non stop premiere

Got to see @roughnightmovie last night at a screening that Seth Rogan hosted (“Because this movie looks really really funny and that seemed like something I wanted to be a part of”, said he. Good call, Seth…) and I love love LOVED it!!! Everyone is so lovely in this movie and I had some of the best laughs I’ve had all week. Kate’s a lunatic, and Zoe, Ilana, and Scarlette were lovely. Congrats to my darling friend on this fun role and fun movie. GO SEE ROUGH NIGHT, IT OPENS THIS FRIDAY!!! (Also can we talk about how the person on the right had three days of nearly non-stop press, a premiere on Monday night, woke up super early on Tuesday morning to do GMA, flew to LA for this screening after no sleep and *I’m* the one who looks like I’m 20 hours past my bedtime? Jillian, you’re a trooper. Thank you for inviting me, I love you.) 😘


Not Who He Dreams || Gravity Falls


Hey again! Were your hearts as mind-blowingly crushed after Monday’s episode as mine was? I’ve been thinking about it non-stop since the premiere, it was so fantastic! I’ve been wanting to do a Stan Twins video for a while and this song came to mind, I think it fits really well. I hope you guyze enjoy it! :)