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Why do characters scream other characters name when that character is in trouble or dying? like what is screaming going to do, scream the person back to life? I see this all the time during Marvel movies and I just don't get why this is a trend.

I normally don’t answer non-TSC questions on TSCTuesday, but this one is so crazy I have to answer.

Anon, are you forreal? When someone is in danger, it is a natural impulse to scream their name in order to alert them. If someone is dying, especially in a crisis situation, it’s normal to say their name repeatedly in hopes that they’ll respond to it, thus proving they are still alive. I know not everyone has been in a situation like this firsthand (I have), but regardless, this should be super obvious. It’s not a “trend,” it’s literally human nature. If a murderer is a split second away from stabbing your mother, are you going to stand there in silence watching? Come on 😑

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You're always going on about how great Michelle is but you've totally overlooked the interview in which she blatantly engages in erasure of NB people

do you mean the interview where she blatantly catches herself and Pearl and goes onto be like “actually, well, grey areas” in regards to their discussion about gender? that interview? 

(you know that a lot of people still haven’t of non-binary gender at all, right? which isn’t necessarily their fault, simply a lack of education?)

she was as supportive of non-binary genders in that interview as I could hope anyone her age who isn’t involved with LGBT politics to be, stop looking for reasons to write off celebrities man, she’s got more to learn but she means well and she’s making an effort

(it’s like how Moffat has been super vocal about canonical non-binary Doctor recently, but still doesn’t seem to understand that singular ‘they’ pronouns are a thing. it’s not any kind of malice on his part, simply a lack of education, I bet if someone sat down and explained it to him, he’d be like “oh my god thank you this helps my brain so much I’ve been in pronoun hell”) 

you have to make accommodations for the older generation and what they know about these kind of things, and look more at intent, I’m not going to participate in Tumblr’s fucked up “this person did one bad/not-perfect/ideal thing and they’re Toxic Forever” culture

“We’re not in any danger. I found them both last night in here, non-functioning. I didn’t know what to do so I tried gathering everyone. Elettra’s still… Elsewhere and you weren’t answering the door, so me, Melissa and Jacob spent all night trying to take them apart.” Feeling as though she may need to justify further, Stacey continued. “Just before night time, I came in here to summon them and ask them about if they knew where Elettra was, or their treasure which they’re so fond of but I saw them sat over there, doing nothing. Nothing but toys. Completely shut down.”

“We wanted to see how Mono and Kuma work, but they seem very complicated. Whoever made them…” Shaking his head, Jacob then continued with. “There’s no evidence to why they shut down. It’s as if whoever’s controlling them stopped, figuring that the announcements are automatic which makes sense based on the fact it’s the exact same every morning and night.”

what a lot of non-lesbians don’t realize is that lesbians have very unique experiences/struggles and we need to talk about them. we’re raised to think of men are romantic options & in turn, should idolise them. so coming to terms with the fact men are never going to be relevant to us in that way is a very long and difficult process, and it’s something we never really get over. we need to be able to talk about compulsory heterosexuality and the odd ways we deal with it. we need to be able to look at how we used to fake our attraction to men. it’s part of our healing process and it’s vital.

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Only a matter of time before Catherine Russell leaves as well and every single one one of us non Berena-tards can't wait. Finally we get Holby city back, Berena were boring and totally ruined it

Berena did not ruin it. You are free to dislike the characters for any reason (except their gender or sexuality). I dislike some Holby City characters. But I don’t whine over them. Berena is the most popular ship. Suck it up. It’s important to a lot of people. You just sound like a bitter homophobe (but wait you’ll anon message me angrily in a bit screeching ‘I’m not a homophobe I was in Glee’. Also get off anon you coward.) EDIT: Also CR is RETURNING. The fact she went on sabbatical instead of flat-out leaving suggests she wanted a chance to do theatre work/rest, but wants to stay for at least a while longer on a show she loves.

Things I need from a TRC TV Show:
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual
  • Ronan Lynch to be played by Reece King
  • Blue Sargent to be a WOC
  • Kavinsky to not be a straight fuckboy 
  • Monmouth. Getting Monmouth wrong is a dealbreaker.
  • For Ronan to beat the shit out of Adam’s Father
  • Ronan say the words “I’m gay”
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual
  • Have an actual raven as Chainsaw not some bad CGI
  • To take out the racism that surrounds Henry 
  • Ronan to say the words “I’m gay” 
  • Pig
  • For Noah Czerny to finally get the happiness he deserves.
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual

16 May, Romani Day of Resistance.

Romani are usually excluded whenever the topic of the Holocaust/WW2 comes up, so it’s not all too surprising that the Romani Day of Resistance is very unknown to the majority. But it should be celebrated and embraced since it represents a change in the way Romani culture and identity appear in public space - where a history of resistance replaces a history of oppression:

  • On 15 May 1944, the underground resistance movement in the Auschwitz, Birkenau concentration camp BIIe warned the Roma that the SS guards were planning to round up the nearly 6,000 Roma and Sinti prisoners and send them to the gas chambers. 
  • On the morning of 16 May, the Romani prisoners did not show up for the usual morning roll call and ceased cooperating with the SS guards.
  • The Roma barricaded themselves into their shanties. They had broken into an equipment warehouse and armed themselves with hammers, pickaxes and shovels, taking apart the wooden sections of the bunks they slept on to make wooden stakes. 
  • When the SS guards approached the area, they were met with armed resistance from the inmates. 
  • The prisoners forced the guards into retreat, and though some prisoners were shot that night, the act of resistance allowed the Roma and Sinti prisoners to put off execution for several more months.
  • The SS were in shock because they had completely failed to anticipate this resistance. Concerned they might lose more men and that the uprising might spread to other parts of Auschwitz, they retreated from camp BIIe.
  • No Roma died in the gas chambers that day. The Nazis subsequently put the prisoners of BIIe on a starvation diet.
  • Later, on 23 May 1944 the Nazis moved 1,500 of the strongest Romani prisoners to Auschwitz I, many of whom were then sent to Buchenwald concentration camp.
  • On 25 May 1944, 82 Romani men were transported to the Flossenburg concentration camp and 144 young Romani women were sent to the Ravensbrück concentration camp.  
  • Less than 3,000 Romani prisoners remained in the family camp at BIIe, most of them children.
  • On 2 August 1944, the Nazis gassed all the remaining Romani prisoners to death in gas chamber V, although the Roma fought back on that dark night as well.

In Hungary the 2nd of August was designated in 2005 by the Parliament as “Roma and Sinti Genocide Remembrance Day”, yet most European countries make no or insufficient mention of the Roma victims in their official position regarding the Holocaust. 

Roma are still misrepresented by stereotypes that overshadow our culture and real identity and it should be needless to say that Europe should put some effort on making the Roma genocide widely known and recognized, to serve as a counter force to the increasingly violent rhetoric and action against the Roma because and through them. Yet it does not seem like anything like that will happen any time soon. 

& Yes, please reblog this to make at least some of our history known.


Just because your parents refuse to accept you are transgender doesn’t mean you aren’t trans. 

Ignorance can’t change fact.


10 ways you can take action and be an ally to trans people

1. Educate yourself. Find out how here

2. Use a person’s correct gender pronouns when referring to or speaking with them. If you aren’t sure what pronouns to use, it’s alright to politely ask. For example, you could say “what pronouns do you use?” or “Hi, my name is Shane and my pronouns are they/them. What about you?” Do not ask for a transgender person’s “real name.” You can also join this campaign to challenge your classmates to not use masculine/feminine pronouns for a day.

3. Speak to transgender people like you would cisgender people, or people that are not transgender. Avoid comments that you wouldn’t say to cisgender people such as:

a. “He’s so hot. I’d date him even though he’s transgender.”

b. “You look like a real woman.”

c. “You look so pretty, I would have never known you weren’t a real woman.”

d. “What was it like being born a boy?”

e. “What surgeries have you had?”

f. “What’s it like to have sex as a transgender?

g. You’d pass so much better if you wore more/less make-up, had a better wig, etc.”

Read more here

#4: Seek out and listen to the stories of transgender people in your community. Speak out in solidarity when you read stories about transgender people facing violence or the startling number of transgender women who have been murdered because of who they are.

#5. Share positive things you’re seeing regarding why trans rights matter on social media using #goodlook and Laverne Cox’s #TransIsBeautiful

#6: Keep updated on what’s going on in the trans community by liking the TransAdvocate and National Center for Transgender Equality pages on Facebook. 

7. Call out gender policing that discriminates against a person’s level of masculinity or femininity when you see it. 

8. Advocate for all-gender bathrooms in your school or community. You can start a petition here to get gender neutral bathrooms on your campus.

9. Join a local Gay-Straight Alliance through GLSEN or the GSA Network, or learn how to take action on your college campus with Campus Pride.

10. Take part in Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to honor those victims of anti-transgender violence, on Nov. 20.

For even more tips on how to be an ally to trans people, check out this list from our partners at GLAAD.

i don’t really like talking politics, but my country is currently being destroyed by a maniac and his political party, who have the majority of seats in the parliament.

first, they fucked up the Constitutional Tribunal, and now they passed a bill to terminate the Supreme Court, so now they will choose their own judges, who may vote in their favor in all cases, meaning that it will be possible they will never lose another election.

people are flooding the streets holding candles and flags

the president tried to change something, and have more power in the selection of Judges (which wow, at least he tried, because before he was signing literally anything they shoved his way), but it backfired and now he will be able to do even less than before

the maniac (if you remember 2010 and the tragic plane crash involving the president and his wife, as well as the majority of the most important people in Poland) is the late President’s brother and like two days ago he blamed the opposition for “murdering my brother, you scumbags, and don’t you dare be using his name with your filthy mouths” - his words, not mine. but even more inappropriate for the parliament.
this is not him grieving anymore. this is him losing his mind.

the EU is already angry with us for many things, starting with the destruction of the CT, and not accepting any immigrants from Syria, and if nothing changes I feel like they might kick us out

Since today, Poland is semi-officially not a democratic country anymore… what was the fight for freedom in the late 1980′s even for..

god help us all

  • P: fanfic:
  • character a: did you love me?
  • Me: NO NO NO STOP NO F*CKING STOP NOPE NOPE *blares horns* *exits tab* nope NOT DEALING WITH YOUR SH*T I HATE YOU SO MUCH WHY DO YOU DO THIS ..... *looks down, reopens fanfic*
  • character b: yes. yes I did.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • me, a year ago: g/t is my deepest darkest secret.... i can only view terribly rendered giants in icognito mode.... i can never tell anyone, i will be seen as a Freak, no one must know that i am small