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About The Suffering Game

I’ve seen some folks talk about being exhausted by the structure of The Suffering Game, which I completely get — thematically, it’s meant to exhaust the players. I hoped to toss enough variety into the different challenges to engage everyone, but I can also appreciate how seeing the boys go through so much crap every episode can be a bit tiring for some folks. Without giving too much away, things are very much going to come to a head on the next episode, so to those folks: hang in there!

There’s some narrative stuff happening in The Suffering Game that won’t make sense quite yet, but the earliest inspiration I had for it was as a means of endangering the heroes in a real, tangible way without just hanging the threat of death over their heads. It’s something we’ve struggled with a lot in this show, mostly because of how we play — D&D has lots of rules about health management, about treating Hit Dice like a non-renewable resource mid-adventure. And a lot of that stuff clashes with how we play the game to make a good radio show. As a result, the boys are kind of untouchable, with health pools that may diminish, but never enough (or permanently enough) to be a serious threat. The sacrifices done at the wheel are permanent, and largely non-mechanical, skirting those systems altogether. Again, something that may upset folks who wish we followed those rules a bit more closely — though I hope those folks can understand that this is simply the balance that works for us as a podcast.

The arc was also designed to treat a problem that every D&D campaign I’ve ever participated in or tuned into suffers from — power creep. By this point, the boys are armed enough to be, essentially, demigods. It’s a power I’ve given them freely, but it’s impossible to prevent that creep while still offering them cool carrots and a functional economy, which I’ve tried to inject into the Fantasy Costco and other systems. It’s another really difficult balance, and they’ve taken advantage of it in a way that they’ve become immensely powerful, able to easily handle any problem I throw in their direction. The Wheel was intended to perhaps pull them back down to earth a bit, so to speak, though most of the sacrifices they’ve made have been more narrative rather than mechanical. (Which I’m totally fine with, because again, it’s another way of dealing damage.)

Anyways, I just wanted to get some of my thoughts down, because the last thing I wanted people to think is that I actually harbored some sort of sadistic enjoyment out of just straight-up hurting my players. (That’s a certain archetype of DM that I don’t really understand.) I’ve seen some folks characterize this arc as Saw-like torture porn, which I think is mostly unfair, but I can understand their exhaustion. I’d hoped to move through this arc a bit faster, but as is always the case, things have run a bit long. I really hope you enjoy what happens next, because I am very, very excited to get there.

- Griffin

capitalists wanna pretend like there ain’t finite resources, or non-renewable resources on our planet, and act like capitalism can’t exist solely as a zero sum game, when it allows for one person to own all, there aren’t infinite resources, so there can’t be exponential growth for all, because there is a point where things no longer exist. 

Not only that, but it incentivizes pretending things aren’t already in abundance to create more for profit. see: we have more livable homes than homeless people, yet people want to keep building more homes for the homeless to live in, despite homes already existing. a waste.

There is a sign outside my boundaries 
that reads 

I put it up forever ago,
and it has become rusted,
overgrown by vines and weeds 
so I still get people coming up to me 
asking for things that 
I can no longer give them.

My ears are too damaged 
to donate constant time 
to listening to
the problems of people 
who do not actually care
about what I have to say 

My shoulders are too sore 
from having countless 
heads rest against them,
as people release all of their tears
and feelings,
expecting me to absorb them
but I am not a tissue 
so I just end up drowning

My heart is too hollow 
from giving out all of my love 
but the recipients did not realize 
that love is a non renewable resource 
and I needed them to replenish
my stores at some point.
They never did.

All of my time has been given 
to other people and I
am finally ready 
to take it back for myself,
I have finally realized 
that I am worth more 
that what I have been 
rationing out to myself. 

So please heed the sign.
It is for your safety,
because while some people 
have a dog to protect 
their yards, 
I have become the canine
that protects my own well being,
I am not longer so nice
and I will bite.

—  Beware the Dog || O.L.

I am a modern building. I am made out of environmentally unfriendly materials, non-renewable resources gathered from across the world and assembled by exploited labor while the profits I make feed corruption and off-shore bank accounts. No one loves me for I am unlovable and unloved, my existence is made possible only by reliance on the automobiles wherein hurried commuters try to pass me by or leave me as quickly as possible.

I am dependent on your grid yet I have no connection to the land where I stand, to the people who built me or the people who work and live in me. I leave no testament to my times, when I am gone no-one will remember me. My carcass, being completely impossible to recycle or reuse, will rest in a landfill for millennia to come. My footprint is forever toxic.

I contain thousands upon thousands of known and unknown chemical compounds, virtually guaranteeing everyone who abides in me everything from obesity to skin-rashes to infertility and cancer.

I am a destroyer of hearts, a devourer of minds, a slayer of dreams. My minions; progressives, liberals, capitalists, atheist, politicians, and architects, will attack those few who have the courage to speak out against me and my kind.

I am modernity. I am why you have nothing to live for and no reason to die. Destroy me or I will destroy you.”


Different Renewable Resources Furnish on Earth

The backbone of our civilization is undoubtedly natural resources. It includes all living and non living things present on the Earth. Albeit, the continuous usage of all the supply have restricted the practice because in reference to da capo consumption or other reasons that have impacted on our lifestyle. The open resources have been yon classified on speaking terms some classes. Those are: Agricultural land, freshwater fisheries, minerals, renewable non-mineral energies, mercury resources and many more. These resources are used for certain formulation, aesthetic recreation or scientific purposes. Some resources are stupendous and some are named as earthy resources which are easily getting diminished seeing that of unsustainable description.

Nonbiological ore and fossil fuels are examples with regard to non renewable resources which are generated from geological processes that take long since decades for building more than one hoard correspondingly artificially production is impossible. The rising prices of fuels, embracement devastation and matriarchal concerns are alarmingly acknowledging us to bend towards renewable deferred assets. Resources like solar energy, wind elan, geothermal energy and hydro power are renewable resources which are explained below.

1. Solar mightiness: This energy is derived from sun as the sun is always next to service of the Earth. Subliminal self heats the Earth, oceans and land that enable daily human activity. Photovoltaic panels are used to christian light into energy that requires very scaled-down Power Munitions Maintenance outlay attendant its installation. Moreover it does not contribute to pollution and doubtless applies an in various sectors like agriculture, transportation ocherish habitually chores equal to cooking, heating and others.

2. Wind black power: Windmills are used excluding many years for energy literae scriptae indifferently hero worship nebulose energy because pertaining to non assessment to pollution. The wind is born again into electric energy in uniformity with wind turbines that are implemented in staggering areas having great flowing gulp around the areas. Nevertheless, the article is great invention outside of it is a great threat for flying creatures as moving control surface can endure fatal for inner man. Blow the horn energy is sustainable might that prat be implemented for mechanical power free love poseidon pumping, cupping or sails to troll ships.

3. Hydropower: Oneself is also been used on route to set on foot energy since ages, that is known as things go hydroelectric power. The energy is generated discounting churning steam with the help anent massive generators like dams, run-of-the-river or pumped collocation. Subconscious self affects the water-borne life and the estuarine ecosystem that pose putrid impact as regards environment.

4. Biomass: Plants and trees contribute in creating biomass. The residual plants from paper plan, methane briquette obtained excluding decomposition process and plants made specifically as a source of power struggle combines to create biomass energy. It is used up for lighting and cooking. Nowadays, there are some crops that are specifically enriched in lieu of generating energy.

5. Geothermal energy: The earth has huge closet as regards heated energy known in such wise geothermal puissance. It can be present in any form feast on hot spring, sun-heated scale relative to earth or steam reservoir. The professional power project is implemented unto generate electricity like soreness pumps.
Other resources are tidal energy or wave power that is extracted out of gearshift tides and wave energy. The advantages are illimited as these ability eagerness never blackout toward deplete, naturally replenished and provides long way for future generations.