non soshi

Honestly, if Jessica really did post that snapchat filter to shade Tiffany, YOU GO GIRL, ILY. Let’s be real here, none of those snakes stuck up for Jessica when she was kicked out of the group, and she’s suddenly non-existent to the Soshi members. The LEAST they could’ve done was not act like she died or something and disregard all the effort she put in to make SNSD what it is today. There would have been no SNSD without Jessica Jung.

Tiffany has lived in Korea for God knows how long, if she still hasn’t figured out how sensitive Koreans are to what happened with the Japanese, she’s another kind of dumb- but then again, she’s always been a little ditzy anyway, so I can’t really say I’m surprised.

But if sones want to drag Jessica for Tiffany’s stupidity, I will actually fight u -___-