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hey!! my name is lizzi. i’m 15 years old from the united states of disappointment. i’m looking for someone in the u.s between 15-16 but if you’re cool then younger or older, only a year though.
some things about me:
-i’m gay as frick so if you have a problem with that, don’t message me.
-i’m non-binary
-i don’t have pink hair anymore!! its blue now
-i love bands such as waterparks, too close to touch, creeper, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, etc.
-i love youtubers such as kian & jc, shane dawson, onision, etc

ok that’s all the facts i can think of 😂. i can almost guarantee you i’m gonna be super awkward at first but then i’ll be weird & crazy & maybe fun?? idk??

message me if you wanna be friends!! (keep in mind i’m single asf so i’m always open to dating if you know what i’m sayin 🤔)

tumblr: @galassxybish or @lizzijoan
snapchat: lizzi.sixx
twitter: doubledarelizzi

i need to make a post about this because it’s really bothering me.

bisexuality = the attraction to more than one gender, or the attraction to two or more genders, or the attraction to genders same as and other than your own

pansexuality = the attraction to all genders or the attraction to people regardless of their sex and gender identity

bisexuality is not defined as the attraction to men and women. bisexuality does not exclude other genders. bisexuals aren’t any less open-minded and accepting than pansexuals or anyone else in the lgbtq+ community. bisexuality is a sexuality, not a way to reinforce the gender binary.

many people seem to think that bisexuals aren’t aware of non-binary people or that they think there are only two genders.

this is because

1. the term bisexual is older than the term pansexual, and at the time the word bisexual was first introduced, it was defined as the attraction to males and females, because the term non-binary wasn’t something people were aware of. fortunately, many people today understand what gender binary and non-binary mean and because of this, the definition and meaning of bisexuality have evolved. saying bisexuals are only attracted to men and women is the old way of thinking.

2. bi in bisexual means two, and people always like to rely on this and say that it literally means two, as in men and women. if you really have to use this as an argument, the two you’re referring to means same as your own gender and other than your own gender. that makes two groups without excluding any genders.

3. pansexuality is always thought of as the gender-blind label that includes everyone whereas bisexuality is seen as only including men and women, boys and girls, males and females. which, like i said, is not true, so please destroy this way of thinking. it’s not helping anyone.

you can identify as both bisexual and pansexual. you can identify as bisexual but feel like the word pansexual could also describe your sexuality accurately. you can identify only as pansexual. 

the difference between these two is slight but it’s there. so maybe instead of trying to tell others what their own sexualities are supposed to mean to them or what they should identify as, give everyone the freedom to identify themselves however way they feel is right for them. especially people who are neither bisexual nor pansexual can stfu and stop defining our sexualities for us thank you.

you are still a valid little if you:

• have tattoos or body piercings
• smoke / drink / use
• embrace your sexuality
• didn’t have a troubled childhood
• still live with your parents
• are overweight / underweight
• drink from a regular glass
• don’t wear diapers / pull-ups
• don’t wear onesies or footie pajamas
• dislike using pacifiers
• prefer showers over baths
• would rather collect books instead of stuffed animals
• think glitter is too messy to keep around
• pink or blue ( or rainbow ) isn’t your color
• find coloring / crafts boring 
• find cartoons or disney movies non-entertaining
• don’t eat sweets
• dislike chicken nuggets / fruit snacks / macaroni & cheese
• dislike juices or milk
• prefer actual children over animals
• have kids / are pregnant
• need space / alone time
• have a mental disorder ( not only anxiety & depression )
• have a physical disability
• are a member of the lgbtq+ community
• don’t have a caregiver
• & more…

you are too unique to fall under a stereotype perfectly so don’t worry about your body type, regressors, or whether you’re a “real little” or not, you are valid no matter the situation. there are no rules to “little” - all you need is yourself to get lost in the feeling.

LG tumblr: bihets, ace/aros, nb genders, intersex, and pan/poly/omni aren’t welcome in LGBT spaces because the str8s accept you

Bisexuals: No they don’t.

Asexuals: No they don’t.

Non-binary people: No they don’t.

Pansexuals: No they don’t. 

Intersex people: No they don’t. 

LG: Ya they do, we would kno.

things cis people say

“wait ur nonbinary? I thought you were trans!”
“But using your pronouns are hard!!”
“Cis is a slur!!!”
“I hate those trans people who always make a fuss!”
“Is that a man or a woman? *uses it/its*”
“I’m alright with trans people, I just hate those fake genders”
*Insert 500 transphobic jokes*
“They’re just jokes oh my god! You’re so sensitive”
“Lmao men in dresses are so funny”
“But what if a man says he’s a woman and sneaks into the bathroom to assault people”
“you’re pretty cute for a trans man/woman”
“which bathroom do you use”
“what’s in your pants”
“are u pre op?”
“How do you have sex?”
“so technically you’re a (insert assigned gender)”
“So she- well, she thinks she’s a boy but I’ve known her for a long time so it’s okay”
“I’ve never met a trans before !!”
"i can misgender you cos you’re a cunt”
“you’re not even trans”
“But you don’t look trans!”
“I wouldn’t date a trans, I’m just not attracted to them”
“i identify as a dog LOL !!!”
“down with trans”
“Cisphobia is just as bad as transphobia”
“how can you hate someone just for being transphobic?”
“down with cis is harmful”
“dysphoria cant be that bad”
“down with hate”
“I’m not transphobic my sister’s friend’s cousin’s nephew is trans!”
“You transgenders will say anything’s transphobic”
“im not transphobic i thought i was trans 
"are you sure you’re not just butch?”
“you’re too young to know your’re trans!”
“you’re too old to know you’re trans!”
“why is being trans suddenly a trend?”
"i can say that i have a trans friend”
“this is (birthname) she thinks she’s a boy!”
“oh she’s playing dress up”
“i’ve never dated a trans but i’m up for experimenting”
“i can say that i have a trans friend”


Pure racism! Think about how many old ass white politicians there are harboring just as much of a “distaste” for minorities because they were raised in a time when it was perfectly acceptable to think non whites didn’t harbor the same intellect or were not equal to the white man. How can we expect to move past all the discrimination when supposed leaders are still on a 1950’s mentality? I would encourage more young people with more of a developed well rounded brain and a broader outlook on life and culture to run for office and be the people we need as leaders for our future. 

Hey if people who don’t like the dub could stop reblogging my post with tags and comments about how much they hate the dub as well as adding things like “Shut the fuck up the dub sucks I hate it”, that would be much appreciated.

Cause here’s the thing about dubs, they’re never gonna be perfect and some are worse than others. But the dub of Yuri on Ice, whether you feel it’s well done or not, is important. As I stated in a previous post, most series that feature LGBT characters or non-hetero relationships aren’t handled with the same amount of effort and respect as other series. A prime example would be No.6. The voice acting was mediocre and the dub as a whole felt lazy. It’s obvious that it was rushed out and the the team and actors weren’t totally invested. Compare that to the obvious amount of time and work they put in to Yuri on Ice. Yes the voices aren’t perfect but when you watch a sub first, I think it’s almost impossible to think dubbed voices are perfect.

In America (where the dub is recorded) we don’t have the same censorship as Japan when it comes to gay relationships. They have been very blunt and straightforward in terms of Victor and Yuri’s relationship in the dub and have changed several lines to more literal translations because they don’t have to worry about censorship. It’s obvious too that the actors are giving this series their all and are invested in it, which is so rare to see and hear in a series featuring LGBT characters.

Supporting this dub also helps show the anime distribution and licensing companies that we want to see the same care and effort in shows featuring gay couples as we see in shows featuring hetero couples. There isn’t enough quality representation in the anime industry and supporting both dubs and subs helps show we want more!

Also, dubs are important as a whole because they make anime accessible to people who struggle with reading, or who are visually impaired, or have anxiety. My friend has high anxiety and she can only watch dubs because trying to read the subs and watch the show at the same time used to overwhelm her. My brother has dyslexia and he prefers dubs because he doesn’t have to worry about trying to keep up with the quick changing subs.

So yeah please stop adding that you hate the dub because it’s important. It’s not the best, but it is important

Shout out to nonbinary people who use gender neutral pronouns 💛

Shout out to nonbinary people who use feminine pronouns ❤

Shout out to nonbinary people who use masculine pronouns. 💙


When people say ‘chill out, it’s just a video game’, I’m always reminded of when people are like, ‘dude it’s just marriage’ or ‘dude it’s just a bathroom’. 

People try and make your issues seem smaller than they are because they don’t want to hear it, they don’t care what your issues are, to them your issues will always be small and non-important. 

Don’t even bother with those arseholes. It’s not just about a video game just like it’s never just been about a bathroom,

never stop talking about being ignored, don’t let them get away with this bullshit. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: Hwayoung is an actual asshole who can't appreciate his fans enough, or their efforts for what they did to even get him this far. Instead, he starts bashing all of his fans and saying he doesn't want hi-touch like what the fuck?? If it were sasaengs I could understand but he included non sasaengs on here. If CJ E&M decide to let Hwayoung go I am fully for their decision.

“One of my favorite filmmakers, especially when I was in film school, is Lynne Ramsay. And Lynne’s first few films, she was notorious for blending actors and non-actors in Ratcatcher and Morvern Callar. And she always spoke about the tension that arises where the trained actor cannot rely on old tricks, cannot rely on muscle memory to react to the person they’re in scene with. So it was something I spoke to James [Laxton, the cinematographer] about because we knew our shooting style would be altered a little bit; when you’re working with a non-actor you can’t be as rigorous with some of the technical aspects of the process… We did a lot of work searching for non-actors that we felt like we could trust in scene to give us what we needed as characters not just the people they were. But I didn’t direct them any differently than I did the others. There was something about speaking to Alex Hibbert that was different than speaking to Mahershala Ali. But I tried to use the same voice. Over the course of the project - who was a non-actor, who was an actor - that line became blurred to the point of non-distinction… My direction to a guy like Alex Hibbert, who’s never acted before, who plays Little in the first story was maybe, to be honest, more direct than it was to the actors. Rather than talking about emotions or meaning, I’d talked to Alex about what we needed to do. And then it got to the point where I would start telling him and then he’d be like, “No, no, no, no, no, I got it, I got it Barry.” Just a brilliant kid.”

- Barry Jenkins, on working with non-actors, Masterclass at Rotterdam International Film Festival