feel nostalgic for my hometown. i’d never live there again, too much history - very little of it good - and yet i still miss the city itself. it’s a truly magical place.

Sunrises like this:

and sunsets like this:

summer rains where you can watch the wall of rain come towards you and linger on the other side of the street, drenching just yards away while you remain dry as can be on the other side of the road:

winding drives up to Mt. Lemmon where, at the right time of year and at the right time of day, you can find yourself caught inside an actual cloud:

days spent hiking with a boy you like and finding hidden little waterfalls for cooling off and making out:

I genuinely have never lived anywhere that I loved more and I wish it weren’t the type of place where people like me (lgbt, pagan, non-comformist, liberal) aren’t welcome.