non renner

Bucky: Did you forget something?

Clint: Yeah, my balls.

[Bucky and Steve laugh]

Clint: Were you guys just talking about me?

Bucky: That’s a little paranoid, don’t you think? I mean our whole world doesn’t revolve around you.

Steve: It revolves around Tony.

Tony: That’s a fact.

[At Bucky’s birthday he opened Tony’s gift of a beautiful expensive photo album and tracked down all his old family photos]

Steve: Oh, it’s so pretty. This must have cost him a fortune.
Bucky: I can’t believe he did this. 

Clint: Come on, Stark? Remember back when he fell in love with Pepper and bought her that ridiculously expensive crystal vase? 

[Everyone looks at Clint. He realizes he just spilled the beans about Tony’s crush on Bucky]

Bucky: [Bucky looks stunned] What did you just say? 

Clint: [panicked] Ahem… um… Crystal vase. 

Bucky: No, no, no… the, um, the… ‘love’ part? 

Clint: [stuttering incoherently] F-hah… flennin… 

Bucky: [Stunned, his interactions with Tony clicking into place] Oh… my God. 

Clint: [rubbing his temples] Oh, no no no no no…

Sam: [pats Clint on the leg] That’s good, just keep rubbing your head. That’ll turn back time. 

Coulson: All right, why don’t we open it up to Q&A from the audience?

Tony: (voice) Yeah, I have a question. Is there anybody who can get me the hell out of here and back to New York tonight?

Logan: (voice) I’m driving back to New York tonight.

Clint: Um, Tony, that’s Logan. Logan, that’s Tony.

[Both Bucky and Steve shake their head in horror]

Bucky: No!