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I LITERALLY SAW ONE OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS FALL INTO THIS!!! we were talking about Jack and she said "I don't like his girlfriend" and I was like oh okay I don't really either I don't like what she's said before like I don't hate her but whatever and I said "why" and she said "because she's dating Jack, he should be with Finn" and I'm like UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


We dubbed the Non Stop Debate!

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When will amer*ca stop casting non-Asian pple for characters that are supposed to be Asian…. And then throwing in one actor who’s part Asian in the cast and thinking that that fixes their whitewashing of our movies 🤔

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Why is Caroline better for Klaus than Cami? ;)

Well, considering how torqued up so many people seem to be about Klamille in the last few days this seems like the right time to respond to this question. Honestly I avoided it for a while because the answer seems obvious to me, but I guess seeing as Klamille seems to be taking a front seat in the TO narrative for the first time in a long time I guess it’s worth it to examine why the imitation Klaroline fails to live up to it’s predecessor, and more importantly why Klamille has and will continue to fail to find any traction with the audience. So, here’s the abbreviated overview of why Caroline works for Klaus in ways that Cami doesn’t. 

1. Because Caroline is an actual person. Okay, I know that Caroline isn’t an actual person in the literal sense. She is however a fully formed and developed character who existed independently long before Klaus came into her life and continues to exist now that he’s gone. And I know that my opinion that Cami could still work as a character isn’t one that’s shared by the majority of the fandom, but I do have to sadly agree with the majority on one thing. Despite whatever potential she may have in the future, as of now Cami is not a character. She is a prop, a satellite to Klaus, and her entire purpose in the TO narrative is to serve Klaus’ interests. And ironically that’s one of the things killing Klamille and hurting both characters individually, Cami isn’t good for Klaus because she brings no new dimension to his character and she offers no comparison or contrast to him because she’s simply there for his sake as a character. Caroline is better for Klaus than Cami is because she isn’t just a sounding board that exists for Klaus’ benefit.

2. Because Klaus doesn’t need to be babied. I mean, I don’t know what’s so difficult for certain writers to grasp about this, but Klaus really doesn’t need people falling all over him to soothe his manpain. In fact, one of the biggest reasons Klaus is such a monstrous narcissistic freak is because he has built his entire world around his own wants and whims, regardless of the consequences for others. The idea that someone fawning over him like it’s their job would somehow lead Klaus to some great revelation or character development is insane, because it’s exactly what he’s had for his entire life and quite frankly it’s just common sense that no person is going to develop in an echo chamber (which is basically what Cami is to him at this point). What makes Caroline such a relevant and important character in Klaus’ overall development is that SHE FORCES HIM TO ACTUALLY DEVELOP. She doesn’t treat him like a poor wounded animal who’s just lashing out because he’s in pain, she treats him like a person who is responsible and culpable for his own choices. THIS is what Klaus needs in order to develop, he needs to be forced to not only make his own decisions, but to take responsibility for those decisions. 

3. Because Klaus is not a good person. This is obviously tangentially related to my last point, but yeah, Cami’s unwavering faith in humanity and Klaus in particular is fucking insane. Not only is it completely baseless because Cami has pretty much zero reason to believe that Klaus is a good person, but by constantly putting her faith in Klaus’ underlying goodness she’s alleviating him of a metric fuckton of responsibility for the abhorrent behavior HE CHOOSES TO ENGAGE IN. Klaus has chosen to do a lot of really horrible things, so for anyone let alone a HUMAN WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUPERNATURAL UNTIL A FEW MONTHS AGO to be dealing with a millennium old serial killer on any kind of woobifying level is legit batshit insane. One of my huge problems with comparisons like Klaroline vs. Klamille is that so many people resort to the “well Caroline treats Klaus like he’s a horrible person”. ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REALSIES RIGHT NOW? Klaus IS a fucking horrible person, and guess what, if you meet Ted Bundy irl weeping over what a horrendous childhood he had or how misunderstood he is by everyone around him is fucking nuts. And yes we’re dealing with a supernatural world, but Cami is a human who lived outside of that supernatural world for the vast majority of her life, so her reaction to Klaus is completely batshit crazy. Caroline’s reaction is the normal reaction, and it’s the kind of treatment that Klaus has earned. 

4. Because a relationship shouldn’t be easy for Klaus. As I said, Klaus is a terrible person. He made that bed, and now he has to lie in it. He shouldn’t be able to find a pretty young girl that strikes his fancy and just expect her to fall at his feet swooning. On that principle alone Cami is a horrible choice for him, and the fact that Caroline refused to budge on her own rules and decisions even though she had a connection with Klaus makes her the obvious choice in that context. 

5. Because Klaus would never reasonably become emotionally invested in a relationship like Klamille. Klaus, well at least TVD!Klaus, was an incredibly intelligent and manipulative character. Klaus knew what kind of a person he was and knew how others saw him, and honestly he would just never become emotionally involved with someone like Cami because he’d know that she was naive enough to believe his manipulations and wasn’t really capable of seeing the real him. One of the reasons I’ve always thought Klaus was drawn to Caroline was because that she didn’t see him as either a wounded bird or as the evil mastermind, she’s really one of the only people to grasp the complexity that is Klaus and see every facet of the person he is and chooses to be, and that’s really the only kind of relationship Klaus could ever have with anyone. He could never love someone that he thought couldn’t or wouldn’t see who he is.

6. Because Caroline develops Klaus’ character while Cami just explains it. And this is really a big problem with Cami in general, but it’s an exceptional problem when it comes to Klaus because A. he’s the lead of the show and B. because Cami’s entire purpose in the TO narrative revolves around Klaus. But really, the writers have created the most epic cheat of all time with Cami, because they use her “psychological expertise” to just explain whatever it is the other characters are thinking and feeling. That’s some pretty lazy writing and it’s pretty boring to watch, especially when it comes to the lead of the show. When Klaus interacted with Caroline it always felt like we were discovering some undiscovered facet of Klaus as a character, or better yet we were watching Klaus be confronted with a difficult choice he’d never faced before and watching his character develop before our eyes. With Klamille we’re just watching someone explain how Klaus is feeling, there’s nothing challenging or new about it and it feels like we’re just being spoon-fed information (not to mention the fact that there’s no development actually happening and we’re just being told what to think makes it much harder to believe in TO!Klaus as a character).

7. Because they’re a horrible example to set for the audience. Okay, obviously this doesn’t have a lot to do with Klaus, but Jesus, maybe let’s not idealize a relationship where a woman’s life revolve completely around a random douchebag that isn’t even her boyfriend and act like this is the pinnacle of romance.

8. Because they’re miserable to watch. Again, not exactly having to do with Klaus, but mother of god how could I not include it in the list. They stare at each other, they cry, they pretentiously wax poetic about each other and themselves, they cry, they talk about their families, they cry, they talk about babies, they cry, they faux threaten each other, they cry. They never do anything remotely interesting with each other and while I don’t expect Klaus to be Captain Sunshine by a long shot I really don’t understand why the writers think these two emo nutjobs staring at each other with faces like smacked asses would be compelling television. And a lot of people give Caroline a lot of shit for being “shallow” because she dares to smile on a regular basis, but really, Klaus could use a little pleasantness in his life, especially since TO!Klaus is basically the saddest living being on planet earth. Also it doesn’t suck for the audience to not be assaulted non-stop with the whiniest cast of depressive weirdo characters in the history of fiction. 

today at work a lady who was waiting for her friend to get food gave me this funny look and was like “I thought you guys played christian music in here!”

we did once play exclusively praise music, but my boss made the executive decision to shuffle in some secular stuff on pandora, and I told her as much (without mentioning that I was pretty glad of the change b/c non-stop casting crowns gets pretty monotonous after eight hours).

to which she replied, with this almost too-wide smile on her face, “right, because this is not a christian song!  the devil is in the airwaves and if you let him get in here he’ll just keep going!  I’m serious!  he’s there!”

I was sort of befuddled and taken aback so all I could manage to say was a sort of weak ha-ha-what kind of “okay?!”

and then she was gone and I was left with jason mraz’s I’m yours of all songs playing on the speakers.  ah, yes.  the devil.

(this post is not made with the intention of bashing christians as a whole, it was just this weird, surreal experience I wanted to share. @v@ most of the people who come through the cafe are pretty chill.)

if you’re white, recognize that you have pretty much the entire musical theatre repertoire open to you and that roles exclusively for poc are hard to come by. stop trying to make a case for white people to be cast in roles that are meant for poc. stop trying to make the conversation about you.

Flawless Queen ↪ Lupita Nyong’o

“I had relaxed hair and it was up until my shoulders and I’d go to the salon every week to have it curled or retouched. And I dyed my hair green and blue and maroon and you name it. Two things happened, I got fed up of going to the salon. I just wanted less time grooming so I could get more stuff done. And then also I realized if I continued messing up with my hair I would be completely bald by the age of forty. So I just shaved it all off and I was completely a skinhead. And it was so liberating. And I discovered the shape of my head wasn’t so bad. And so I grew my hair a little and ever since then I just don’t the patience to grow it again. But I do enjoy wearing a wig from time to time in the privacy of my house.

Bollywood needs to stop casting non-South Asian actors for South Asian roles. Like I seriously dgaf if Amy Jackson is pretty (which she is, don’t get me wrong), but casting her, a white girl, in a brown girl role??? Like

1) there are many many many beautiful brown girls and handsome brown boys in the world why you gotta stick with the whities
2) if you want to cast someone from out of the South Asia region YOU CAN STILL FIND BEAUTIFUL BROWN PEOPLE LEGIT EVERYWHERE