non traditional wedding dress

So, to those of you who may not know, I’m getting married next May! :) I’m getting ahead of the game and I already found my wedding dress.

This beautiful dress is so comfortable, and yet still so elegant. Once it’s altered to fit me properly (I sized up bc this is my first BIG internet purchase and I didn’t want to risk it not fitting my chest) it’ll look so much nicer! But in the mean time, here it is!

Chris Evans Imagine

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The day you and Chris waited for such a long time had finally arrived. You looked at your non-traditional wedding dress and smiled. This was the best decision you and Chris could have made, a beach wedding. Easy and not flashy. The closes people and you and him. There was a knock on your door. 

“Hey honey” came in your mom with already teary eyes. 

“Mom don’t cry, you’ll make me cry” you turned to her and hugged her. 

“I know, but you look so beautiful and happy” she pulled away form the hug and held your head in her hands. “I’m so happy for you. I’m so happy you found Chris. And I don’t have to worry. I know he’ll be taking good care of you” you watched as a tear came from her eyes, but you tried your best not to cry with her. 

“He will, mom. Don’t worry” there was no doubt in you about that. It was time to walk down the sunny beach and marry the man you’ve waiting for your whole life. Lucky for you it was a sunny, and not so windy day. So when you walked out of the house you felt the sun shining making your skin glow and your smile grow. The music played as you made your first steps with you dad by your side. 

“I’m so happy for you” he whispered as you both walked. 

“Dad, don’t start, I’ll cry” you laughed and your dad walked and kissed your head. You looked up and saw Chris. He was standing next to his brother. Even tho it was a wedding on a beach he wore a suit, looking handsome as always. You watched as his smile every time you got closer to him, people around you made happy sounds, saying how beautiful you looked, and that’s how you felt, but the little butterfly’s in your stomach made you want to go faster ar finally marry Chris. 

Now as you were just one step away from Chris your dad handed your hand to Chris and said 

“Take care of her.” there was no need to say that, as everyone already knew he would. 

“Hi” he said as you stopped in front of him. 

“Hi. Fancy seeing you here” Chris chuckled and you smiled, he held your hands and never left your eyes as the pastor started to talk. Then you and Chris were given time to give your vows. You had a hard time of finding the right way to say what you felt for him but when you did, you just couldn’t wait to tell him 

“I love you more then life it self. You showed me what real love is. You showed me how a person should be treated when they are loves. Thanks to you I found my passion and work with a smile on my face. But to be honest you are the reason I smile every time I open my eyes. I have never met a man like you, who loves Disney as much as you, but I would never chance that. And I hope our future kids have the same love for it as you do, I also hope they have your big heart and beautiful smile.” now you cried and so did Chris, but the tears you cried while talking could not be compared to the tears you cried when Chris spoke 

“ I used to think I would never have a chance to get married and have kids, but after meeting you I finally saw and felt what I had thought I lost. When I met you it was like my life was already complete. I love you with every bone in my body, with every heart beat in my body. “ you tries to keep yourself from crying but what was the point the man just knew the words to say to makes you cry from joy. After all the nether of you really heard what the pastor said, but did here the moment you had to say your I Do .

“Now you can kiss the bride” said the pastor but he was too late Chris had already stepped closer to you and attached his lips to yours. In a kiss that you and him had never had, full of love and sparks. You looked into shining eyes and could clearly see the future you two wanted, the little kids and dogs running around, all that you both wanted in life now was so much closer. 

  • Aries: would wear a slinky dress and have a nighttime wedding with lots of people and party music
  • Taurus: would wear a super flowy dress and have an outdoor wedding with great food & lots of friends
  • Gemini: would wear an eye-catching dress, but not too flashy. the wedding would be somewhere cool and vintage & they would only invite people they like, and then they would post about it on social media to make the people they hate jealous
  • Cancer: would wear a simple but elegant gown and the wedding would be at a small, but beautiful venue with the people who mean the most to them. their vows would be super sentimental and sweet.
  • Leo: would wear a very fabulous and sparkly dress & the wedding venue would be huge so they can invite everyone they know plus celebrities and strangers they want to impress.
  • Virgo: would spend a lot of time planning the wedding to make it perfect. the dress would be very simple, yet beautiful, and the wedding venue would be very traditional.
  • Libra: would have their wedding at a beautiful venue with a nice view and their dress would be very traditional with added sparkles. they would invite basically everyone they've ever met, because they wouldn't want to leave anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings.
  • Scorpio: would want a very non-traditional wedding & would wear a black dress or something equally unique. the venue would be somewhere very cool & dramatic, like in the mountains, and they would be surrounded by close friends and family.
  • Sagittarius: would spontaneously elope in another country & they probably wouldn't even buy a wedding dress because all they care about is that they get to spend the rest of their life with the person they love.
  • Capricorn: would have a traditional lacy dress but they would put their own twist on it. they would invite people from their school and their church/synagogue/etc and they would have a charity box for donations.
  • Aquarius: would want to have their wedding at a unique place, like having a destination wedding, or a wedding in a big city. they would have a beautiful dress that is representative of their personal style, and they would only invite close friends and family.
  • Pisces: would have a lovely beach wedding with either a ball gown or a very flowy dress. they would have a very touching ceremony & a medium sized crowd.