non verbal learning disability

It is okay that your GPA isn’t perfect. It’s alright if you don’t have straight A’s and you got a detention. The world will go on if you fail that test or if you forget a homework assignment. 

Keep trying, take out your notes and study. Not everything comes natural to us, and that is okay. 

so i was thinking

that i might make some business cards that explain my non-verbal learning disabilities to my classmates. i have trouble processing large amounts of information at once, so in group-project settings, i seem bitchy and unresponsive because i don’t understand what’s going on in conversations among groups of more than two people. i don’t always have helpful input because sometimes i can’t focus on what the professor is saying, and then i look like i don’t care. when given a piece of the assignment to do on my own time at home, i WILL forget something. i just will. this makes me come off, again, as uncaring, when in reality, school is really fucking difficult for me because i have learning issues that are not readily perceivable. because i have a very high verbal IQ and am highly articulate, when i fuck things up in school, i just come across as simply that: a fuckup. 

so, back to the original point i wanted to make. i’m getting ridiculously tired of my classmates thinking i’m a lazy asshole. i’m getting tired of having panic attacks in the girls’ bathroom when the professor tells us we have to pair up. i want a way to help my peers understand my challenges. i want them to know how they can help nudge me in the right direction when i feel stuck on our projects. perhaps most importantly, i don’t want to look like i’m making excuses. i think some cute, concise business cards would be perfect. what do you think, internet? should i do it? what should i say? why is the sky blue? where do babies come from?? GAH I NEED SO MUCH HELP

An unexpected diagnosis.


I apparently have it. 

I didn’t ask to be tested for it. 

I almost don’t want to read about it. 

What does this mean?

It says i’m supposed to struggle in math. But i’m getting an A in calculus. 

It says i can’t play sports. But i do, not very well, but I do. 

I don’t know what this means for me. 

I’m scared. 

I know it doesn’t change anything, not really. 

It’s strange, being given information you didn’t want. I want to give it back.