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Tony being worried that he's too clingy with his new boyfriend, (Steve or bucky) and them realising he loves being held and kissed but is too afraid to ask for it, he always looks so pleasantly surprised after they kiss him for no reason

WhEEZE m y kink y es good thank u I hope you like this I’m kinda afraid I did really fuckin bad on it lmao

It does not take a long time living with Tony Stark to realize he’s not a confident person. In fact, it takes next to no time at all, once he’s out of the public eye, to realize that. Pretty much as soon as he’s in the elevator and the door closes, his shoulders are falling, and the inside of his lip is being chewed on. And sure, Tony Stark talks a big game, but, if you know him, you shouldn’t really believe him, because he is the master bullshitter (Pepper swears he learned it from Obie and scowls every time she says it). So, Tony Stark isn’t a confident guy, and it’s pretty much a fact.

It takes a considerably longer time living with Tony Stark to realize that he is severely compromised in the intimacy department. In fact, it takes almost a year of dating after a year and a half of already knowing each other for Bucky to realize, and him pointing it out for Steve to realize. He could blame it on their severe lack of people skills, or the fact that they both had their own problems, but considering how much they both knew Tony Stark (and boy, did Bucky know Tony Stark), it was more like them ignoring it. And Bucky wants to hit himself when he acknowledges that the only reason he noticed is because he was jealous.

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all of y'all: klance is dead :(

me, scrolling through klance fanart while viewing a klance amv and loading up a 100k klance fic: ok

Back from Bronycon!

The con was absolutely amazing, easily the best I’ve been to in a LONG time! I met a lot of wonderful fans and Patrons and I couldn’t have been happier! I didn’t check Tumblr the whole time so I’m still catching up, AND I’m also EXHAUSTED AS HECK! Four days of non-stop fun I need to recover so I can properly know what to reblog and post here on Motherly!

I got some pics, not many, but YEAH! Motherly still on break, I’m gonna get dinner and crash but YOU GUYS WHO MET ME WERE SUPER AWESOME THANKS FOR MEETING ME!

Baby Driver (2017)

What do you get when you rely on a daily diet of pop music, television, and Hollywood? Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is a thoroughly entertaining homage to pop culture. Borderline Tarantino-esque without being tiresome, it grabs the audience from bold, brazen opening all the way to its bombastic, bubblegum end. Interestingly enough, what makes this film original is that it’s intentionally formulaic. It draws from pop culture tropes to tell a tale as old as time: a man of few words doing one last, dangerous job, falls in love with a breathless waitress only to imperil her as his unsavory contacts come after them both and threaten his dream of a quiet, painfully normal life. 

It’s a movie you’ve seen a thousand times before, and yet there’s nothing quite like it.  

Baby Driver was non-stop pure fun, powered by a raucous soundtrack and a talented cast. Ansel Elgort is Baby, an amalgam of Ferris Bueller and Ryan Gosling’s character from Drive, and prolific getaway driver to a seriously bad batch of criminal elements that included Jon Hamm and Eliza González’s Bonnie and Clyde duo Buddy and Darling, Jamie Foxx’s perpetually paranoid Bats, and Jon Bernthal’s agro alpha male Griff. Kevin Spacey rounds out this ragtag group with his mild-mannered yet menacing Doc. 

We learn that Baby was roped into this seedy underbelly because he once swiped a car that belonged to Doc. Big mistake, as Doc is some kind of criminal mastermind who, like the Lannisters, is all about those debts. Baby is at the mercy of Doc’s every beck and call, playing getaway driver to all sorts of crazy heists, from bank robberies to post office holdups. Baby doesn’t care much for this life of crime, but he trudges through it so he can get square with Doc and get out for good. But as we savvy consumers of Hollywood films know all too well, there’s no such thing as getting out for good.

Kudos to the stunt choreography in this film, because that opening intro was such a joy to watch. Special mention must be made for Jamie Foxx, who seemed to play the role of Bats with relish. His intensity leapt off the screen, and he made a fantastic antagonist to our young hero. Kevin Spacey, as per usual, brought his signature sneer and style to the film. Overall, Baby Driver boasted a solid cast of characters.

Music is a character of its own in Baby Driver, fueling Baby’s auto antics as he swerves and drifts through the streets in a series of adrenaline-pumping stunts. Elgort looks like he’s having a blast as he channels his best Ferris Bueller, flitting from scene to scene with an easy charisma far from expected from the Fault in our Stars actor. He infused Baby with a swagger that made him endlessly likable…almost too likable. But when you think about the story being deliberately referential, you suspend your disbelief and watch this smooth talking wheelman charm the pants off of Lily James’ blonde ingénue.

…which brings me to the subject of female tropes. On the surface, it’s easy to take umbrage at the clichés of women in the film. You’ve got James’ demure damsel who giggles at everything Baby says and González’s Darling, the fighting fucktoy who spends most of the film scantily clad and wrapped around Jon Hamm. So you’ve got the classic madonna/whore dichotomy, and a leading lady who solely exists to be the fulcrum for Baby’s man pain. But wait! Before you go and fetch your pitchforks, these stock characters of cinema are there for a reason. The whole film relies on your instant recognition of these tropes. Once the audience realizes this, the movie becomes a whole new experience. 

It’s a risky concept, but one that Wright tackles with gusto. He imbues Baby Driver with humor, action, sweetness, and danger; it’s an odd mix of styles to throw into a single movie, to be sure, but as Tarantino’s True Romance demonstrates, it can be done. In keeping with its musical spirit, Baby Driver crescendoes through some predictable moments before saving the totally batshit for last: a grand finale that is so outlandish and over-the-top, it could have been straight out of a comic book.

And that’s the reason why Baby Driver is so good. It commits. It takes a leap of faith that the audience will trust that a movie can be based on Hollywood formulas yet still be told in a refreshing and exciting way. It’s almost too meta, pointing out that while we decry movie tropes and roll our eyes at cinema stereotypes, they can still be enjoyable if you’ve got a good story. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that badass soundtrack, of course.

Guardians of the Moon and Sun

It was incredibly dark, but it was also amazingly beautiful. Its endlessness excited humans, sparked curiosities, and inspired countless ideas in tiny, insignificant minds. But it was also all very overwhelming; too real, too much, too difficult to fully grasp. It was cosmic space. Billions of stars illuminated the darkness surrounding them. Rays of lights shoot through vast expanses. Bountiful energies floated, formed, and encircled rich galaxies.

In the loneliness of the deep dark, a large temple stood erect, glowing ethereally from its moon bound material. Its cool blue and hot magenta colors clashed, while simultaneously thriving off one another. Sasuke Uchiha, a boy of many talents and sheer intelligence, stood silently on guard before the entryway of the temple. He was simply minuscule in comparison, yet he was pragmatic, distant and cold as he appeared.

Floating nearby is no other than Naruto Uzumaki, and like always, far from attending his duty in the choice of pestering the Guardian of the Moon. Naruto, like his appearance suggested, was a big, fiery, ball of brightness and was a complete loudmouth. He, of course, had a wide, brilliant smile that Sasuke found dreadfully annoyed by and unaccustomed to. Sasuke has lost count of how much time the brat has visited the area, and once again could not wait for him to leave.

Naruto was in tight arm lock on top of a compressed cloud of stardust that assisted on his travel. He moved quite unsteady, and it wobbled over slowly. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the look of utter stupidity and unprofessionalism. After tremendous effort and unaccounted grunts and swears, Naruto finally reached the steps leading to the temple. He dramatically skipped up the stairs with his arms swinging back and forth and stopped to a halt when he reached the landing.

“Hey, Sasuke, I found some really cool black holes a couple thousand light-years away! Wanna go see it? My cloud could carry us both!” Naruto exclaimed excitedly; his eyes shining in anticipation for Sasuke’s positive answer. Of course, it never came, not only would Sasuke never offer a positive answer, he would strongly disapprove on a positive attitude. Sasuke simply ignored his counterpart and stared straight ahead into darkness.

“Come’on…” Naruto whined, “It’s so boring here. Talk to me. You are literally the only person here that is my age. Everyone else is old or wrinkly or scary!” Naruto pouted, “Don’t you ever get tired of standing here guarding this door?” Naruto asked as he leaned against the tall pillars surrounding the temple.

“That is my job, idiot.” Sasuke stated, still unwilling to look at Naruto.

“Why do you have to be such a goody, goody two-shoes princess? Doing something different wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

“I take my work very seriously, whereas you should too,” Sasuke scorned as he looked Naruto up and down, “Guardian of the Sun.” Sasuke addressed. “Go back to your post, as far away from me as possible.”

“Stop being so stubborn, you stupid butthead!” Naruto shouted from the top of his lungs, face brimming red from frustration and irritation.

“Nice comeback.” Sasuke muttered sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and sneered at Naruto’s child-like behavior.

Naruto folded his arms; he flopped to the ground and crossed his legs. Sasuke constantly tried to push Naruto away; he has never encountered someone at such wild, boisterous, and intense caliber. It was unfamiliar and exhausting, yet surprisingly refreshing.

“Look,” Sasuke started, “You’ve been coming here, always non-stop talking about these ‘fun, exciting adventures,’ but they are all extremely absurd and mundane.”

“You’re one to talk! You’ve been here for how many centuries? Standing here like a pole. Is that all you want to do for the rest of eternity?!” Naruto retorted, quite flustered.

“That is part of the job description; it’s exactly what we signed up for when we became guardians, moron”

“It’s not like the temple will move anywhere when we’re gone for a couple of minutes.”

“Then what the hell do you suggest that is neither dull nor pointless?”

Naruto paused, and placed his fingers under his chin, thinking silently for once. He hummed, trying to come up with the perfect idea for the pretentious prick before him. While looking around at the endless expanse of cosmic space, he had the best idea. “For a start,” Naruto began as he grabbed Sasuke’s hand and together hauled off down the stairs.

Artist and Writer: @kiraiki

SNS AU -  Guardians of the Moon and Sun - When The Stars Align

June 3, 2016

casted w/ wonoo | pt.2  ↴

part one

  • you guys sent a ton of requests for a part two
  • so let’s go!
  • it was the second day of filming
  • and the location was the han river
  • you didn’t mind how cliche it was
  • it was your favorite place to hang when you had free time
  • and now your free time was going to be spent with wonwoo
  • it was a nice spring day
  • and wonwoo was wearing specs
  • he looked so cute
  • it melted your heart
  • “so what are we doing today?”
  • you asked wonwoo and he smiled
  • “we’re doing the duck boat ride”
  • your eyes widened because you knew it consisted of a lot of pedaling
  • and you were already tired just thinking of non-stop pedaling
  • “sounds fun!” 
  • but you were crying internally
  • you both get seated in a boat
  • you wave at the mini cameras set up in the boat as well
  • “it’s fine if you don’t want to pedal”
  • wonwoo looks over at you
  • “no! it’s okay I can do it too!”
  • he nods and you both begin to pedal around the river
  • he starts small talk
  • and that leads to deeper conversations
  • conversations that could go on 
  • until the camera crew back on the shore called you both in
  • when you guys make it out of the boat
  • your legs are all wobbily and sore from pedaling
  • you lose your balance for a second 
  • and wonwoo’s hand breaks your fall
  • you let out a heavy sigh of relief
  • “thank you” you breathe out
  • wonwoo just smiled at your cuteness 
  • “where are we going next? I don’t think I can use my legs for too long?”
  • you rub your thighs as you ask the camera crew
  • “do you want me to carry you?” 
  • wonwoo felt so comfortable around you 
  • he didn’t even mind
  • “no! it’s okay! It’s better if I walk it off”
  • you kindly reject wonwoo’s offer
  • but he wasn’t taking no for an answer
  • he gives his back to you and gets lower
  • allowing you to get on his back
  • you were uneasy at first
  • but the cameras were filming you
  • and you knew this show was all about the romance
  • so for the sake of the show
  • and yourself (;
  • you gently get on wonwoo’s back
  • he tosses you up a little bit to get you higher up
  • you wrap your arms around his neck to secure yourself on him
  • your cheeks were close to his
  • you blushed at how close you guys were
  • “we’re going on a picnic now, so you’ll be able to sit and rest”
  • wonwoo begins walking and you clear your throat
  • “I have a question”
  • wonwoo slows his pace and responds
  • “ask away”
  • “am I the visual of my group?”
  • you asked shamelessly
  • but you knew this was good content for the show
  • “ummmmm… I forgot her name”
  • wonwoo teases and you playfully pout
  • “of course you’re my bias, so you’re the visual”
  • wonwoo says confidently
  • “thank you!” you cheer that wonwoo picked you
  • even though he sort of had to 
  • “what about me then? am I the visual of svt?”
  • you didn’t hesitate
  • “duh! is that even a question?”
  • you blurted and realized you were still filming
  • that was your inner fangirl
  • wonwoo smiles to himself
  • but you blush for the 10th time today
  • once you and wonwoo make it to the picnic spot
  • he lets you off gently
  • the spot was on a nice grassy area of the park
  • it was quite empty so it was perfect
  • you and wonwoo began to snack on the food the tv show provided
  • you guys played with the food
  • throwing grapes into wonwoo’s mouth
  • it felt like you guys knew each other for so long
  • “okay guys! we can end here!”
  • the director called cut
  • and you pouted internally
  • “already?” wonwoo whined
  • it’s like he read your mind
  • you both stood up from the picnic blanket
  • “i had fun today, thank you wonwoo” 
  • you smiled at him and and he looked down, turning red
  • “me too,I’ll see you tomorrow!”
  • wonwoo hugs you for the first time
  • and you were taken aback
  • you froze in his arms
  • it took seconds for your brain to tell you to hug back
  • and it felt so right
  • you felt so comfortable in his arms
  • you were sad it ended so quickly
  • wonwoo releases you
  • “I’ll call you!” he calls before taking off first
  • and you knew wonwoo felt the same way you did
  • the whole week passed by so quickly
  • and you and wonwoo grew even closer
  • the both of you began to even hang out off camera
  • it was the last day of shooting
  • and you both wrapped it up
  • “hey y/n, do you wanna go somewhere with me?”
  • “yeah! but where?”
  • he didn’t answer
  • instead, he took your arm and pulled you with him
  • “you’ll see”
  • after following wonwoo around the city
  • you both made it to the han river bridge                 
  • “y/n”                
  •  wonwoo called your name before facing you                 
  • you prepared yourself for anything he could say                “
  • yes?”               
  •  “I like you, a lot”               
  • “and I don’t want to be just friends”                
  •  your heart smiles at wonwoo’s confession 
  • you were so glad he felt the same way 
  • that he’d want to continue to see you 
  • and be with you 
  • “I like you too, a lot” 
  • you take his hands and he smiles
  •  “lets go on a real date now” 
  • he leads the way 
  • “but, those dates were never fake to me” 
  • wonwoo laughs at your remark
  • “come on lets go!” 
  • you follow wonwoo to your next of many dates

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Put Ya Hands Up Radio

[Image Text: A non-stop mix of fun and funky beats curated by pro-hero Present Mic. From dubstep, to dance, to disco, we’ve got all your late-night jams in one place. Shuffle for best results!]

here it is!! my ultra-long playlist based on Present Mic’s radio show! no tracklisting on the back cover because it’s that long.

the playlist currently has over 3 hours of music, and it’s still growing. i’m gonna be updating it fairly frequently, so check back every now and then for new tracks!


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How about kuroo, oikawa, iwaizumi, lev reacting to their s/o whos drunk off eggnog and shes just being super clingy and adorable or getting sexual with them ( / v \ ) can be sfw or nsfw. <333 please and thankyou

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • He spiked your eggnog on purpose just to see you let loose. This is the only time of the year where you let yourself go. 
  • Doesn’t mind when you throw yourself into his arms claiming how much you love him and how he’s the best boyfriend you’ve ever had. He lathers you with just as much affection.
  • But then you start getting a bit hands and Kuroo has to fight himself to maintain the beast.
  • No matter how many times he adjusts your hands or moves you away, you just keep coming back for more. Eventually he ends up slipping away from the party to drag you into the closet to sate your desire.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Ohoho, looks like that eggnog was heavier than he first thought and you’ve been drinking it non-stop all night. It’s fun watching you prance around and trying to drag Iwaizumi off to dance.
  • Of course he can’t have that and steps in between the two of you (much to Iwaizumi’s relief) and whisks you away to dance. Although with how drunk you were it was more like he was simply dragging your body across the floor as you clung to him, peppering kisses along his cheeks.
  • God, he never knew how cute you looked completely uninhibited but damn. He had to snap a few pictures of you to keep for later. He’ll probably make that his new screen saver.
  • Has to brag about you to everyone about how cute you are and what a cute couple the two of you are. As much as everyone wants to deny it, he’s right. You two are a great pair. 

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • He refused to drink the eggnog mainly because he knew that he was going to end up being the designated driver. Low and behold he was right because you were completely out of it, drunk off of the merriness. Sometimes you were a handful.
  • It was hard to keep an eye out for you along with Oikawa seeing as how he keep handing you eggnog after your glass was empty. He soon gave up knowing that you’d be okay since this was Tooru’s apartment after all.
  • How wrong he was. You were all over Oikawa as the two of you drunkly danced like fools. He had to fight himself from strangling his idiot of a best friend. He wedged his way in between your bodies as he put some distance from Oikawa.
  • His face bled red as you leaned into his ear to whisper, “That brunette guy is kind of cute. Do you think we should include him in that threesome we wanted?” You will be the death of him.
Early reactions

Luke Owen: Kong: Skull Island might be the second best movie I’ve ever seen. All time. All my life. @kongskullisland

It also has the coolest post-credits sequence I have ever seen. I literally screamed “oh my god” in excitement. [x]

Paul Sylvester: Simply the biggest monster movie ever made. Loved loved loved Kong #kongskullisland @wbpictures

Stuart O’Connor: Well, Kong: Skull Island is a great big heap of fun - a good old-fashioned monster movie with the best CGI I have seen #kongskullisland

Mark Hill: #kongskullisland is awesome. None of that awkward ice-skating in NYC. Just plenty of monster vs monster action and thrills. I loved it!

Jasper Rees: #kongskullisland: whoa. Like being thrashed to pulp by the planet’s jumboest SFX lab. Here are just a very very few of them

Lux: @vogtroberts… you made one monster of a movie. So proud. #KongSkullIsland

Alan Simmons: @kongskullisland is a hundred foot of fun. Non-stop eye-popping chest-beating monster bashing.  #KONGISKING @Legendary #MONARCH

Miguel Santana: Caught the #KONGSKULLISLAND premiere - some of the most incredible CG creature work I’ve ever seen. #LONDONLOVESKONG

Michael Berg: Well @kongskullisland delivers everything you think it would. Very entertaining !      

Benedict Townsend:  Kong: Skull Island is super dumb but also really fun?? But also not that dumb?? But also very silly?? But it’s good?! It’s good.                                                                     

DC Legends of Tomorrow post. Spoilers this way.

Dude. What did you think was going to happen after you non stop make fun of and distrust a dude that was willing to die for you over and over again??

Like seriously. Did you all forget that it was Mick who was arm deep in the bomb trigger at the Vantage Point before Snart, just so Ray didn’t die??

And Sara. You girl, where the hell did your compassion go?? You were an assassin, and probably killed more people than Mick did. Because ultimately, he was a thief. I mean yeah, an arsonist, but a thief at his core.

And Stein. What a dickhead. Let me not get started. All I wanted to say in this case is that he told you that he was seeing Snart. He showed you the proof on his effing cheek, but then suddenly you gonna do him like that?? What the eff?!?! How messed up, man. No respect to you, dude. None.

I personally liked Amaya, up until the end. And good for you, Ray Palmer, for remembering that this guy saved your life and gave you his partner’s cold gun. And realizing how much of jerk and hypocrites you all were being.

Also, kind of sick of the whole Mick is stupid gig. Obviously he isnt.

Which is probably the perfect transition for my prediction for the episode next week based on the promos.

What if Mick infiltrated the Legion of Doom to get in on whatever they were planning so he could fix it. Maybe when he touched the spear of destiny he wished to remember the previous, real reality so he could find someone on the team to fix it. And it kinda makes sense that it ends up being Nate.

Hear me out. All the other members of the team had at some point dealt with the members of the legion. So obviously, the Legion is focusing on them, Nate is barely on their radar. It also circles back to the premiere of the season where is it Nate and Mick who find and reunite the rest of the legends.

Anywho, this is just a theory that will probably not be true. But it’s fun to speculate.

Also. #mickrorydeservesbetter… and a hug. Or a billion. I mean, he hears his parents with the spear for christ sakes. Obviously that means he regrets what happened. And that if he could he would change it. Not such a psychopathic arsonist now is he??

Love to hear your thoughts??

Ten reasons that you might be a children’s TV character

1. Your gang consists of you, your sidekick, the brainy kid, the girl and the dog.
2. The birds are your friends. The trees are your friends. People you have just met are your friends. In fact everyone is your friend apart from possibly people who are bad but they are a little bit your friends too not that either of you will ever admit it.
3. You had a great conversation with an otter the other day while both of you were waiting for the bus. Neither of you were even slightly surprised by this. The bus driver was a horse and was almost certainly not able to safely operate a bus but this was not what your conversation was about and you were not worried by it.
4. Vegetables are so amazing. Put some carrots and peas on a bit of pasta and you are in food heaven. You have laughed with joy at a salad and you are not ashamed to say so.
5. You have an absolutely massively gimungously huge head. Probably most of your internal organs are up in there somewhere because they sure aren’t in your tiny little body.
6. There is nothing you love better than pausing your games to emit a relevant scientific fact.
7. You are not disturbed by non-stop fun, endless summer days or laughter that never ends. In fact there has not been a second of darkness around here since 1985 and the laughter is indeed always audible in the distance like the rumble of an approaching thunderstorm and you are just fine with that thanks.
8. You have sweet, humble presents at Christmas but the best present comes a few months before Christmas, when you get a whole new shiny house or vehicle in a style easily reproducible in an array of attractively-coloured plastics.
9. It is possible to change genders in your world by plucking your eyelashes.
10. You think that you might be a deep and meaningful metaphor about death or something but you are actually just about getting to sleep at a sensible hour.