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mischief-had-been-managed  asked:

My dogs are both very old, 14 and 15, and the oldest is very sick. I want to do like an ink paw print of their front paws, I'm not sure what they're called for dogs, but like how people do footprints of babies when they're born. My question is, what would be safe to use on their paws? I also have charcoal, and I would wash it off after, but I want to make sure I'm using something safe on their footies. Any suggestions?

Most places that do footprints will use non-toxic tempra paint (for live animals), or do an ink-rolled print after the animal has passed. You can also use air-dry clay to make a cast of a paw. 

jaclynn-frost  asked:

So I have a very serious question for you and reptiblr. Im a new pet owner of a normal ball python. Shes a 2013. I recently rearranged her tank. I did days of research making sure everything was non toxic to her but I still feel I did something wrong. The substrate I used is completely organic dirt a non toxic live plant (Dracaena) and a few artificial decoratives. Shes been less active and hissed at me today for the first time. I dont know whats wrong. Please help. ;-;

Hmm. I’m not sure why that would be! It may just be the change in scenery that’s got her spooked. Followers?