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jonfootp3nis  asked:

When it comes to an individual right and public good. Where is the line drawn. Do we wait for times to adapt, or say rights out weigh the so called common good. Like, breastfeeding In public past usual ages, transgender bathrooms, and other things that keep coming up. In a society is it not reasonable to say in your own privately owned space do whatever, but in public respect the rule of the majority? This is kind of vague, just wondering your overall view.

I love questions like this, It’s going to be a long post.  Essentially my view boils down to allowing individuals to make their own choices on their own property. So for things like transgender bathrooms, it’s whatever the owner of that property decides. Breastfeeding isn’t really a public good, I think you’re confusing the term.

The following is basically me explaining what a public good really is and why government is shit and why socialism will always fail.

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