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Chris cancelled HVFF alongside Melissa. This is sad and appalling and I can’t help but think that this maybe because of all the hate he has been getting by the patrons of a non-existent ship. These antis decided it was okay to spread so much hate that it deprived the people who actually liked the actors of a chance to meet them. Now, this may just be a speculation of what might have happened but my motive behind this post happens to be a question that I need to ask. 

To what extent will this hatred go? 

Especially after what happened at Manchester, I am heartbroken to see no end to this hate. Why do you or anyone wish to hate so much that it consumes you? What would you feel if you wake up one day and realize that all this hate consumed you so much that you forgot to love. Supercorp or Karaolsen or Kara&Winn or Karamel, we could have had it all. We could have enjoyed a bit of every ship without hating the others. I don’t think it is so difficult. It’s okay to fall in love with a ship that goes beyond the boundaries of obsession but giving in to hatred for others, how is it fair!

There’s also the fact that Christopher Wood, Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath among all the others are getting f**king paid for their work as their characters. They are employed and they are working! And you all are sitting before a computer or a mobile phone, spewing hatred…and not earning for it. Isn’t that funny? And silly? Alright, let’s not get that far! If Chris or Melissa decide to not attend any more conventions, who is it at loss? YOU will not be able to meet with the people you patronize, it will be YOUR LOSS. OUR LOSS. Not theirs. 

Just for the heck of it, can we try to mellow down with our hatred and just enjoy what we get! 40-minutes of nail-biting story about the Girl of Steel?

Fandoms are so weird wtf there is always so much drama even in EEnE, I don’t get it. I can kinda see it…I mean like the GF and I were all into some drama BS like 3 years ago and I regret it, ya live you learn. But now we are just like whatever and don’t give a crap what others do. News flash: If you are part of a fandom online no matter how big or small it is, no one has the responsibility of ruining it for you except yourself. So if you’re complaining about the fandom not being interesting because it became “all about the ships” then it’s your own damn fault for not making more non-ship content. My GF started making art because she didn’t see enough of eddeddy and now look at it. Her and a bunch of other talented people built it up, so what? It’s free, you ain’t paying. Stop complaining and hit the road.

i love my cophine, but i thought i’d make a list of some of my mostly non ship-related fics that i don’t think i ever advertised on tumblr. more after the cut!

Ipso Facto (Alison)

She’d heard about the incident with Helena and Kira and the car. Not outright from Sarah, but in passing from Felix, once. Alison’s heart aches at the thought of what Sarah must have gone through, and for Kira to have experienced it. But how exactly had such a small girl walked away with almost no injuries?

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hey listen, if you think crushes between straight kids are adorable and pure but you think it’s inappropriate to show the same type of puppy love between gay kids, you need to check yourself

Unpopular opinion:

Maybe part of the reason celebrities don’t like it when fans ship them with people that aren’t cannon or in gay ships is because that’s not how they’re trying to portray a character. Absolutely still write fanfiction and Fan art and stuff because that’s YOUR artistic interpretation of the characters. But asking the actors about it and being adamant that a relationship is real when it’s not is like telling a painter that their portrait of an apple actually looks like a banana. It’s just kind of rude and upsetting.

I just love those gay ships where...

They’re supposed to be rivals/enemies

And yet they actually care about one another

Person A is soft (for the most part)

While person B usually has their walls up…

they do however, put their guard down when person A is around

girl “friends”

Person A aggressively believes in person B and shows them the good they see

Person B then realizes what person A means and learns from it ! yes

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  • burr: after the war i went back to new york
  • hamilton: damn thats what i did too, how can i make it sound cooler???
  • hamilton: A-AFTER the war i went bACK to nEW York

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: ok, but for real, who IS Specs? I mean according to his canon lines in the show and most general headcanons based on the cliché “sweet lil glasses nerd” trope, he’s really considerate and loyal and softspoken. Like this boy saw that the paper price was up and decided “huh maybe I’ll save my manhattan buddies the trip and check out the journal. oh diddly darn cheese and crackers it’s hiked up over there too”. But in the tour version, he’s the one that breaks in and out of the Refuge to get Crutchie’s letter. NOT JACK, the escaped convict. The only person ever known to “beat” the Refuge. Not the legendary Jack Kelly. Oh no. Freakin Specs McSweetiepants straight up BREAKS IN AND OUT OF JAIL to deliver a LETTER to this distraught sack of wild-west-themed emo fuck. Like. How does he know how to do that?? What has my baby known?? And then remember Jack’s super duper top secret art that reveals his soft tender side that he doesn’t even show Crutchie during the prologue?? - NO. NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT HIS ANGSTY PICASSO SHIT EXCEPT THIS BRAINY SMURF-ASS MOTHERFUCKER who sells out scary big bro Jack for LITERALLY NOTHING. Like did Katherine even ask??? Or was Specs just being beyond petty like “bitch you think that’s bad you should see these scribbles he does while blasting mcr on the roof and getting a noise complaint its fuckin pathetic” AND JUST LEAKED ALL THIS GARBAGE LIKE THIS BITCH AINT LOYAL BY ANY MEANS HUFFLEPUFF MY ASS. WHO. THE FUCK. IS. SPECS.