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How viable are non-magical flaming weapons? Like, coating the sword with a flammable substance and then setting it on fire. Would the trouble be worth it for the increased damage? Would they be more dangerous for the yielder? Would the fire negatively affect the blade?

No. At least not, that example. Also flaming arrows are out. The physics involved mean they either self-extinguish on launch, or they’ll ignite the user (I don’t remember which, and I kinda think it’s the former.)

That said, there are a lot of historical and modern military applications for flame.

The modern examples that come immediately to mind are napalm, dragon’s breath shells, and Molotov cocktails.

Napalm is, basically, jellied gasoline. It will burn, it will stick when it lands, and it will keep burning. Set something on fire and watch it melt. Napalm is, quite frankly, pretty terrifying stuff, and while the exact chemical formula is recent, the concept of launching burning liquids at people is not, going all the way back to Greek Fire. No one is exactly sure what Greek Fire was, but it would burn, could be lobbed onto ships or people you didn’t like, while burning, and would not stop burning once it arrived.

Molotov Cocktails are a medium ground here. You load a bottle up with alcohol, use an alcohol soaked rag as a fuse, light, and throw. There’s a little bit more going on here though. Alcohol solutions are only directly flammable if they’re more than 50% alcohol by volume. Most hard liquor is around 80 proof (40%), but, the vapors put off by the solution are still flammable (down to around 20%, if I remember correctly). So you can use a bottle of vodka as an improvised incendiary device. (Fair warning, it’s been a long time since I took a chemistry class, so those exact percentages may be a bit off.)

In spite of being named after a Russian Revolutionary, the idea of setting something on fire and chucking it someplace is not a new concept.

I know you can launch flaming payloads with a trebuchet, put them roughly where you want them, and set the area on fire. I’m not 100% sure of the military history, but it was used for centuries. Anything that will break apart on impact will spread the flame over a decent area and get a good blaze going.

Hot shots originally referred to cannonballs that were preheated before firing, with the intention of it igniting enemy structures or ships. This isn’t something we still think about (outside of the term “hotshot” seeping into idiomatic usage), but it did work, apparently.

The modern equivalent would be incendiary ammunition. There’s a lot of variety here, and they range from phosphorous rounds, which will ignite on contact with moisture, including the moisture in the air, to dragon’s breath shells which eject a mixture of highly flammable metals, such as magnesium, or potassium, which will ignite on contact with moisture.

Phosphorous was also a popular component for incendiary grenades, mortars, and other explosives. For example, one of the US military’s versions of a Molotov in WWII was produced by dissolving phosphorous and rubber (as a thickener) in gasoline). This mixture would self ignite on contact with the atmosphere (when the glass broke).

One variant of modern incendiary grenades use a Thermite variant (called thermate) to eject molten iron on detonation.

So far as it goes, most flare guns fire a 12 gauge shotgun shell. While the plastic ones won’t survive trying to put a conventional shell down range, the flare shell itself can result in horrific, and fatal, burns.

If you want a melee weapon to set someone on fire, you might be able to achieve that safely by heating the blade or using something like a thermal lance. The problem with simply coating a sword with oil and lighting it up is, they tend to drip. And, when you’re swinging the sword around, you’ll end up with burning oil getting splashed everywhere, including on the user. This is, “a very bad thing.”

Of course, shoving a torch in someone’s face is also a very bad thing, for them, and fits the definition provided.

So, the short answer is, yes there are a lot of real applications for setting someone on fire, especially when they’re all the way over there and walking is too much effort. Setting your own sword on fire is not a great idea, however.


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Your Big No Nos (or What Not to Do at a Crime Scene)

These no nos will be presented in no particular order, but they are all pretty important. Hopefully adding these kinds of details will make your writing seem more realistic ^_^


  • Leave long hair untied (this is Watson’s biggest pet peeve when watching TV shows)
  • Show off your best Sunday clothing, heels are impractical, and nice clothing is going be covered by PPEs anyway so why bother, dress practically for the scene
  • forget to wear proper PPEs, treat your characters nicely by ensuring they don’t die by from diseases contamination
  • improperly process and package evidence, it will ruin your evidence (also there are more packaging options then plastic baggies, and swabs don’t go in plastic vials, they are mounted in cardboard boxes, actually anything that is biological in nature don’t go in plastic to avoid bacterial degradation and mold growth, leaving your evidence non-viable, that’s why bloodied objects usually go in paper envelops)
  • Eat or drink at a crime scene, you can contaminate the scene, and there are loads of health risks to consider
  • Let civilians into the scene, they are not trained on how to handle a scene and should not be in the scene in the first place, access should even be restricted to scene personnel only, anyone not processing the scene will just be taking up space and wreck evidences
  •  just walk right into the scene, there’s usually a survey of the scene where tasks are divided and a plan of attack is set up on how to tackle the scene
  • leave out a command centre, that is where equipment are setup, team meetings are held, and where people regroup and report back to
  • Oh oh oh, don’t have your characters smoke at a scene, that’s not a good idea at all (not to mention it smells gross and is bad for your health, sorry Watson has a bit of a bias)
  • Don’t forget to record the scene before actual evidence processing and collection, records can comes in forms of photography, video, sketches, notes, and photogrammetry

Also, as a side note from Sherls (it’s not so much a crime scene no nos but Watson totally agrees) but why are crime scenes are always processed on bright sunny days? What happens to rain? Or snow? Whether doesn’t vary much in TV, and that’s something writers should pay attention to. Since weather brings its own challenges during scene processing that might be fun to have your investigators tackle (and by fun, Watson means they will hate themselves with every fibre of their being, but they will do it anyway because it is their job). So yeah, we just want to see a little variation in media :P


Coffin Birth

A “coffin birth” (also known as postmortem fetal extrusion) is a naturally occurring phenomenon where a non-viable fetus is expelled through the vagina of a deceased pregnant woman, making it appear as though the dead woman has given birth (hence the name).

When a dead body begins to putrefy, the breakdown of cells causes gas to form in the abdominal cavity. The gas puts pressure on the uterus, pushing it towards the pelvis and occasionally even turning it inside out; if the uterus also contains a fetus, the gas pressure can force the body out of the vaginal opening, a process known as ‘prolapse’.

Cases of coffin birth have been reported as far back as the 16th century, but its likely to have occurred throughout history to a certain degree. Rare to begin with, cases of coffin births in recent times are virtually unheard of thanks to modern embalming techniques. However, in 2005, the body of an eight-month-pregnant woman in an advanced state of decomposition was discovered in Hamburg, Germany. The deceased had died from an overdose in her home, and the remains of her unborn baby were discovered in her undergarments; it is one of only two known cases of coffin birth in the last 20 years.

OUAT Mini-Review 6x11: Tougher Than The Rest

We’re baaaaack! At last I can leave the anti-rumple tag, which I’ve been in so long I started to get brochures about time shares, and go back to snarking on everyone. Oh, happy day! Let’s dive into that enchanted overnight wardrobe together. Ready?

  1. Someone needs to talk to Emma about her eyebrow situation– she looks perpetually surprised and slightly upset. That’s how most Rumbellers felt all of 6A so I feel you, Emma– but Kabuki Eyebrows are not the look for spring. Change the fate on your face first, yes?
  2. Teen!August looked nothing like either Adult!August or Kid!August but maybe that’s a subtle meta-commentary on unreliable narrators? Discuss.
  3. Kid!Emma looks like she could punch you in the face and I admire that. It’s tough to glare in a beanie, but she’s got it down. I love that she chose her own name, too.
  4. I don’t know why they needed a magic chisel when Pinocchio could just chew the scenery all the way down to Storybrooke. But while I disliked the O.G. bobble-headed liar I really liked Wish!August, daddy issues and all. I even liked that Original!August was typing on the Mystery Fakeout Typewriter in the garage so he wouldn’t wake his Papa. Such a nice boy. I guess this episode was about Redeeming Non-viable Stubbly Love Interests– I’m not sure we needed that, but it was nice to see. (Now, where’s Walsh?)
  5. Wish!August carved a wooden swan (ship name call-out!) out of instinct, and Wish!Robin had his feather and didn’t age (along with Wish!Sheriff Nottingham), implying that there IS a connection between the Wish!realm and the “real” realm. Maybe all Wish!Robins go to heaven?
  6. Wish!Robin is bitter and salty and somehow I liked him better than the real thing. Wish!Robin and Regina had more of a believable connection in this episode than all of S3-5 for me, which just goes to show when you slow down and have people talk to one another instead of just screaming at monsters in the same frame magic can happen. 
  7. Regina gets hit with the Anti-magic Slap Bracelet of Convenient Plot-points … but wasn’t that brought to Storybrooke by Greg/Tamara/Peter Pan? How would it appear in the Wish!verse? (Cue Wish!Rumple reading “Circuitry and Plot Holes for Dummies.”)
  8. I know we’re supposed to sympathize that Regina’s super glum that this realm seems to be “better off without her” but, you know, she DID drop a lot of bodies. I want Regina to love herself and re-integrate post-haste because it’s healthy  … and also because Split!EvilQueen has killed three people and screwed with Belle. But I am here for Happy!Regina– let’s see more of that this season.
  9. Wish!Hook was there for comedic effect, and it worked for me! Nice to know he’s still got his swagger in this realm; I didn’t even mind the potbelly. What would you rather, a bag of bones?
  10. Speaking of which … So Wish!Snow and Charming never checked Regina’s tower for prisoners, which is why Wish!Belle starved to death along with who knows how many others? This is why Regina is mayor. This is why Regina will ALWAYS be mayor. Remember in S2 when the curse broke and everyone was running around trying to find their loved ones and Charming just gave a speech about hope, when it turned out Regina had binders that scrupulously recorded everyone’s real name, cursed name, and address because she’s a giant nerd who takes her real-life SIMS game seriously? Regina may kill the odd peasant when she’s having a bad day but she’s the Project Manager Storybrooke needs, is what I’m saying.
  11. If Belle was dead for 28 years when Rumple found her skeleton, how did he know it was her? Did Belle claw a goodbye message in the walls before she died? “DEAR RUMPLE SORRY WE NEVER BANGED XOXO BELLE.”
  12. Also, that wasn’t remotely a full skeleton Rumple dropped on the ground. What did he do with the re– you know what? I don’t wanna know. (Note to fic writers: I don’t want to see the words “sad wanking” and “tibia” in the same sentence, okay? O-KAY?)
  13. Gideon wants to be a hero, like his mom, by stabbing someone, like his dad. I love it. Gideon is a tall emo drink of Angsty Monk and I totally would– but where are his lips? #PoofGideonLips2k17
  14. When Rumple had his tete-to-eyes-all-the-way-up-here-tete with Gideon and went: “You’ve been alive for 28 years, I’ve been alive for centuries. There are things a man learns …” I thought for a second it was going to turn into a rather-late-in-the-day explanation of the birds and the bees. “Your mother has written this pamphlet with some of her favorite positions, but you have to be a bit flexible to– wait, where are you going?”
  15. Do you think Belle has her wardrobe categorized by mood? Her white fur coat ensemble was filed under “I’m Trustworthy But I Like to Bang Dangerous People.”
  16. Unless the script read: “RUMPLE sneaks off STAGE LEFT while BELLE awkwardly goose-steps off STAGE RIGHT” the director has some explaining to do. That was the worst example of “walk casual” I’ve ever seen, unless they just had an angsty parental quickie in the alley or something.
  17. Speaking of weird directorial choices, where’s the missing scene between Belle and Gideon? At the well Belle intimates that Hook/Charming “betrayed her trust”– but she just asked them to hold off until she could talk to Gideon. That was during the day and then all of a sudden it’s night, Belle’s changed outfits, she hasn’t talked to Gideon, and she says she “protected [Gideon] knowing what he wanted to do.” Er, was this off-screen? I know a lot of Rumbelle is reading between the lines but sometimes things need to make it in the episode, you guys. Maybe next episode will have a Belle/Gideon conversation and they didn’t want to be too repetitive?
  18. Way to ruin your mom’s clock tower, Gideon! I know some people were mad at Belle for staying on the Jolly Roger in 6A instead of in her library apartment … but do you know how many times the clock tower has been broken into by villains? Maid!Joanna died there, Hook was tied up there, Rumple tried to massacre nuns there, Maleficent was in the basement for 28 years, I think Dark Swan hung out there once … Belle would never get any rest up there, is what I’m saying.
  19. Charming is going off the rails on a sleep-deprived crazy train and I’m here for it. But remember, Snow is the brains of this particular operation. Tag her back in before you drop of exhaustion, yes? No more than three Red Bulls at a time.
  20. I’m all for the message that you can change your fate, but this is intimating the writers are taking “Killing Emma” off the table of options, no? That leaves either depowering-via-shears, sleeping curse until a “cure” is found, or some kind of Hail Mary-Margaret shenanigans in the finale involving a mass-TLK or something. *bites fingernails* I can’t stand the suspense!

the soft smiles,, the background music,, the shoulder touches and the comfort scenes .. how is this not canon yet jw

Holy fucking shit I did not know what Jehovah’s witnesses actually were. Today two old men in business suits came to my door to give me an invite to something and my dog snapped at one of them for trying to pet him. I just now looked up what they are, I just thought they were a different sort of christian, and holy shit. A little old man came to my door once and gave me a leaflet for them and I just thought he was a nice old man, little did I know he wants Armageddon.

Something has to be done

This situation is intolerable.

Left down.

Both back up.

Left down.

Both back up again.

Right down.

This cannot be an accident. As of the latest batch of Frankenstein’s experiments, M-21′s shirt has clearly attained sentience, and is struggling to escape its confinement and fate of complete destruction before our very eyes.

This article of clothing has done nothing to deserve death. It must be rescued.

Save innocent fabric from annihilation. Ban M-21 from wearing shirts.

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I was curious if you know much about munchkin cats since from my understanding they're very new. I've seen some people say their anatomy is more like a ferrets so the shorter leg/longer body isn't as bad as dogs. Is that true? Also, considering your name, id go with fox Pokemon

Munchkin cats are relatively new, really too new to know much about them with certainty.

They are most certainly NOT like ferrets though. If you look at a ferret skeleton they actually have fairly long legs, just a low carriage.

We haven’t exactly characterized what the mutation is in Munchkin cats that causes their deformity. It’s not chondrodysplasia like many dog breeds, as the head isn’t affected. There are other types of long bone deformities it may be, based on similarities to human conditions, but which one is the best description remains to be seen.

We do know that the gene responsible is homozygous lethal, meaning that the kittens die in the uterus if they inherit two copies of this gene. That rings alarm bells for me. A foetus doesn’t become non viable just because it has short legs, so what else does this gene affect?

We know lordosis (curved spines) are more of a problem in Munchkin cats, even though breeders deny it.

Health concerns are typically worse with more extreme anatomy. It’s possible that an individual cat who happens to have the Munchkin gene will be okay. My concern is that if breeders forever aim for shorter, longer cats, then we will run into more and more problems, generation by generation and then we will be in exactly the same situation with dachshunds. It is the constant striving for extremeness, and often deliberate inbreeding, that gives us the devastating problems we see in dogs.

Cat breeders do typically have a more open view of stud books, but these problems will still potentially be there.

It’s also a little concerning that Munchins (and their associated special crossbreeds) are based on a single gene. This raises ethical concerns. Also of concern is that all these Munchkins are descended from the same, single cat. It might take twenty years, but unless it’s very carefully managed that willbe a problem.

So not as bad as dogs, still somewhat questionable, but definitely not like ferrets at all.

Perhaps you and @melredcap should talk. You both asked nearly the same question.

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35 please? :D

This got really long and really angsty. I don’t know what happened. (also on ao3)

35. “Here, take my hand. Everything is fine, just hold onto me and keep moving.”

Castiel had always been deathly afraid of fire. In any form, no matter how big or small.

It all went back to when he was just a little kid, barely seven years old, the youngest in a ridiculously huge family consisting of an absentee writer of a father and the eldest siblings trying to make sure no one died.

Michael was the oldest. He was the Good Son. The one that sang their father’s praises while he was off on a bender god knows where, drowning himself in whiskey as he agonized over his latest book.

He was stern and almost militant in his rearing of the younger siblings, orderly to the point of obsession. In the mornings, he would instruct all of the younger children to brush their teeth, make their beds, and get themselves ready for school.

The younger siblings were his little drones, little soldiers ready to dive into battle the moment he told them to. He barked orders and preached Bible verses from memory, fire and brimstone in his voice.

There was an odd sort of affection he held for his siblings. He had cared for them, but he was ultimately selfish and nothing would ever be more important than himself.

After joining the Air Force when he turned eighteen, he worked as a local police officer. He mostly just wrote parking tickets but the badge gave him power that he so fervently craved.

Raphael was the second eldest. If Michael was the heir, he was the spare. And he seemed to be rather content with his lot in life.

He let the others handle most of the child rearing, occasionally stepping in for discipline purposes. But unlike Michael’s punishments of jumping jacks or pushups or scrubbing the bathroom tiles clean with their toothbrushes, Raphael preferred timeouts and corner time.

His favorite game to play was the quiet game. His second favorite was hide and seek though he was often very hard pressed to do any actual seeking.

He chose medicine for his career path. He became a specialist working with terminal patients, easing their pain when he could.

Many thought it was because he was compassionate, even courageous, so wonderful that such a fine young man would devote himself to such a noble cause. But his siblings knew it was only because he preferred the silence of those who were not long for the world, the only sound their breath as it came slower and slower and slower.

Gabriel was the third. The trickster. The one who saw life and their family itself for what it was: a joke.

He would spend his days lounging on the couch watching any television show that aired, from cartoons to cop dramas to country western classics. He liked to compare his siblings to archetypes and tropes, laughing all the while.

He had a predilection for sweets and women, especially those who could crush him in one blow if they so chose. Some speculated it was because the woman he dated for the longest time’s name was Candy. In truth, her name was Kali and she would destroy anyone who dared to call her Candy.

He found work as a porn star slash porn director, much to the displeasure of his older siblings. But when they criticized him, he just claimed they were jealous. Not about the sex but about the fact that he could do what they could never dream of: not conform to their father’s dreams for them and feel no trace of guilt.

Of all the brothers, he was the real caregiver, a god of mischief more than happy to raise mere mortals. His methods were unorthodox and oftentimes unheard of but so were many grand, amazing things and the time he spent with his younger siblings was the time that they most felt loved.

Then, there was Lucifer. The black sheep of the family. Rebellious to their father’s plan.

He did not care about any of his siblings, save for the ones who themselves had raised him. He did not care about many things, adrift in a life of alcoholism and apathy. In that way, he was more like their father than he ever wanted to be.

He barely interacted with the younger children, hating them with an undeserved passion, almost as much as he despised their father. Most believed it was simply an extension of his own self-hatred, like an injured animal lashing out at those that tried to help it.

He moved out shortly after he turned eighteen. On one of the rare occasions their father had been home, he had started an argument which had blossomed like a poisonous flower into a knock down drag out that had lasted all night.

In the morning, both he and their father stormed out of the house, neither to return for a long time. He started a rock band shortly afterward, diving headfirst into a life of drugs and sin.

The younger siblings were too numerous to mention by name with a few notable exceptions.

There was Balthazar, an art dealer who followed in Gabriel’s footsteps of hedonism and the pleasures of the flesh. There was Anael, who insisted on being called Anna, a love crazy chef who specialized in aphrodisiac dishes.

There was Muriel, a zookeeper who preferred the company of animals over anyone else. There was a Hannah, a sociologist who investigated what made people tick.

And then there was Castiel. The youngest. The one who became a writer. Like their father in many ways yet vastly different in others.

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a counterargument to my copious McCree posting

also surprise genji because he tends to show up

finally started playing hanzo after 6 hours of playtime being too scared to play hanzo

i got over the ‘fear of sucking’ bc honestly, it is non viable to play overwatch playing solely support and attack classes

idgaf if i suck at hanzo you have to deal with my shitty pot shots and crappy ults and i’m talking to both sides here.  i got potg once playing a shitty hanzo come at me i’m going to be good at him eventually maybe after like years

i got voice chat off you can cuss at me all you want i can’t hear you, i lack attention span to look left at team chat and also i don’t care

actually no i do care i still remember that one guy who was yelling at me to stop charging in as hanzo i’m so sorry dude but nobody was on the payload and i get anxious when it’s not moving

also bless @monstrous-hourglass for coming up with them noodle dragons bc i love noodle dragons

The Amulet - Part 2

The Amulet | Part 1 | Part 2


summary: Cop!Bucky Barnes x Reader AU. You are an expert on nordic mythology and have just recovered an extremely valueable amulet, but other people come to claim it.

word count: 809

warnings: angst, violence

a/n: I am sorry this took so long, I am just really busy at the Moment with exams and my circus performance coming up.. 

Your feet hit the ground first.

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Why would Dan go on holiday by himself he is too whiny for that and needs constant validation by Phil I don't buy this!!! Stay Woke folks

dan going on holiday by himself feels like the only non-viable theory

The Touken Baby and Choices vs. Fate

One of the themes Tokyo Ghoul seems to be pounding into our heads over the past arc is the suffering of the children trying to grow up in a city at war–particularly, their suffering in the hands of those in authority over them who should be protecting them but are using them instead. The Aogiri kids, the Quinxes after Kaneki’s abandonment, the CCG’s exploitation of Mutsuki, Hajime, and the other Oggai with grotesque consequences for all of them, etc, etc, etc. This makes Touka’s choice when it comes to her (potentially non-viable) pregnancy–to protect her child–stand out all the more. It also casts a dark shadow over Kaneki’s choice to abandon his other “children,” the Quinxes. (Even if he thought he was protecting them by doing so, as we’ve seen with Touka’s abandonment of Yoriko ostensibly to protect her, that kind of comes back to bite you in the ass, especially because, for both Touka and Kaneki in these situations, it’s also about protecting themselves as much it is about protecting their loved ones.) It stands to reason that Kaneki will soon be facing a dark consequence that will force him to confront his abandonment of the Quinx and the toll it’s taken on them. He is already kind of facing a consequence for abandoning them in Mutsuki’s descent into insanity, but as far as we have seen, he hasn’t really thought too much about it after the confrontation and fight in :re.

It could be that one of Kaneki’s Quinx children (Mutsuki) or the children Mutsuki’s supposed to be mentoring (Oggai) will kill Kaneki and Touka’s baby. The most blatant evidence in terms of that happening is the poem Ishida wrote, which literally states “the children who were meant to be born, died” and the art of Touka with blood across her stomach. However, what I don’t like about this option is that it takes away some of Touka’s agency–she made a good choice in choosing her child over Yoriko, a choice that should differs strongly from Ukina and Kuzen whom she and Kaneki are currently paralleling. If the end result is still tragic, it makes it seem as if choices don’t matter as much as fate, which hasn’t really been the message of Tokyo Ghoul (or that Touka’s choice to protect her child doesn’t matter as much as Kaneki’s choice to abandon his Quinx kids). It’s also worth noting that there’s no way for Mutsuki or the Oggai to know Touka’s pregnant unless she tells them (which would be dumb), so there’s an additional factor that it again, stabbing Touka in the stomach while she just so happens to be pregnant would be a twist of fate, not a deliberate choice. Should Ishida go this route and have Mutsuki stab Touka, my guess is that would be the door mostly closing on Mutsuki surviving the series (though I honestly think there’s next to no chance he won’t be redeemed), and so Kaneki will lose his biological child and one of his Quinx children, which is just… damn. Could happen though. But it’s possible the art of Touka with blood on her stomach could just be a reference to childbirth, and I do wonder if the poems are supposed to be taken so literally. I still think this is a strong possibility, but as it currently stands, I think there are other possible routes for the story to take, some of which I’ll mention below.

The Aogiri children whom Touka–and Kaneki–clearly love are definitely at risk should the 24th ward hideout be raided, and since we haven’t been so much as given their names, they’re definitely at risk of being red/mauve shirts, and any harm that comes to them would be devastating for Touka, Kaneki, Hinami, and Akira when she finds out (and might help spur her to get back in the action?). It would be brutally tragic, but also wouldn’t invalidate the choice Touka made to protect her child.

And then there are the Qs themselves, Kaneki’s children even if not literally. It would make sense for his abandonment’s consequences to directly affect all of them. We know that the Qs are somehow connected to Furuta’s “Dragon,” and Shirazu is likely going to be revived as some sort of ghoul-zombie (he may be Dragon, or a part of Dragon; we just don’t know). but Shirazu’s revival (a life Okahira hinted is not really much of a life at all) and/or the Dragon being unleashed on Kaneki could be a consequence enough for him; he doesn’t necessarily need to lose his biological child on top of whatever’s going to happen with Shirazu and the other Quinxes–possibly, this will be enough for Kaneki to realize what abandoning them really did. (I don’t think they’re all going to die, but it seems pretty clear Furuta’s planning on exploiting them yet again somehow.)

Honestly, all three of these options could happen, or any two of them, or one of them, or something different all together–I don’t know. But I don’t think the Touken child is necessarily doomed. 

bloodstainedobsidian  asked:

Ah. But I suppose you don't have too many difficulties, do you? On the otherside, those of us who use fire at lower temperatures may find it less effective, but for the most part there isn't much trouble. Windy conditions are a different matter.

No, not beyond cold fingers, at least.

Either way, I can see blizzards being mutually problematic.

Animorphs #9: The Secret, Chapters 4-6

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Chapter 4

Everyone’s in agreement that the sudden Yeerk interest in setting up a logging business is deeply suspicious, and they should check it out. They’ll have to do so in a super low-key manner because the Yeerks will be expecting Andalite surveillance.  Cassie, girl after my own heart who cares about regulations and laws, is like, “it’s also super-weird that they’re just…logging in a national forest, who approved that?” but no one else really cares right now. 

Jake decides that Cassie and Marco should go in as wolves while he and Rachel do air surveillance and Tobias leads everyone where they need to be. Cassie and Rachel, apparently, are being split up because they are terrible influences on each other.  Jake at least concedes that he and Marco are at least as bad when paired up, but still, Cassie’s slightly annoyed and so am I. I suppose we should just all be grateful that Rachel and Marco didn’t get paired up, since that seems like the worst pairing if you’re trying to go for a low-key spy thing.

So off Cassie and Marco go, into the woods and then into wolf morph.  They take a couple of minutes to marvel anew at how cool wolf-senses are: so many things to see and smell and hear that they couldn’t tell apart in human form! - and then they’re off to the Evil Logging Camp of Evil.

Chapter 5

There’s a lot of Marco and Cassie running around in the woods sniffing stuff, and I don’t think anyone needs a detailed recap of that, but I do need to point out that at one point Cassie describes herself as being “plugged into the data stream of nature” and I legit ugly-snorted with laughter.  Suddenly all I want in this book is for someone to have to explain the phrase “information superhighway” to Ax. (Were we still saying information superhighway in 1998?)

Anyway. Running. Sniffing. Nature. Jake and Tobias are up above directing them where to go. The wolves get to the logging camp and find out it is in fact heavily guarded.  It’s a very weird log cabin type building with no windows on the bottom floor. They can also smell some weird unrecognizable animal smells that they tentatively identify as Hork-Bajir, but I’ll note it here in case it later turns out to be something else.  (Maybe V3 caught himself a new Veleek and these are his training grounds?)

Lots of sniffing, lots of casual wandering the perimeter, lots of totally failing to notice that they’ve been spotted. Until suddenly Cassie and Marco find themselves under blinding spotlights, being shot at by Dracon beams, and for added fun, a giant weighted steel net falls out of the trees up above to trap them. Well. That escalated.

I gotta say that I’m not sure “pair of wolves loping around the perimeter” was the most subtle way to go here.  I’d have opted for one of the smaller morphs, were I the Animorphs.  They were sort of asking for this.  Sigh.

Cassie makes it out from under the falling net just before it hits, but Marco gets caught in it.  Cassie makes an attempt at getting him out but isn’t going to be able to manage it in time, so Marco’s yelling for her to get away and save herself.  Fortunately!  Ax is here to save the day and his fancy tail blade slices nicely through steel. So he leaps in and cuts Marco free and off everybody goes, racing away ahead of the armed guards who are rapidly closing in.

The dialogue in this chapter is really top notch. Actual sample:

Chapter 6

Safely back in the depths of the forests, the Animorphs regroup.  Ax is mad at himself for not having been on the lookout for the nets, Rachel’s about ready to charge in and blow stuff up, and Jake and Marco are like, “good recon, yup, definitely Yeerks.”  Cassie’s the most upset because she’s thinking about the impact of this logging operation on the forest ecosystem, not just on the Animorphs. Marco has no fucks to give about that when he’s too busy trying to stay alive. Jake tries to play peacemaker by pointing out that they all have the same goal here - shut down the evil logging operation - even if they’re coming at it for slightly different reasons.  The disagreement gets smoothed over for now but one has the impression it’s going to pop back up later at an inopportune moment.

The kids toss around some non-viable ideas for breaking into the logging compound (try to run it over with an earthmover before the force field can kick in!)  Finally Cassie, who is pretty annoyed at everyone right now, points out that if they could stop trying to fix everything by knocking shit over, they might consider returning to the question of how the Yeerks got their logging permits. They must have permits or they’d be swarming with cops by now, so Cassie figures there must be at least one Yeerk positioned high enough in the local government to make things like “giant logging companies in the middle of the national forest” slide under the radar.  She proposes they figure out who that higher-up is.  And she thinks that instead of trying to do it by brute force with their biggest morphs, they should try being something very, very small.

Hm. Are we going bug morph again?  Are we gonna pull out a previous bug or get a new one for this purpose?  I’m gonna guess they’re going in as termites, it would be thematic and let them chew holes through stuff if need be.

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About Marta

My friend @assorted-alvin told me something about Marta that I finally encountered. Basically, if she catches you, she does once or twice say this line: “Your blood shall be the tokens of my virginity.” 

Now, there are some ways to interpret this. One sad way is that Marta is not a virgin. She may have been coerced to have sex with Knoth when she was younger. After all he calls her an “intimate” companion since childhood. The loss of one virginity does not signify the loss of the virginity of the spirit, flesh and soul. Marta has reservations on killing people. This is specified by the second letter where Knoth chastises her using rhetoric to show her that her conscience for committing murder is actually sloth (however, I find it interesting that Knoth does not say anytime anything that Marta does is “womanly” considering he was pretty stupid calling Laird possessing “womanly sin”). So, to remain pure in the eyes of “god” Marta, almost in a olden ritualistic way, is offering Blake’s blood in a chalice to show that she is still a virgin: Immaculate in body, soul and spirit. After all, in their gospels they refer to Cain as “uncircumcised” of heart” which pretty much means impure, unclean and completely filthy. 

A second way to interpret this is to show that Marta is a virgin in every single way. That she has not have sex with anyone. And the only way to prove her virginity then, without the act of consummation, would still be this ancient ritualistic way of offering the blood of a human sacrifice. The reference to “intimate” companion may just refer to being a close friend. Now, it is true Knoth has the incorrigible habits of a philanderer. Unused dialogues also show that he may have had sex with Val who either is an intersex individual or an eunuch. Also the word catamite is exactly that, a young “male” kept for sexual pleasures. If Val was seen as a male, though they are not really, it still would make sense. However, there is also a large possibility that Knoth didn’t or couldn’t have sex with everyone. If you see his size, his gait — this old man has trouble even walking and pretty much walks with a limp, with slow wobbling steps. The truth is that Knoth also suffers from syphilis perhaps other diseases so it could hurt his performance heavily. There could be some people he didn’t have sex with. Seeing also that Marta, Val, Laird and Nick have no yokemates or sexual partners we know of (though wonder how the latter got Syphilis; it can happen via other ways or they did once have sex), we should take them a bit away from the norm. Of course, Val is not straight and has proven that multiple times. They have interest in almost everyone including Blake and a woman named Ruth. 

Seeing that Marta has a large size and strength may have made a patriarchal, incestuous cult generally afraid of her to engage in any form of sex with fear of having themselves being cut down or castrated. Knoth may have also find it beneficial to not sleep with Marta . Rather given her height and weight, may have been given the role of sentinel from a young age. And this would provide use to Temple Gate. Seeing that Laird also uses Nick, a pretty much tall fellow if not taller than Marta, to keep the Scalled in check and is encouraged by Knoth to use violence this logic makes sense. People of the cult avoid Marta like the plague. She  even states: “I will thy plague and thy ransom.” So, she seems to feel that she is a colossal figure that acts as a “disinfectant”, as a “bandage to the wound” to people who stray. She sometimes states to Blake, upon catching him: “The stray sheep must be corrected” and “You play the whore in my father’s house.”  Basically, being the person to uphold the crooked sense of justice in Temple Gate.

Additionally, Marta pretty much rhymes a lot of what she says. Aside that, later on you can hear about infants being dashed to bits and counting the enemies of “god” as her own enemies: those who rise against “god” (not knowing her “god” is actually Murkoff. Satan inimical Deus indeed). If you don’t rush towards the first encounter and wait, you can hear what she talks about, more or less, and see that they are like rhyming couplets: 

  1. In the Book of Life of The Lamb Slain.
  2. A Blade’s baptism for the Spider Eyed Lamb.”
  3. By the crooked knife, Legion fettered every man chained.” 
  4. Every man that hath a ear, so he may leadeth in captivity.” 
  5. Bleeds false heaven’s fear, beast seeds the cracked city.”
  6. From seas heaven borne lion dragon leopard.” 
  7. Blasphemous seven horns of the mustard scion shepherd.”
  8. Here is the patience, and the faith of the saints.” 
  9. The Lamb slain, foundation of the world.”
  10. And the pain found stained by the nation of the sword.”
  11. Deceiveth them that dwell on the earth.”
  12. Bleed the wench before hell after birth.” 
  13. Earthquakes flames thunder.”
  14. Lake carrion, flayed woman, graves under Savior’s wedding supper.”
  15. He hath judged the great whore. Writ: Blood, Abram’s worship.” 
  16. That ye may eat the flesh of kings, mighty men and horses.” 
  17. Fore death, and the righteous sing rightly there before him.”
  18. Temple Gate cuts the whore, bleed a price, the true ascend.” 
  19. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all amen.” 

These are not completely in chronological order and the “4th” one I had to jot down from memory. You can actually see the rhymes and the internal rhymes of these sayings. It also helps build some foundation on Temple Gate’s religion which definitely borrows Christian imagery and some Abrahamic imagery but also reverses them or “perverts” them in a way. The cult is not Christian as it does not respect Christianity or Christian beliefs on any kind, though it would like to believe it is Christian. I am no expert in Christian imagery but I could tell some things were off because we players are meant to see some of those discrepancies without being experts. Why should there be chaos during the savior’s supper? Armageddon is not a wedding feast. Similarly, there is lamb and lion and dragon imageries in Christianity. However, there is no spider-eyed Lamb that I know of.

(There are is a video of Marta’s dialogues. Some of her lines are songs. Personally, it is great the way final game had her just raspily quoting Ezekiel gospel quotes rather just sing. But here is the link if you are interested hearting the Marta dialogues:

If we look at the well known William Blake’s imagery from Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience (wonder if Blake is also an allusion to those things) you will see that Blake talks fondly of the Lamb and that the Tiger burning bright in the night. Blake is in awe of God because he has made the Lamb and he also made the Tiger. William Blake writes:

“Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

Tyger Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night:
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?“

So, you can see that Blake likes the Tiger as well and uses it as a symbol to understand God. In that case, there is no need for God to make “spider-eyed lambs” when God has made the Tiger, and as Marta says, Lion, dragon and leopard. The dragon is traditionally I think an antagonistic figure in Christianity. So, Marta may be saying aside Temple Gate the world bears them though she also says slaying the Lamb built the foundation of the world. She also states of becoming this entity that eats the flesh of kings, mighty men and horses: this may be figurative but Laird doesn’t take this figuratively. 

Their “religion” is mostly based on bloodshed and the “whore who bears the antichrist” though I don’t think Christianity bases itself on any of these things. Obviously, The Testament of New Ezekiel uses Christian imagery but at the same time it does not follow any true Christian or Abrahamic tenets. The belief that there is a “whore” harbouring the antichrist born from Knoth and Knoth;s flock is also pretty non-viable. Knoth’s flock may have children with disabilities because of the fact they are inbreeding and incestuos like anything. It doesn’t mean the antichrist in any way. 

Marta herself shows some aspects of her beliefs when saying these lines and when she is killing people. She pretty much believes there is whore around and Temple Gate must “bleed a price” for the true to “ascend.” Though, she has her doubts. After all she doesn’t seem to believe in “righteous violence.” Yet, she plays the part of the sentinel because her society has no other place for her than to be that. She is too large and strong so perhaps no one wants her as a yokemate. We do not if she mothered any children or took care of them as Val. The only thing her society does is to make her the hound and avenging angel and she has become codependent on Knoth and that society (who wouldn’t, indoctrinated by The Towers and all of that) that gaining another form of freedom may not easily cross her mind. 

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Ah, the result of the height of the intercontinental pants-shitting contest otherwise known as the Cold War. You see, a long time ago, the US Air Force wanted a weird airplane called the XB-70. The idea was to make a high-altitude, supersonic nuclear bomber. They flew some test flights, and ultimately decided that increasingly lethal SAMs and interceptors made the concept non-viable. However, the Soviets caught wind of it and immediately shat their pants. They developed the MiG-25 Foxbat specifically to counter the XB-70, which was never put into production. However, once they realized the XB-70 wasn’t going to be a thing, they were already in too deep in the Foxbat program and started fielding the stupid fuckers.

The MiG-25 is designed to do one thing: Fly really high, really fast, and shoot big heavy bombers. That’s it. But, the US, NATO, and their allies didn’t know that. The first introduction they had to the MiG-25 was when an Israeli F-4 Phantom spotted one on radar, throttled up to investigate, and was promptly left in the dust as the MiG nope’d the fuck outta there.

It was the US’ turn to shit their pants. As far as the west knew, they were dealing with God’s gift to combat aircraft: A fighter that could exceed Mach 3, turn on a dime, shoot impeccably accurate missiles BVR and gently seduce and fuck your mom using your dad’s tears as lube at the same time.

Obviously, this was unacceptable. The most perfect fighter jet ever created would have to be designed to counter this weird Soviet science. The ensuing efforts left us stuck with the Fighter Mafia and Pierre Sprey, so obviously it was a complete disaster.

Except for one thing: It brought us the F-15. Designed for pure air superiority, the fucker could pull 9 G’s, break the sound barrier flying straight up, had an excessively powerful radar to get the most of the godawful AIM-7 Sparrow in BVR engagements, refined the HOTAS concept… it was basically the Mary Poppins of air-to-air: Practically perfect in every way.

Except it was, and still is, a maintenance beast. The radar and computers were too advanced for its day. The highest failure component was the mechanical radar antenna in the nose, something that experts identified as the part that should be replaced with an AESA as soon as possible. The Air Force took one look at the cost of doing that, shat their pants, and settled for some other, less relevant improvements. The F-15 is finally, some 30 years later, receiving AESA radars, most of them going to ANG F-15Cs and the rollout is supposed to be completed at some point in the 2020s, IIRC. Remember, the Air Force is the smart branch.

Because, you see, the F-15 never came cheap. Its first flight was only 3 years after the F-14′s, and I’ve gone over what a turkey the F-14 was. The thing might as well have been made of solid gold for how much it cost. The US realized they could never afford enough of the things to take on a real air brawl with the Soviet Union, and started looking for a low-cost alternative to pad the numbers. They wound up selecting the F-16 as the preferable missile sponge for the Eagle. Sorry, Viper fans, it’s true.

The real punchline is that the MiG-25 could only exceed Mach 3 for a brief duration, would require both engines being replaced upon landing if it did so, and was so heavy and stupid its turn rate was competitive with glacial movement.

Nowadays the F-15 derives its reputation almost entirely from the Israeli Air Force, the source of the majority of its air-to-air kills against walleyed douchebags born into officer positions, and the infamous “flying home on one wing” story. In the US Air Force, driving an F-15C is considered a career killer, because for the most part, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS have precisely zero aircraft to speak of. Good luck squeezing combat hours out of that. If you drive an F-15E: Congratulations, you’re in what’s arguably the best CAS platform we’ve ever had, and all your thunder will be stolen by the A-10 and AC-130 thanks to kids raised on Desert Storm memes and Call of Duty. Meanwhile, the Air Force can’t be bothered to maintain the fuckers properly as they’re stuck with ever-mounting budget cuts while still shoveling money into the F-22 and F-35 programs.

On that note, the F-15 has grabbed headlines for spontaneously falling out of the sky. It’s almost like you can’t ignore things like airframe hours, the need for real spare parts, and adequate maintenance manning.

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wait, how does plague play ds1 incorrectly?

he maxes out his equip load and overlevels, basically making an unstoppable giga-tank, and then insists that his way of playing is the intended way of playing

that’s what i mean when i say that plague’s favorite souls game doesn’t exist. he insists that souls is intended to be played as an immovable tank and that dodging in dark souls 1 is non-viable to the point where he shitposts on Paige (pat’s gf)’s streams saying “Trying to dodge? Dark Souls says no.” 

yeah plague, dark souls says no to dodging and abusing i-frames. you’re a fuckin’ genius


The four-week old eaglet from Dan Nicholas Park was transferred to CRC yesterday to be cared for by our resident mated pair, Savannah and Derek.  The bird was hatched at DNP but the enclosure was not ideal (too much exposure to the public), which is why the bird was relocated. 

Other than soft tissue wounds on the plantar surface of both hocks, the intake exam was unremarkable and the bird was healthy.  

It was placed into Savannah and Derek’s nest late yesterday morning after removing their non-viable eggs.  We were a little concerned when they showed no interest in the baby for the first 3 hours.  Once Savannah saw the baby self-feeding, she immediately jumped down to feed it herself.  All has been well since then.

One happy family.  

ugh some transition stuff makes me so mad like i know i talk shit about doctors on the daily on here but like this generation is treating medical transition and hrt so cavalierly and like…….. yall are not going to be so casual about surgeries when you’re in recovery and get infections that make your expensive ass surgery entirely non-viable and risk making your dysphoria worse!!!!!!!! i hate it these doctors are getting away with exploiting uneducated children and it’s criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!