non western fashion

A Bolivian trainee wizard with CISNE, wearing an amulet designed to aid the mind in Occlumency. Since only rudimentary Occlumency is achievable for all but the most skilled wix, all CISNE agents are required to wear Occumency Augmenting Amulets to protect the top-secret information and magical practices they investigate.

CISNE, or La Comisión de Investigaciones en la Sabiduría Nefanda o Enigmática, is roughly the equivalent of the Department of Mysteries for the Andean region of South America. One of the their few publicly known tasks is to collect information of the spells and rituals of indigenous wix before older generations die without passing on their knowledge; untold numbers of spells and magics have already been lost through centuries of colonialist efforts to wipe out indigenous magics.

(Johnathan Marquez by David Armstrong)

On today’s installment of Yiwen Complains About Art and Museums, can we talk about how western historical fashion is displayed on mannequins to look more accurate to how they look like worn, and non-western historical fashion is laid down or displayed flat upright, as if they’re obsolete curiosities not meant to be worn?