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18. He Loves His Family So Much

 ( 20 Reasons Why We All Love Eddie Redmayne)

While Eddie seems like he is about fourteen years old, he is actually a married man with a baby girl named Iris. And want to know what’s adorable? Listening to Eddie talk about Iris or his wife Hannah. It is clear that he loves them so much and it just makes Eddie that much more adorable.

A lot of the times when actors are asked about their families, they answer very basic questions and move on. But not Eddie. The minute someone brings up his wife or his daughter, he talks about them non-stop until the interviewer has to direct the question away.

And if it’s Eddie being Eddie, he’ll somehow bring it back to Hannah and Iris. Seeing a man love his family as much as Eddie loves his is truly special. He just wants to talk about the girls in his life as much as possible and it is so adorable that most interviewers let him do it.

Ellen even brings them up constantly because he just goes on little rambling tangents about them and how happy they make him. And if they make Eddie as happy as he seems, then the world should love them too for Eddie makes us all happy.

“Over here, you guys!” Cameras flashed from every angle as the paparazzi fought to get good pictures of the boys, the four of them standing on the red carpet with their charming smiles. It had been months of non-stop interviews, and shows, and events to go to, and Harry could honestly say he would drop everything just to see you. He really missed you, but because of conflicting schedules the only time he’d get to see you was over a rare Skype session. 

Of course, you were the type of person who always had tricks up your sleeves. The last time you texted Harry, you reminded him that there’d only be a month and a bit until the two of you saw each other. That wasn’t the most accurate fact.. Because you decided you would surprise him at one of the events the boys were going to, and you had never been so excited for something in your entire life. Another thing that you were planning to do was disguise yourself as one of the paps - just for entertainment purposes, obviously. 

And so, here you were, stuck right in a crowd of paps with Harry literally being a couple feet away from you. It had been about five minutes of taking photos and blending it, but you were surprised Harry hadn’t noticed you yet. 

“Harry, over here!” You tried your best to disguise your voice, but was his head snapped towards you, you knew you were gone. A huge smile broke out on his face as you lowered your camera and gave him a wave, Harry totally forgetting what he was supposed to be doing and rushing over to you to wrap you up into the tightest hug ever. 

“What are yeh doin’ here?” He breathed out, pressing sloppy kisses to your cheek as the flashing cameras seemed to be getting more intense due to your sudden appearance. 

“Wanted to surprise my boyfriend.” You giggled, humming happily as Harry gave you a sweet kiss. “I really missed-” 

“Y/N!” All of a sudden, you had been pulled away from Harry, the rest of the boys squishing you into a group hug as they gushed about how much they had missed you. 

“I knew t’ere was somet’ing fishy about one of the paps, but t’e boys didn’t believe me!” 


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