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The Signs In And Out Of Love

Aries With Someone They Love : Caring and protective. They’re dominant, but not too dominant and pushy. They are always intense but in a nice and romantic/loving way. They crave physical touch, they want to hug you and hold your hand. They will initiate almost if not all conversations and ‘get-togethers’.

Aries With Someone They Don’t Love : Very impatient. They always are irritated and want you to finish what you’re doing so they can be alone. They don’t initiate anything, and respond quickly so you’ll leave. They’re very cold and unresponsive to you and your questions.

Taurus With Someone They Love : Taurus’ are known for their sensuality and romance. They’re very romantic and love to do everything with you. They’re innocent in a physical and emotional/mental way, meaning if they want to touch you, they probably just want to hug and/or cuddle. They’re always talking to you and really enjoy listening to music/singing with you.

Taurus With Someone They Don’t Love : They become very bland and/or 'ordinary’. They don’t want to talk to you, so they try to make themselves seem as boring as possible. They’ll pull away from you and may even sass you if you’re really bothering them. 

Gemini With Someone They Love : They’re really connected to that person. They’re very sociable, meaning that they’re always talking to you and wanting to hang out. They usually try and initiate things, considering their very extroverted personality. They end up telling everyone how amazing you are and how much they love you. They want to make a scene with you, not in a PDA way, but in a very romantic and close way.

Gemini With Someone They Don’t Love : They become very 'two-faced’. They’ll give you the silent treatment and sometimes even publicly embarrass you, while they tell everyone else why they’re mad at you. If you try and work it out with them, they usually don’t 'forgive and forget’, but much rather bitch you out. 

Cancer With Someone They Love : Cancers are very emotional about things, especially when it comes to romance. They can get very shy and 'closed-off’ around someone they love. They can become slightly flustered due to their feelings towards you. They may act either angry or upset, but they’re probably just unsure of how they should approach you. Be careful when it comes to Cancers, they’re very vulnerable and sensitive when it comes to love. 

Cancer With Someone They Don’t Love : Cancers are very in-touch with their emotions, but that doesn’t mean they’re always going to be nice about it. The usually get very agitated with you and then they begin to complain. They’ll critique everything you do and will usually yell at you. They will leave you for a while, due to them feeling overwhelmed. After a while, they will probably come back and give you another chance. Cancers often give people more chances than they deserve, but Cancers are also extremely harsh when angered. 

Leo With Someone They Love : Leos are very loyal and are one very romantic set of people. Leos will always try to talk to you and will be everything but shy. They’ll talk to you like they’ve known you their whole life. They will talk about their opinions on EVERYTHING and will be the sweetest thing to you. They will always want to be with you, and will always have a strong need for love. They will give you love, if you return it. 

Leo With Someone They Don’t Love : They become very sassy and very irrational. They will always appear angry and if they really don’t want to be around you, they’ll just tell you off. They will be bitchy, but at least they’ll be upfront and honest with you.

Virgo With Someone They Love : Virgos are nothing but shy and anxious around the people they love; meaning they’ll either be silent when in a conversation with you, or they’ll be mumbling and rambling about random things due to their nervous nature. They’ll be the best listeners and will only want to get to know you. So they’ll want to talk to you, but in a private way, meaning one-on-one.  

Virgos With Someone They Don’t Love : Virgos will become very quiet. They won’t respond when addressed and they’ll even pretend they didn’t hear you, so they don’t have to talk. They’ll ignore you, but not give you a 'silent treatment’, they’ll just be too nervous and/or upset to talk to you. 

Libra With Someone They Love : They’re natural flirts and nothing but romantics. Libras will always put you first, they’ll ask about you and your opinions on everything. They want to get to know you before they decide whether they should go after you or not. They’ll always look at you, and will talk about how wonderful you are to others. 

Libra With Someone They Don’t Love : They will become very quiet, sort of like Virgos, except they’ll be more honest about everything. Libras aren’t as nervous as Virgos, making them not talk to you simply because they don’t want to. They’ll put all conversations, ideas, etc. on your part, making it a one-sided relationship. 

Scorpio With Someone They Love : Scorpios are very intense, making their romantic intentions that much more intense. They’ll give everything up for you, they’ll tell you everything, and they won’t hesitate to tell you what they want. They’re very honest, making it nearly impossible to receive mixed signals from a Scorpio. They’ll tell you how much they love you every day and always talk to you non-stop. They can become a tad 'codependent’ for a little bit, but they do have only good intentions (most of the time).

Scorpio With Someone They Don’t Love : Scorpios are one of the most honest people alive, so they’ll tell you if something’s wrong. They’ll also start ignoring you, always critique you, and tell people things they don’t like about you. They will be very honest about doing all of these things, and will probably either tell you everything, or let you overhear it all. 

Sagittarius With Someone They Love : They are still pretty realistic and pessimistic, but the edge is taken off. They become very down-to-earth and seem much calmer than usual. They smile a lot more around you, and usually want to talk to you. They want you to want them, but sometimes get irritated over the whole situation, which might make them seem angry at you, even though they’re not.

Sagittarius With Someone They Don’t Love : They are nothing but bitchy, honest, sassy, and cold towards you. They’ll tell you straight up that they don’t like you and that they don’t want you. That’ll proceed with about ten sarcastic comments and the sass of a thousand suns. 

Capricorn With Someone They Love : They can become just as shy as Virgos, but usually just seem non-sociable. Instead of coming off as anxious, they’ll come off as cold and/or rude, but they aren’t. Once the fall, they can become very awkward from time-to-time, but will usually end up initiating something. They’ll play it cool but will always either talk to you or get close to you. They’ll look and glance at you a lot, and will smile whenever you’re around them.

Capricorn With Someone They Don’t Love : Capricorns can either become a Virgo, a Libra, or a Sagittarius. There’s no in-between. 

Aquarius With Someone They Love : An Aquarius will become very shy and talkative at the same time. They’ll be very shy at first, but will become a very 'extroverted’ individual once you become close with them. They will ask you questions about everything and will have nothing but pure curiosity and adoration for you. They’ll show their love in a more 'toned-down’ way. Usually they show their love by telling jokes and/or stories they know you love.

Aquarius With Someone They Don’t Love : They become indifferent. They are very indecisive around you. One day they may seem to be your best friend, but the next day they might ignore you and argue with you about everything. They won’t be very honest, as they don’t know how to talk about their feelings easily, so they’ll probably ignore you and/or give you the 'death stare’. 

Pisces With Someone They Love : They’re very romantic. They’ll do anything to please you, and they’ll always be nice to you. They will compliment you and always talk to you. They may seem quiet at sometimes, but are very talkative. they will always try to find a way to talk to you and/or be around you. The can be very sensual when they feel like it, and will always grab you and hold you (in a cute way, not intensely and/or negative way).

Pisces With Someone They Don’t Love : They’re also very honest, and open about how they feel. If something’s wrong, they’ll let you know. They can get irritated when you forget important events and/or if they feel like you’re not being truthful about something. Pisces are not ones to hold grudges, but they do have very strict boundaries, much like Virgos. 

On the outside, I am quiet and non-sociable.
On the inside, at the end of the day, I go bed
knowing I harbor some of the most nefariously
wicked skeletons. And this evening, I am terribly tired.
—  Norman G. Walter
Arranged Marriage AU

Does anyone still like these AU’s?

Ok, so we know how animals evolved from a certain point in their history and rose above their primal instincts and from what we could see in the movie that was in the ‘ancient civilization’ times and whatnot, that means that they had to go through many periods like the biblical times, the medieval times, Victorian eras all the way to the modern days, and from what we can see in the movie Zootopia, despite claiming to be a city “were anyone can be anything”, there was definitely some prejudice still going on so how about an Au that is set in a medival era where basically all of the mammals are separated by kingdoms, but not just predator and prey.

The kingdoms are separated by types of animals, so a kingdom for large animals (elephants, rhinos, buffalos), one for rodents (mice, rats, hamsters), another one of mammals that live on trees, etc.

So as there has always been in any era in history, there is mistrust, wars, invasions, etc. Due to the recent invasion by the feline kingdom (lions, tigers, wildcats, etc.) into other kingdoms King Stu and Queen Bonnie of the Hopps monarchy begin to grow worried that their mostly-bunny-and-other-small-mammals-like-sheep-and-squirrels dominated kingdom might not hold up against these invasions so after careful thought and consideration they decide to seek out the help of King John and Queen Alice of the Wilde monarchy. They rule over what is a usually very very mistrusted and non-sociable kingdom due to the large population of foxes, weasels and other such animals that are usually seen as cunning, sly and manipulative.

Although their not-so-good reputation, the Hopps’s know that the Wilde’s kingdom can provide more stability in their system and protection from the Felines, seeing as they are great strategists and amazing traders. Plus they can achieve a mutually beneficial relationship since the bunny kingdom can provide a more stable food supply (especially during the winter where many kingdoms struggle with food shortage), architecture (they have to be good at building things since they have many kids and the size of the houses must be pretty big), and even some hidden mines of gold/jewels/silver and whatnot.

So after meeting with the foxes in their castle (as a sign of humbleness and trust) King and Queen Wilde agree and suggest that the best way of uniting their kingdoms is through the marriage of 17 year old Judy (the oldest non-married lady of the house) and 23 year old Nick (The only heir to the throne who surprisingly still hadn’t gotten married (his father wasn’t dying yet so he had time)).

When both couples reveal the news to their children Judy is calm and collected and 'for the sake of my people I will do whatever it takes’ but she’s having an internal breakdown, even if she did sort of expected this she never thought it would be a fox, the animal her parents and everyone around her warned her about even if she didn’t completely buy it. Meanwhile Nick merely raises an eyebrow and accepts even if he is quite curious on how the hell this happened but hey, this could be fun.

Many people protest (mainly in the Hopps’s kingdom) but eventually have to accept that this is the best for everyone unless they want to be slaves to huge cats who can get very violent. Both groom and bride meet but only very briefly, they don’t really get to know each other.  The wedding happens and it’s very beautiful, aesthetic wise.

The atmosphere on the other hand is a mix between indifference, anxiousness and of course the tension could be cut with a knife.

Nick and Judy’s relationship starts to develop and at first it’s very rocky having been raised different ways, in different environments, having different methods of strategy, government management, foreign relations and whatnot but as time goes by, they slowly start to care for each other and love may even begin to blossom.

So this can go one of two ways:

1. They fall in love, adopt a/some heir/heirs put a stop the feline kingdom’s invasions and they work towards becoming one country as a whole and Zootopia is born.


2. A surge of extremist groups begin to arise protesting against the newlywed couple and on the official coronation of them becoming the new king and queen one of them nearly get assassinated so they have to deal with 2 major problems now and one minute they are laughing and kissing and the next they are watching their closest advisor/bodyguard/friend Emmet Otterton (or Finnick) slowly die in front of them due to taking a sip of a poisonous wine that was meant for Nick or for Judy. And it would be a whole “We’ll be ok” kind of ending.

Idk just popped in my head. 

Edit: I am actually planning on making a fan fiction about this so like if you are interested in becoming a beta reader or contributing/helping me write this, I would be grateful :) Also if you have a better name for Nick’s mother and father or why he hasn’t gotten married at the age of 23 it would be very (very) much appreciated.