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My skincare routine or How the Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine can be Modified for Dry Skin with Non-Toxic products

1. ✨Oil based cleanser: Pumpkin seed-shea-Corn oil mix (provides skin with emollients which will help the skin retain moisture for longer while easily breaking down makeup)
2. ✨Foaming cleanser: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap: With gentle foaming action, the coconut oil (!) based cleanser relieves pores of any residual dirt.
3. ✨Exfoliator: Pearlessence Charcoal & Neroli Face Scrub: Every 3 days, I use this to extract the build up of any oils or pollutants from the air.
4. ✨Toner: Apple Cider Vinegar: It restores the skin’s pH in case other steps and/or the environment have disrupted it. I use the cap for the dilution. I pour in one drop of ACV and fill the rest of the cap with water to reduce its strong acidity. (Sometimes I use the LUSH rosewater face mist as well here)
5. ✨Essence/Eye Cream: Rosehip oil: It reduces wrinkles (and dark spots) and plumps the face with moisture. I’m not too concerned with wrinkles so I mainly take this step as a moisture and vitamin boost. This oil has many antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins E, B-carotene, C, and A.
6a. ✨Serum: Shea Moisture Spot Correcting Serum: Other than moisture, my skin problem is hyperpygmentation (on the sides of my face–note: it has noticeably improved with this routine). This improves whatever sunspots and dark spots without using a harmful skin brightener. A little bit goes a long way!
(6b. ✨Face Mask: Sheet Mask or LUSH Mask of Magnaminty: I do this step on days that I use the exfoliator. Right now, I am using a lavender sheet mask which is really soothing. I usually just use whatever looks good (and has good ingredients!).) 7. ✨Moisturizer: Body Shop Honey Body Cream or Oil Mix from step 1: The cream is for nighttime and the oil is for daytime. This step is essential for my dry skin because it locks in all the good stuff from the products before, makes a barrier from pollutants, and, obviously, moisturizes.

(8. ✨Sunscreen: Alba Botanica Facial Sunscreen: It will not clog your face and does not have any harmful active ingredients!) N.B. this routine contains a few comedogenic products because my skin is more dry than acne prone. Shea and coconut oils do not cause blackheads on my skin. The oils/products can be substituted. Also I suggest less moisturizing products for normal to oily skin