non representational art


a comic about growing up a queer filipino artist in america

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trans art project

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1. if you are transgender/genderqueer/non binary/ anything other than cis

2. if you are okay with me drawing you for an art project/artwork

3. with your selfie tag

4.with any phrase/text you want included that speaks to you as a person, your identity ,combats hate or literally anything else at all

i’m still planning on working with the people that messaged me from the last post i made but this is for a smaller side project that will be a collage of people’s portraits and a single phrase they choose to go with it. it would really help me out! 💜

pages 345 b and 346 - I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking about myself, about who I am and who I was, but still haven’t gotten further than remembering wearing zippers, and am therefore not Amish.

I have also been thinking this is a decent representation of non-linear time.

once again using you guys for art

okay this is for the same project but i want to have text from trans/genderqueer/nonbinary people’s experiences or something. if you are okay with me using some text from your posts or have any experiences, stories or anything else you want to share or literally about anything at all like or reblog this, or feel free to message me. if there is a specific post you are okay with me using let me know in the tags. 💜