non super hero for ts

questions for you

I’ve been thinking about moving up to 5 posts a day (seeing as I have roughly one thousand posts ready to go) and I was wondering if you guys thought this was a good idea

also I’ve been thinking about wheather or not I should move up the post times i.e. posting around 9am-10am) so if you guys have any input on that it would be greatly appreciated

and as always if you guys have any requests for characters/team/series you’d like to see more of please let me know!

quick info post

starting tomorrow I’m going to be doing three posts a day rather then two, one at 12pm PST - 3pm EST the second at 3pm PST - 6pm EST and the third at 6pm PST - 9pm EST, I don’t know if this will be a permanent thing because at three posts a day it means I need to find over a thousand posts a year but for now those are the new post times