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Looking for witchy blogs!

Hi there! We’re a new blog run by two novice secular witches who would like to learn more about basically any non-theistic witchcraft!
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  • secular witchcraft practices 
  • witchcraft history 
  • info about spells, charging, sigils
  • just lots of advice in general
  • spells based on psychology, mantras etc
  • witchy aesthetic ! !!!
  • science witchery
  • kitchen/hearth witchery
  • earth/green witchery 
  • crystal witchery
  • tea witchery
  • storm/rain witchery
  • beginning tips for secular witches 
  • trans and queer-inclusive witchery :D

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anonymous asked:

Are you a witch? I saw your post that was witch themed and I was curious.

yeah, i am! i haven’t had much time to practice recently, due to a mixture of low motivation (thx depression) and being super overwhelmed with schoolwork, but i’d probably fall into the category of a non-theistic witch? for me a big part of magic and spellcraft is about influencing my thoughts and subconscious mind and all that jazz

anonymous asked:

Questioning Lokean: You addressed pretty much everything. I'm non-theistic in my craft & philosophy (I'm LaVeyan), yet I've been sent dreams by Loki, & can feel when something was influenced by Him. It's all rather strange. What could it mean?

Hi again.

All our mods are theists or agnostics with theist leanings, so I wouldn’t say we’re the best resource on how to approach things from a non-theistic perspective. It isn’t that we don’t respect your beliefs or that we think they’re invalid. It’s just not our field of expertise, and it would be a disservice to you to claim that our limited knowledge base was all that was out there or did the topic justice.

As you may already be aware, there’s an entire humanistic pagan movement, and writers coming from that background are going to be far more helpful to you. The columnists at that link, are, well, a mixed bag, but it’s still the most inclusive 101 source I know of for those completely new to the concept.

One thing that might be fruitful for you to research to explain the dreams and sense of intervention in your life, if you haven’t already, is Jungian archetypes. Not the watered-down pop culture definition of common culture symbols, but Jung’s theory that certain things are actually baked into human biology, and more recent takes on that.

But without knowing more of your background, it’s hard to recommend specific stuff. Sorry if this wasn’t very helpful. If you have any questions pertaining to things where the theological differences aren’t an obstacle, like Norse myth, history, etc., please feel free to get in touch again.

- Mod E