non quotes

[Tony’s sitting next to Steve. They’re both going through their copy of the Accords]

Steve: What’s the matter?

Tony: Nothing.

Steve: You’re acting weird. Is anything wrong?

Tony: No.

Steve: Are you breaking up with me?

Tony: Are we going out?

Steve: [almost crying] You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you?

Tony: Do you want me to break up with you?

Steve: If that’s what you want.

Tony: I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Steve: Fine. Break up with me.

Tony: All right. We’re broken up.

Steve: [little pause] Can we still be friends?

[Tony raises his head wondering what’s going on]

[Tony unconsciously licked his finger to wipe some dirt off Peter’s face]

Peter: [winces] Mr. Stark? What are you doing?

Tony: Did I just…

Tony: [gasps] Oh, god. I’m my mother. This is horrible.

Tony: And I’ve been trying so hard not to be my father.

Tony: I did not see this coming.

Sirius : it’s hard concentrating on my homework in this room.

James : why because Remus is here?

Sirius : no, because of that huge ass mirror in front me.

James :

Sirius : my hair looks good today.

Lupin : yes it does.

Tony: I’m not a father, I don’t even have any children!

Harley: [passes him] ‘Sup, Dad?

Tony: Oh, hey.

Peter: Dad, is it okay if me and MJ see the new Star Wars tonight ?

Tony: Yeah, just be home by 10.

Tony: ….

Tony: [to Steve] Okay, listen.

“La vita continua, dicono, ma non è sempre vero.

A volte la vita si ferma, passano solo i giorni”.