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It’s finally done! This was a labor of love for Hang the Fool by @arcanebarrage. 

The effects were heavily borrowed from this piece by robdraper, who does a lot of great stuff on non-traditional media, like paper cups and plates. I wanted to do something on brown paper (yes, it’s an old paper bag I cut up and ironed flat, lol), and the scrolls and flourishes seemed perfect for my favorite cowboy.

Weekly Art Challenge #206 (November 7th – November 14th) – Collaboration Time! Part 1

Hi there! This is artmun and wishalloy, new WAC admins. We just inherited this blog from the wonderful hiyokos, and are super excited to bring you new challenges! :D

To kick our tenure here off, we decided on a two part challenge! We’re two artists working together on this blog, so for this challenge you’ll work together with other artists, too!

This week is all about the lineart – try to evoke a certain mood or feeling, to create an atmosphere with the scene you depict! Then, next week, you will swap your lineart and color someone else’s lines.

Whether it is the feeling of dread and excitement before the knight launches into battle with a fearsome dragon, or the comfortable laziness of a rainy Sunday afternoon, convey that mood as well as you can. This week, you won’t get to use any colors, so focus on gesture and layout of the piece. Don’t forget the background either. Those things can make a huge difference!

Things to note:

- For this week, fanart is allowed!

- Please only submit non-shaded lineart!

- Traditional media is also welcome, but please make sure it’s a good scan on white paper, so it can be easily colored digitally! (if you can’t get those we’ll try to clean the scan as best as possible :3 because we want every piece in this challenge!)

- As always, the submission limit is two ~

[The deadline for this challenge will be November 14th at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST]

For more information about the group and its submissions, please read the FAQ! If you have a question you do not see mentioned there, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Make sure to submit your piece using the submission page, and tag it for the appropriate challenge! If you don’t complete in time for the deadline, still post it to your Tumblr and tag it as ‘WAC’ and 'wac challenges’! We hope you’ll have fun and improve as an artist during this challenge <3

- artmun and wishalloy


Volkswagen Fun Theory

Drive legally and win money! I wonder if this could work here. 


Interactive Window display

Repetto France