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I think this is going to be my first non-Scandal post !?!?! ^^

Nickname(s): Rey

Birthday: May 2*th

Star sign: Gemini

Gender: Male

Height: 177 cm

Sexual Orientation: straight

Favourite Colour: Orenji and Mami’s Kagen no Tsuki/Departure Blue

Current Time: 7:50pm

Hours of Sleep: 5 or 6

Lucky Numbers: 21

Favorite Fiction Character: Goro Inogashira

Celebrity Crush: Rina Suzuki ♥

Favorite Famous Person: Mami Sasazaki

Favourite Book: Norwegian Wood

Favourite Band: SCANDAL

Last Movie I Saw: M:I-5

Dream Trip: Japan & Iceland

Dream Job: SCANDAL roadie

Obsessions: SCANDAL band

Currently Wearing: just a t-shirt and shorts

Bonus: I’m a figma collector :)

aaand that’s a wrap !

I’m tagging needmydailyanimeandjpop therainleavesascar mattelka oneokraf @aizaibela scandalinthehouse girls-be-scandalous4 jpopidolfan @ono-sasazaki scandaltenshi aaand all my followers who are interested in doing this :)