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Honestly? If I had the option to become cisgender with the press of a button or something, I wouldn’t take it

I completely agree from personal experience that gender dysphoria and transphobia are horrible, but as one thing I met my entire social circle right now from being otherwise… I’m in the best social place I’ve ever been in my entire life

And being trans/non-binary isn’t “”“just wishing you were cis”“” by itself

If you don’t immediately want to become cis either, feel free to add on to this post with your own reasons!

Niente ferisce, avvelena, ammala, quanto la delusione.
Perché la delusione è un dolore che deriva sempre da una speranza svanita, una sconfitta che nasce sempre da una fiducia tradita cioè dal voltafaccia di qualcuno o qualcosa in cui credevamo. E a subirla ti senti ingannato, beffato, umiliato. La vittima d'una ingiustizia che non t'aspettavi, d'un fallimento che non meritavi.
– Oriana Fallaci

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Can you explain me what is a nonbinairy person please ? Thanks :)

Non-binary people don’t identify with one of the two binary genders (male and female). There are non-binary people who have no gender or are somewhere between the two binary genders or switch between them. Basically the idea that there are only two genders (which are strictly male and female) and that the shape of a person’s genitals determines what gender they have is a (pretty outdated) social construct and tho it’s perfectly fine to identify with a binary gender that was assigned to you at birth, it’s also important to realise that those two categories (male and female) aren’t for everyone. Some people have a gender other than binary male or female. Some are non-binary or agender or bigender or genderqueer or genderfluid. Non-binary can be its own label or an umbrella term for all the above-mentioned.

I’m not an expert on these issues tho and I’m a cis woman (aka I identify with the gender I was assinged at birth) and don’t want to cissplain this stuff that a non-binary person may be able to explain much better themselves so I think in order to prevent any misunderstandings you may wanna read up on it on specific resources for non-binary people and/or message a blog that focusses on gender.


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I'm really confused here, why is mikasa not eldian? Sorry if this is bothersome.

Hi! I say Mikasa probably isn’t an Eldian because her mother’s family is from the East Sea Clan and her father’s family are from the Ackerman clan. Both clans are immune to the Founding Titan’s mindwipe and control, which implies they both exist outside the Eldian paths, making them non-Eldian. It hasn’t been confirmed, but I feel like it’s inferred.

We don’t know who Levi’s father is, but Levi is most probably half-Eldian. As we see with Reiner, being half Eldian doesn’t seem to change much in terms of being connected to the paths, though being an Ackerman (the by-product of Titan science) may affect it in a unique way.

I hope that answers your question! Thank you for the ask!

Things I need from a TRC TV Show:
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual
  • Ronan Lynch to be played by Reece King
  • Blue Sargent to be a WOC
  • Kavinsky to not be a straight fuckboy 
  • Monmouth. Getting Monmouth wrong is a dealbreaker.
  • For Ronan to beat the shit out of Adam’s Father
  • Ronan say the words “I’m gay”
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual
  • Have an actual raven as Chainsaw not some bad CGI
  • To take out the racism that surrounds Henry 
  • Ronan to say the words “I’m gay” 
  • Pig
  • For Noah Czerny to finally get the happiness he deserves.
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual
10 ways you can take action and be an ally to trans people

1. Educate yourself. Find out how here

2. Use a person’s correct gender pronouns when referring to or speaking with them. If you aren’t sure what pronouns to use, it’s alright to politely ask. For example, you could say “what pronouns do you use?” or “Hi, my name is Shane and my pronouns are they/them. What about you?” Do not ask for a transgender person’s “real name.” You can also join this campaign to challenge your classmates to not use masculine/feminine pronouns for a day.

3. Speak to transgender people like you would cisgender people, or people that are not transgender. Avoid comments that you wouldn’t say to cisgender people such as:

a. “He’s so hot. I’d date him even though he’s transgender.”

b. “You look like a real woman.”

c. “You look so pretty, I would have never known you weren’t a real woman.”

d. “What was it like being born a boy?”

e. “What surgeries have you had?”

f. “What’s it like to have sex as a transgender?

g. You’d pass so much better if you wore more/less make-up, had a better wig, etc.”

Read more here

#4: Seek out and listen to the stories of transgender people in your community. Speak out in solidarity when you read stories about transgender people facing violence or the startling number of transgender women who have been murdered because of who they are.

#5. Share positive things you’re seeing regarding why trans rights matter on social media using #goodlook and Laverne Cox’s #TransIsBeautiful

#6: Keep updated on what’s going on in the trans community by liking the TransAdvocate and National Center for Transgender Equality pages on Facebook. 

7. Call out gender policing that discriminates against a person’s level of masculinity or femininity when you see it. 

8. Advocate for all-gender bathrooms in your school or community. You can start a petition here to get gender neutral bathrooms on your campus.

9. Join a local Gay-Straight Alliance through GLSEN or the GSA Network, or learn how to take action on your college campus with Campus Pride.

10. Take part in Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to honor those victims of anti-transgender violence, on Nov. 20.

For even more tips on how to be an ally to trans people, check out this list from our partners at GLAAD.


Just because your parents refuse to accept you are transgender doesn’t mean you aren’t trans. 

Ignorance can’t change fact.


I used to have a lot of trouble still do with procrastination and I realized that, in my new studyblr days, I didn’t know how to utilize my studyblr to help me and it was just another way for me to procrastinate and feel productive. If you can relate to this, you could probably benefit from this little dose of studyblr realness.

  1. Don’t use your studyblr just for aesthetics: studyspo is great for inspiration and motivation, and it’s probably what drew you to the studyblr community, but it shouldn’t be what makes you stay. You won’t be able to take anything worthwhile from your blog if all you reblog is photos of beautiful notes. Mix it up with masterposts and printables and photos of “non-aesthetic” notes.
  2. Don’t use methods that don’t work for you: if you absolutely cannot understand mindmaps but absolutely love the way they look, resist the urge to make them. You’ll only end up confusing yourself and wasting time. Only use note taking and studying methods that make sense to you. 90 percent of the time they’ll be things that you used before you made a studyblr. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t experiment with different styles and methods, but only stick to what works for you.
  3. Discipline over motivation: imho, the study community  overstates the importance and effectiveness of motivation. Don’t get me wrong, motivation makes studying more enjoyable when you have it, but more often than not you don’t. In the end, motivation isn’t what makes you study every night, or stick with self studying a language. You have to discipline yourself to study when you don’t want to, or work when you’re tired. My old French teacher used to say “Don’t fall into the trap of waiting motiviation, and just do it” and I feel like that’s super important with this. (1, 2, 3)
  4. Talking about studying isn’t studying: sort of related to number 3, don’t let your studyblr be another way to put off work. It’s all to easy to think “I’m blogging about studying; in being productive,” but it’s a dangerous thing to do. Studyspo is great, but don’t let scrolling through your feed become another method of procrastination.
  5. Take photos after you study: or during, but not before. I used to spend so long taking pictures of my notes, that I wouldn’t have time to study them. I still take too long photographing my notes to take picture, so I’ve started using a pomorodo timer. After 25 minutes, I’ll use my five minute break to take photos. It’s increases my productivity so much, and I’m not sure how I ever functioned without that system.
  6. Just get it done (and prioritize): honestly, sometime you just have to forget about trying to make your notes look pretty and just go for functionality over looks. Just let go of any studyblr ideals and do what you need to do. If you don’t have time to bullet journal and get your work finished, use an electronic calendar or don’t spend so long on your journal. Most importantly, be real with yourself. At the end of the day, you know yourself best, and you know what you need to do.

Good luck on your studyblr journeys lovelies, hope this helped!


  • P: fanfic:
  • character a: did you love me?
  • Me: NO NO NO STOP NO F*CKING STOP NOPE NOPE *blares horns* *exits tab* nope NOT DEALING WITH YOUR SH*T I HATE YOU SO MUCH WHY DO YOU DO THIS ..... *looks down, reopens fanfic*
  • character b: yes. yes I did.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • me, a year ago: g/t is my deepest darkest secret.... i can only view terribly rendered giants in icognito mode.... i can never tell anyone, i will be seen as a Freak, no one must know that i am small