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I find it so obnoxious that a twit like harry styles couldn't even be bothered to learn how to pronounce killians name properly.

Harsh! Did you know that the very first time Peaky Blinders aired on BBC Two, back on September 12 2013, this happened? And it’s happened so many times before and since by all sorts of people.

It’s a tricky name, especially if you started off thinking it’s Silly Anne, it’s hard to switch that off. Someone on here expressed it perfectly - “The fact that I mentally pronounce the c in cillian murphy’s name like an s really fucks me up when I have to say his name out loud.

If you’re interested in playing a law student (or are considering going to law school!) and want to make your character a bit more realistic than those on How to Get Away With Murder, here’s a guide from someone who is graduating from law school in May and will (hopefully) be passing the Bar in July! Please note, this guide will only touch on life as a law student. I will be making a separate guide dealing with the law itself (U.S. law, specifically).  If you’ve found this guide useful in any way, a like or reblog is always appreciated!

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Tv anon. Let's make a special mention to all of those out takes (photos) of the girls during 2016. Every single one of them laughing, touching and been all friendly never made the magazines. Or what about that behind the scenes we saw about an interview for music choice where they were laughing non stop and that interview never was uploaded, just the part camila explained the cover of 7/27. Just saying...

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Literally, non-stop interviewing and promo for his song and Niall STILL comes on to retweet fans appreciation and express his gratitude to his supporters every single time. That is just one of the reasons he is my fave.

he is literally the BEST person, and he loves and appreciates his fans so much. 

18. He Loves His Family So Much

 ( 20 Reasons Why We All Love Eddie Redmayne)

While Eddie seems like he is about fourteen years old, he is actually a married man with a baby girl named Iris. And want to know what’s adorable? Listening to Eddie talk about Iris or his wife Hannah. It is clear that he loves them so much and it just makes Eddie that much more adorable.

A lot of the times when actors are asked about their families, they answer very basic questions and move on. But not Eddie. The minute someone brings up his wife or his daughter, he talks about them non-stop until the interviewer has to direct the question away.

And if it’s Eddie being Eddie, he’ll somehow bring it back to Hannah and Iris. Seeing a man love his family as much as Eddie loves his is truly special. He just wants to talk about the girls in his life as much as possible and it is so adorable that most interviewers let him do it.

Ellen even brings them up constantly because he just goes on little rambling tangents about them and how happy they make him. And if they make Eddie as happy as he seems, then the world should love them too for Eddie makes us all happy.

“Over here, you guys!” Cameras flashed from every angle as the paparazzi fought to get good pictures of the boys, the four of them standing on the red carpet with their charming smiles. It had been months of non-stop interviews, and shows, and events to go to, and Harry could honestly say he would drop everything just to see you. He really missed you, but because of conflicting schedules the only time he’d get to see you was over a rare Skype session. 

Of course, you were the type of person who always had tricks up your sleeves. The last time you texted Harry, you reminded him that there’d only be a month and a bit until the two of you saw each other. That wasn’t the most accurate fact.. Because you decided you would surprise him at one of the events the boys were going to, and you had never been so excited for something in your entire life. Another thing that you were planning to do was disguise yourself as one of the paps - just for entertainment purposes, obviously. 

And so, here you were, stuck right in a crowd of paps with Harry literally being a couple feet away from you. It had been about five minutes of taking photos and blending it, but you were surprised Harry hadn’t noticed you yet. 

“Harry, over here!” You tried your best to disguise your voice, but was his head snapped towards you, you knew you were gone. A huge smile broke out on his face as you lowered your camera and gave him a wave, Harry totally forgetting what he was supposed to be doing and rushing over to you to wrap you up into the tightest hug ever. 

“What are yeh doin’ here?” He breathed out, pressing sloppy kisses to your cheek as the flashing cameras seemed to be getting more intense due to your sudden appearance. 

“Wanted to surprise my boyfriend.” You giggled, humming happily as Harry gave you a sweet kiss. “I really missed-” 

“Y/N!” All of a sudden, you had been pulled away from Harry, the rest of the boys squishing you into a group hug as they gushed about how much they had missed you. 

“I knew t’ere was somet’ing fishy about one of the paps, but t’e boys didn’t believe me!” 


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Complex PTSD typically includes an attachment disorder, which arises from the childhood experience of not having at least one caretaker safe enough to go to for comfort or help.When the developing child lacks a supportive parental refuge, she never learns that interrelating can soothe and metabolize confusions, conflicts and hurts. She also never learns that real intimacy grows out of sharing all of one’s experience – the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the loving and the mad. To the degree we are vulnerable and authentic in relationship, to that degree do we experience the incomparable healing power of intimacy.

However, to the degree that our caretakers attack, shame or abandon us for showing vulnerability, to that degree do we later avoid the authentic self-expression fundamental to intimacy. Inclinations to verbalize feelings, ask for help or reveal one’s struggles are short-circuited by subliminal memories of being scorned or attacked for daring to seek our parents’ support. Even worse, retaliation fantasies can plague us for hours and days on the occasions we do show our vulnerabilities. I once experienced this after being very honest and vulnerable in a job interview with a committee of eight. Over the next three insomnia-plagued nights, my critic ran non-stop films featuring my interviewers’ [who subsequently hired me]contempt about everything I had said, and disgust about all that I had left out.

—               pete walker, “shrinking the outer critic in complex ptsd”

KBTBB MC has a secret talent

The guys were upstairs in the penthouse lounge again when you finished work, surrounding a table playing poker.
“Hi guys,” you greeted, stopping by the game. Eisuke glanced over to you, then back to his hand. Soryu and Mamoru said nothing, while Baba and Ota both smiled up at you.
“Hello pretty lady,” Baba grinned, “Care to join us in a game?”
“Oh, no I really shouldn’t…,” you refused, shaking your head.
“It’s fine, we can teach you to play,” Ota waved, grabbing your wrist. He sat you on a chair between himself and Baba as you let out a sigh.
“I guess I can try. As long as you don’t mind Eisuke?” you questioned, gazing over at your boyfriend.
“I could care less,” he replied indifferently, “Just watch both of their hands stay where you can see them.”
“Now boss, I’m wounded!” Baba laughed, “I would never put the moves on your woman.”
“Not in front of him, anyway,” Ota poked.
“Such a pain,” Mamoru sighed, exhaling his smoke.
“This is going to drag the game out,” Soryu muttered.
“Aw, now be nice Sor,” Baba chuckled as Ota started dealing the cards out, “Give her a chance, I bet we’ll have fun.”
“Watch the first couple hands,” Eisuke instructed, organizing his cards without making eye contact, “We’ll deal you in after a few rounds.”
You nod to his advice, your eyes flickering from card to card as they’re swiftly tossed about. Baba and Ota are talking at you from both sides, but your mind is completely focused on the cards. They both showed you their cards secretly; Baba had a pair of queens, Ota had an Ace and King. The other cards are unknown, but after they continue, you can easily tell what’s happening as your mind counts the deck.
“I’m ready,” you announce.
Baba and Ota smile happily and Eisuke deals. Soryu is silent still  and Mamoru just shakes his head.
“Don’t cry too much when you loose kid.”
You only smile sweetly, knowing exactly how the hands are going to play out.
In the span of five hands, you’ve successfully taken out Baba, Ota and Mamoru. It’s down to you, Soryu, and Eisuke.
“How the hell did she get all our chips?” Mamoru cried baffled.
“I may….” You reply, placing your bet, “have forgotten to mention my uncle, who I hung around with when I was younger, taught me about playing cards, learning peoples ticks - I raise - and how to count cards. Oh, but I swear, I would never do that in your casino Eisuke!” you cry, staring at Eisuke worriedly.
He chuckled softly. “Of course you wouldn’t. You know what would happen to you if you did.”
You gulped, and then laid your cards down swiftly.
“You know, I think I’ve had enough of cards for the night!”
Eisuke grinned at you, then beat Soryu’s hand, ending the game. He then rose and grabbed you by the wrist.
“W-wait, where are we going?” you asked, trailing behind him.
“Going to play our own card game to test just how good your skills really are.” He smirked over his shoulder as he led you up the stairs.
“I expect your best game because when I win, you’ll have to do whatever I say.”

Soryu was waiting in his office for the damned kid to show up, but he was getting irritated easily. Inui was already 20 minutes late, and the boy should know better than to keep him waiting. With a huff, Soryu stood from his desk and left the room. It took him a bit of time, but he finally found Ryosuke seated in front of a computer, hunched over reading something on the screen.
“Ryosuke!” Soryu called.
Ryosuke jolted from his chair, moving to block the computer screen as he turned to Soryu.
“Ah! Sorry sir, I lost track of time.”
“What were you looking at?”
He took in Inui’s red face and guilty expression before pushing him from in front of the laptop.
“Oof! No, sir, don’t!” he cried as he tripped over his own feet.
On the screen was some kind of social media page with your name at the top. Right below that began several lengthy paragraphs that had Soryu blushing within the first few lines.
‘His fingers drifted over her midsection in delicate strokes, heating the skin with every caress. Her breathing hitched when his lips were quick to follow and created a wet, burning trail from her ribs to her belly button before continuing lower and lower…’
“Soryu? Inui? What’s going on?”
“Ah! Miss _____, I’m sorry!” Inui shouted, racing bright faced from the room, leaving you stunned before turning to face Soryu.
“What was that about?” you questioned.
Soryu cleared his throat and you noticed he was a bit red faced as well.
“I think you may have left your computer on?”
You bent over to see your screen, then shrieked in horror.
“Oh my god, did Inui see this? Wait, did YOU see this?”
You covered you hot face with your hands to hide from him, wondering how mad Soryu must be at you.
“So you’ve been doing some writing?” he asked. When you didn’t answer, he gripped your wrists and pulled you towards him, tipping your head back to look at him.
“I’d….like to read some of them sometime,” he confessed, still blushing.
“You….you would? You aren’t mad?”
“Well, I wish you’d told me instead of having Inui find out first. But no, I’m not mad. Actually, I would like to give you something to write about.“
You gasped when Soryu lifted you up, wrapping your legs around him before locking the door and pressing you against it while claiming your mouth with his own.

The elevator doors opened with a soft ding and Ota sighed, relieved to be so close to his room at Tres Spades. It had been non stop interviews all day and his face was actually tender from smiling so much. As always, their questions were boring, nothing brilliant or insightful, just stupidly phrased queries regarding when his next show would be, when he would produce another magnificent work of art, blah blah blah. The only remotely intriguing matter had been the subject of his dating life, which had sadly been squelched by an acting manager.
“Stupid man,” Ota grumbled, still in sulk mode, “I could have answered that question at least.”
His swiped his room key and as soon as the door opened, he could hear singing.
____ must be here cleaning, he thought with a grin. It was rare for him to catch you when you were still working, and the idea of teasing you was brightening his mood considerably. As he crept towards his room, he noted whatever song was on, the singer was very good. Her voice was beautiful, somewhat seductive and warm. When he nudged the door wider, Ota felt his mouth fall open. The music was coming from your iPod, but the voice that he’d been admiring actually belonged to none other than you. He watched in fascination as you made the bed, singing your heart out to a beautiful romantic ballad, and his heart began to race. He’d never heard you sing before, and this experience was new to him. Every note you produced struck an erotic nerve in him, and all he could think about was ravishing you until he was the cause for you to make such beautiful sounds.
As you were fluffing the pillows, Ota approached you from behind and wrapped his arms tightly around your waist.
“Ah!” you shrieked, surprised to find Ota was home already.
“Why did you tell me you could sing like that Koro?” Ota questioned, burying his face in your neck.
You blushed at having being caught in your secret love of music, but Ota’s lips were becoming distracting.
“Don’t stop,” he ordered softly, his hands starting to wander over your stomach to lower, “I want to hear you sing again. In every room of the house.”

Everything was a blur. One moment you were headed to meet the guys outside the hotel, the next you’d been bumped from behind and were falling forward. Bracing yourself, you were shocked when instead of the sidewalk, there was a warmth on your lips. Images exploded in your unprepared mind like fireworks, baiting you with a few seconds of what was to come. Springing your eyes open, you were mortified to find none other than Mr. Ichinomiya beneath you and you swiftly scrambled off of him.
“______, are you alright?” Baba asked, helping you to your feet.
“Get back in the car!” you cried, shoving Eisuke roughly inside.
You and Baba had just slammed the door behind you before another car sped around the corner and fired several shots at the car, then disappeared into the traffic ahead. Soryu was already on his phone, giving a description to someone, most likely a Dragon, as everyone else stared at you silently.
“Drink this,” Baba directed kindly, handing you a water. You gulped it back greedily before meeting his eyes.
“So, what was that?”
You sighed, wishing that you could’ve kept your secret, even just a bit longer.
“Okay, so some of my family can sort of ‘see’ things… things that haven’t happened yet…..”
“You mean like premonitions?” Ota asked.
“Yeah, I guess. Anyway, the only times I really get anything is usually only through……um, kissing…..” you blushed.
“So you kissed me and saw that coming?”
“Mr. Ichinomiya, I didn’t mean to kiss you! It was an accident, I swear!” you protested, turning immediately to catch Baba’s gaze. But you saw no anger, just his same tender expression.
“I know that,” he smiled, petting your hair, “Next time I’ll be the one to catch you!”
“I bet we could get a far better price for a psychic,” Eisuke murmured aloud.
“What?!” you shrieked, staring at him wide eyed.
“Probably double her original price,” Soryu agreed, his phone call completed.
“What do you say Baba? I’ll give you double your original bid,” Eisuke offered with a wicked grin. “Hell, I might even be interested in something like that.”
“Boss, you’re scaring my poor princess with all your teasing,” Baba laughed, wrapping his arm around your waist.
Instead of leaving with the rest of them, Baba insisted that you were in too much of a shock and that the two of you would be staying home. He led you into the hotel straight to the elevator. As soon as the doors closed however, Baba’s mood changed as he pressed his lips to your throat.
“Wha-what are you doing?” you squeaked, unprepared for his attack.
“Simply marking my princess to ensure nobody thinks about putting their hands where they don’t belong.”
His breath tickled your skin and you shivered when he met your eyes.
“So you can see the future from a kiss huh? Want to see what’s going to happen when I get you home?”
Not giving you a chance to respond, Baba claimed your mouth, kissing you passionately. The images you were receiving had your cheeks stained crimson, and your eyelids fluttered with excitement.
“That good?” Baba whispered teasingly, “I can’t wait.”

It was still very early, and you knew Mamoru always slept in. It was perfectly timed and you managed to get your yoga work out while he slumbered on.
You were in the living room area of his suite, dressed in you sports bra and yoga pants, just finishing up your stretches before beginning the tougher poses. It wasn’t that you were hiding it from him, but if he knew you were doing yoga, you just knew that Mamo would tease you relentlessly. And so that’s why his morning laziness worked to your benefit. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you hit upward facing dog, enjoying the pull on your muscles. You continued, stretching and twisting your body this way and that into different poses, angling your body in ways that most people couldn’t even imagine. Dancers split, the hummingbird, a handstand scorpion. You had just attained the embryo pose in headstand when you had the strange sensation of something being off. You opened your eyes to find both Baba and Ota standing in the room gawking at you, just as Mamo came out of his room.
“Why are you two idiots bothering me this early- WHAT THE HELL?”
You looked over to Mamo and saw his eyes had gone wide as he took in your position and the two men blatantly staring before he stormed over to them, grabbed their shirt collars and threw them from the room and locking the door
“Wait Mamo! Let us back in! Please!”
“What are you tryin’ to do kid, gimme a heart attack?!”
You righted yourself and moved to him, utterly embarrassed.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t even hear them come in!”
“One of them must have opened the door,” he grumbled, running a hand through his hair. He lit a smoke and inhaled before looking at you.
“So, this is what you do when I’m sleeping? What the hell was that?”
“It’s just yoga,” you replied embarrassed, gazing at the ground.
“Jesus, had no idea you were that damn flexible….”
He trailed off and when you dared to sneak a look at him, his cheeks were slightly pink.
“Might have to start getting up early from now on.“
“No! You can’t watch me!” you cried in horror, “It would be weird.”
Mamoru chuckled, wrapping a tight arm around your waist to pull you securely into his body.
“Maybe we should just try some of that in the bedroom then,” he whispered suggestively, bringing his lips down to yours. His kiss was smoky and hot, his tongue pressing inside your mouth to tease your own. Your arms circled his neck naturally and his fingers dug into your hips tightly before he gripped your thighs, lifting your legs to wrap about his waist. Still locked in a heated battle of lips and tongue, Mamo carried you back to the bedroom, locking that door as well, as the sounds of Baba and Ota still pleading faded from your ears.

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Emily Kinney's schedule

 Having worked in media, I wanted to share some thoughts — and hoping people might be able to help me.

Let’s use Norman as an example. Film casting clearly is done in advance. NR spent a chunk of early 5A filming doing a film. This means that at some point months back — Norman was given at least a rough TWD schedule, so that he could make plans to audition and/or schedule other gigs.

Emily: Deaths are given 2 weeks notice. MSF schedule was the first week of August, if I’m not mistaken. So, unless Gimple is evil, they had to have told EK of her death prior to SDCC aka Normily-Con.

Emily, at least from what I can tell, hit her time off (or whatever you want to call it) at pretty much full speed. August 23rd she played Eddie’s Attick and the 27th -29th, during the day, did a photo shoot for a magazine. Typically, publications plan out in advance, much more so than 3 weeks, unless there are cancellations.

She had mini vaycay w/ her fam — and after that she seemed non-stop. Radio and interviews, conventions, more shoots, etc etc. She became the face of a major fashion house. Some of it can be thrown together, but a lot it normally isn’t.

Disclaimer— cause I don’t have her whole schedule, but…

My point is: For someone who only had two weeks notice that she was jobless — she sure has been poppn’ — her busy schedule comes off more NR, like she knew enough in advance to plan it. Or she has one of the best teams in the biz, to get her booked that quick — which she could.

Just my thoughts.


Michelle Dockery - Non Stop Interview