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Et non je ne fais pas de sport, et non je ne suis pas comme les nanas sur les photos des magazines, et non j'adore le fromage et la charcuterie et le Nutella et les trucs gras, et non c'est pas parce que je travaille au McDo que je vais arrêter d'aller y manger, et non je ne suis pas parfaite mais je suis bien comme ça alors

✩✩✩ Fuck you ✩✩✩

Sai una cosa? Alcune volte bisogna mandare tutto a fanculo.
Fanculo lui.
Fanculo la scuola.
Fanculo lo sport.
Fanculo la dieta.
Fanculo gli “amici”.
Fanculo tutto.
Sono stanca. Davvero stanca. Dovete solo lasciarmi in pace.
Voglio andare via.
Dicono che è perchè sono una donna che non posso camminare da sola la notte per strada.
Sono una donna e mi dicono sempre di fare attenzione a cosa versano nei drink in discoteca. Dicono che sono una donna , per questo non posso mangiare troppo o troppo poco e vestirmi come mi pare. Gonna corta :puttana, lunga: ce l’ha di legno .
E non posso dire “no” perchè non può non piacermi andare a letto con qualcuno.
Dicono che sono una donna quindi ho fatto cose che non si possono ripetere ad alta voce per un lavoro e se le ripetessi risulterei cafona. Sono una donna ed è solo per questo che non posso aver guardato i film che ha visto il mio compagno di banco perché non sono adatti.
Sono una donna,affermano, e non posso non occuparmi della casa;se lavoro devo fare il doppio per avere lo stesso stipendio del mio collega. Sono una donna, continuano, e non posso non avere un uomo fisso perché è immorale, non posso fare lo sport che più mi piace perché è da maschi e la laurea me la compro con due servizi al professore.
Sono una donnadicevo, ed ho una dignità, un pensiero e un’ideale.
Sono una donna, sono libera e sono mia.
Ho una vita, avrò un lavoro e una casa dignitosa.
Sarò assunta per i miei meriti, per ciò che so e che ho studiato.
Sono una donna e se me ne vado in giro con un vestito corto il problema è del tuo autocontrollo e della tua sconsideratezza, non mio.
Sono una donna e se dico di “no” tu togli le mani altrimenti te le trovi in manette.
Sono una donna e valgo che abbia un uomo accanto o meno.
Non è lui che mi sfama, che ha né il diritto nè il dovere di proteggermi o dettare leggi sulla mia vita. Sono una donna e cammino a testa alta sperando che un giorno i miei diritti siano gli stessi degli uomini e i miei comportamenti siano valutati allo stesso modo dalla società e da chi mi sta intorno.
Sono una donna e voglio che quelle che verranno dopo di me non siano giudicate se non per qualcosa che hanno scelto di essere.”
—  About a moonlight
The Eurovision Crash Course.

Made by an American for other Americans.

So if you have European internet friend or follow blogs run by Europeans, chances are you’ll be come across a lot posts about Eurovision

But what exactly is Eurovision?

I’m sure you’ve already gotten a lot of sarcastic answers, so here’s a quick free crash course in this crazy cultural phenomenon.

It’s a super hardcore song contest that began in 1956 as a way to unite Europe. It began with about seven countries back when TV was just starting to become a thing. It has since expanded to included most of Europe and a number neighboring countries.

Oh, and as of 2015, Australia is one of the contestants too. And it’s one of the most widely watched non-sporting events ever. But never ask a European why America hasn’t been invited. There’s a fairly high chance they’d rather die than have us there to ruin it.

Okay, that’s cool and all, but how exactly does it work?

So each country sends a representative, and people vote for the best. But you can’t vote for your own country. But I’m really not sure if people-voting even matters because each country has a jury that awards points to other countries, and it’s those points that determine who wins Eurovision. Most points wins.

That’s why things can get political, even though it’s not supposed to and Eurovision was founded on the idea of unity. And why it’s possible for song to win the public televote but not the actual contest.

Now! For video examples!

The 10 most recent winners of the Eurovision Song Contest (2007 - 2016)

  • Pretty self-explanatory. Gives an adequate beginner’s taste of Eurovision performances in general. Showcases genre variety, goofiness, and a poop ton of confetti.

The Story of ESC

  • Again, pretty self-explanatory. It’s literally just learning about Eurovision: theatrical music-number style!

How to create the perfect Eurovision Performance | Tutorial

  • A bit of a satirical piece. Fun fact: every goofy thing you see on stage is a reference to an actual performance
  • And yes, the main people singing are the same singers as the other video.
  • Important references that the song makes are linked below for your convenience.

The main guy singing won for Sweden in 2015. His performance also includes dancing with cartoons!

The violin guy won for Norway in 2009. He has one of the highest final scores in Eurovision history. He’s also super talented and I love him.

The people in demon costumes won for Finland in 2006. Their song was literally called “Hard Rock Hallelujah.”

Austria set a piano on fire in 2015. And then just left it there. (It starts burning about two minutes into the song.)

Grandmas baking bread. Believe it or not, they got second!

Russia had an famous gold-medalist ice skater onstage in 2008.

And yes, that is a hamster wheel.

…you get the point. If I keep going, this list would carry on forever.

Also! Some of my personal favorites:

Again, I could go on forever, but…you know. Although, if you want more song recommendations, feel free to message me!

(Also, if you’re European and reading this, please don’t kill me. Instead, tell me how I did? And feel free to link your favorite entries too!)

anonymous asked:

Hi! 😊 first thing I wanted to say was I think its amazing how many people you've helped with this blog and that I think you're amazing 😊 secondly, I just wanted to know if you know how to safely bind with sports bras or just bind in general when you're bigger chested? I've tried binding today and I don't really know if uts the best way too so I wanted to ask to see, thank you in advance and for everything you do!! 😊

Honestly I’ve had a lot of success with Victoria Secret’s sports bras and high impact under armor sports bras they bind great and I have a C size chest.

Here is a link on binding with a bigger chest. Also @flavntstreetwear makes great binders for bigger chested people.


Che poi a me
non piace nemmeno lo sport,
ma se tu mi invitassi
a vederti giocare
mi troveresti tra gli spalti
a gridare il tuo nome.

Straight White Boy Problem #938

*soccer bro is walking towards me*

me: suh dude

bro: Suhhh dude!! *comes in for a high five*

Me: *high fives my bro*

Bro: *high fives me and then slaps my ass*

Me: *disturbed bc my bro slapped my ass in a NON sports setting* wha-

Bro: hahahahaha suh dude?!?!

Me: ……bro

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A friend helped me get my first binder last Christmas and I love it so much! Gc2b even! But it's my only one so far and I want it to last. This question is probably a bit different from the usual about binders, but for days I can't bind/need to swap, I want to get a few sports bras for comfort and support. How do I measure myself for that? Does anyone have brand recommendations?

Absolutely. I really like Victoria Secret’s, honestly I would just grab a few and try them on, if you feel comfortable allowing one of the girls to measure you then you can do that


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Do you have any particular opinion on Boston Terriers? And also, what breeds did they come from? I've heard that they weren't really bred for any purpose. I didn't even know that happened, I thought all breed were bred with specific purposes in mind.

They sure are energetic little dogs! Boston Terriers go along with my bulldog post yesterday. Unfortunately, as a brachycephalic breed, they are prone to eye ulcers, breathing difficulties, and 90% need to be birthed via c-section.

Above, a Boston Terrier by Waldek Dąbrowski

They actually began as 40lb Olde Boston Bulldogges. They, like all other bully breeds in the past, were used for dog fighting. The Boston was a combination of the (now extinct) white English Terrier & the English Bulldog. 

Above, an Olde Boston Bulldogge by Sue Dumais

These guys had a stronger bulldog appearance, but were bred with French Bulldogs to size them down to the petite Boston Terriers we know today. Olde Boston Bulldogges continued to be bred separately, and can still be seen today.

Above, a Boston Terrier by Agata Bednarska

These puppers were recognized as the first US breed in 1893! They were also the first non-sporting breed to be bred in the US.

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hey! i have a small chest so i dont need to get a binder, but is there a way i could remove the padding from padded sport bras? (sorry if i didnt word this correctly)

I wouldn’t say it’s worth it, the way those things are sewed if were to cut it then it really wouldn’t hold together properly at the seams.


I was informed by an anon that some padded sports bras actually have small holes next to the straps that let you remove the pads.