’s something really simple that most people don’t think will do much but it really does! I don’t drink juice anymore (instead I’ll eat an apple, orange, grapes, strawberries etc.), I’ve been off of soda for more then two years now (though on occasion i’ll have one but I can’t ever finish it cause it burns my throat). I also don’t drink milk and try not to take in any dairy products, dairy has a lot of bovine hormones which can cause skin to break out so I stay away from the stuff LOL. I drink non dairy milk and take calcium supplements as well as vitamin supplements and fish oil pills.

I also do not eat chocolate, I stopped eating the stuff after working at Godivas lol. I don’t really have strict meal plan, For breakfast i’ll either have some eggs and toast or some fruit with oatmeal. Lunch and Dinner are pretty much thrown up in the air, somedays i’ll be really healthy and others…not so much LOL. The only strict thing about my diet is really liquids and most dairy products. The only real exercise I do is go for walks/jogs, I usually go for about 2 miles but am aiming to go up to 4 soon.