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I see a lot of (non native) people with tattoos of skulls with headdresses or dream catchers. I was wondering if that’s seen as disrespectful by the Native community

I’m pretty sure I’ve answered a question like this before regarding Miley Cyrus’s stupid dream catcher tattoo… (it might be in my FAQ, but I can’t remember off-hand.) So I’d like my Native followers to give their opinions on this topic. 

And, as NativeAppropriations stated in an article on the subject, “dream catchers are probably one of the most appropriated and exploited Native images.  In many Ojibwe communities, dream catchers are still a sacred, and their creation involves specific ceremonies and prayers. The plastic commercial keychains sold in rest stops are making a mockery of a sacred object. When people buy the dream catchers because they’re “pretty” or to ward off bad dreams, and aren’t aware of the power and history behind the objects, it dilutes them to a commercial object disconnected from their origins and community.”

In my, probably unpopular opinion, Native American tattoos on non-Native people are super cringy. Especially the ever so popular: skull wearing headdress and the Bert Grimm style tattoos of women wearing headdresses.

As a Native American person, anytime I see a Native headdress tattoo on a non-Native person, (specifically a white person, let’s face the facts) it’s like a major “F.U.” & a slap in the face. I’ve seen so many of them all my life… I’ve even had people who, upon asking me if I’m Native American, then proudly proceed to want to show me their awful headdress tattoo. (And please don’t send me ask messages after reading this saying things like, “But my skull wearing headdress tattoo is honoring Natives” or something as equally ridiculous like, “but I’m 1/100th Native American through my great great great great Grandmother so it’s okay for me to have such & such tattoo.” 

When you look at that tattoo, you might see honor, but when I look at your tattoo… I see your ancestors forcing Native people to abandon our ways of life, culture, and belief systems, to assimilate to yours. 

If you really want to connect with your “indian roots” or honor and show solidarity for Natives, I can think of lots of way better ways than permanently tattooing a culturally appropriative & disrespectful headdress tattoo on your body.

anonymous asked:

I saw you did a request for the member's turn ons and said to request for turn offs? Can I request turn offs? I think that would be kind of funny. Thanks!

(These aren’t going to be exclusively sexual turnoffs, more or less general pet peeves. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted.)

S.Coups: Bad drivers, passive aggressive customer service workers, shoes that are too small

Jeonghan: Being woken up with an annoying alarm sound, people who don’t hold the door open for other people, greasy hair

Joshua: When people perform live with out-of-tune instruments, noticeable body odor, when the ice to coffee ratio in his iced coffee is too high

Jun: Non-Chinese people with tattoos of the yinyang, sneakers that squeak, the smell of money

Hoshi: People not taking the Performance Unit seriously, liars or people who don’t keep promises, getting his socks wet

Wonwoo: People who pick on him for being quiet, unrealistic expectations of his masculinity, old lady perfume

Woozi: People who try to act knowledgable when they’re not, people who act like they’re above others, people who pretend to subconsciously sing around him to show off their singing skills

DK: People who act pessimistic to seem cool, the smell of gasoline, when people search for better parking spots instead of just parking in the first one they see

Mingyu: Wasting food, when people put things in the trash that could’ve been recycled, being mean to animals

The8: People who pity him for not being as popular, being mean to children, when people underestimate his Korean skills

Seungkwan: People that interrupt him, when people sneeze or cough on him, when people compliment him ingenuinely

Vernon: When people go too far in teasing his singing, people that judge him without getting to know him, when people say he’s not really Korean because he’s half white

Dino: Being patted on the head, when people treat him like a baby, the sound of dog whistles

Thanks for requesting -Admins Sea & Cali

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                skyli manngi trúa
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   váru þeim hjörtu sköpuð,
          brigð í brjóst of lagið.