non true

who you want to punch, based on your alignment
  • Lawful Good: no one
  • Neutral Good: someone who's trying to harm them
  • Chaotic Good: nazis
  • Lawful Neutral: their computer
  • True Neutral: doesn't know how to throw a punch
  • Chaotic Neutral: fascists and communists
  • Lawful Evil: people who annoy them
  • Neutral Evil: people who punch nazis
  • Chaotic Evil: pretty much everyone

A scrivere sui muri che ti penso raramente


All I Care About at a Party 🎊

Qui non c'è nessuno che mi abbraccia,

senza salvagente dove il mare ghiaccia..


Gemitaiz: Tre fori nel cuore


So queste le cose per cui me sale questa rabbia

perché non c'è un problema che io già non abbia


Gemitaiz: Tranquilli.


I avoid wearing makeup so that I can always be under the delusion that I’m just some foundation and contour away from looking like a goddess when in reality nothing can save this face but neither of us will know that if we never see me in makeup lmao