non renewable resource

There is a sign outside my boundaries 
that reads 

I put it up forever ago,
and it has become rusted,
overgrown by vines and weeds 
so I still get people coming up to me 
asking for things that 
I can no longer give them.

My ears are too damaged 
to donate constant time 
to listening to
the problems of people 
who do not actually care
about what I have to say 

My shoulders are too sore 
from having countless 
heads rest against them,
as people release all of their tears
and feelings,
expecting me to absorb them
but I am not a tissue 
so I just end up drowning

My heart is too hollow 
from giving out all of my love 
but the recipients did not realize 
that love is a non renewable resource 
and I needed them to replenish
my stores at some point.
They never did.

All of my time has been given 
to other people and I
am finally ready 
to take it back for myself,
I have finally realized 
that I am worth more 
that what I have been 
rationing out to myself. 

So please heed the sign.
It is for your safety,
because while some people 
have a dog to protect 
their yards, 
I have become the canine
that protects my own well being,
I am not longer so nice
and I will bite.

—  Beware the Dog || O.L.

I am a modern building. I am made out of environmentally unfriendly materials, non-renewable resources gathered from across the world and assembled by exploited labor while the profits I make feed corruption and off-shore bank accounts. No one loves me for I am unlovable and unloved, my existence is made possible only by reliance on the automobiles wherein hurried commuters try to pass me by or leave me as quickly as possible.

I am dependent on your grid yet I have no connection to the land where I stand, to the people who built me or the people who work and live in me. I leave no testament to my times, when I am gone no-one will remember me. My carcass, being completely impossible to recycle or reuse, will rest in a landfill for millennia to come. My footprint is forever toxic.

I contain thousands upon thousands of known and unknown chemical compounds, virtually guaranteeing everyone who abides in me everything from obesity to skin-rashes to infertility and cancer.

I am a destroyer of hearts, a devourer of minds, a slayer of dreams. My minions; progressives, liberals, capitalists, atheist, politicians, and architects, will attack those few who have the courage to speak out against me and my kind.

I am modernity. I am why you have nothing to live for and no reason to die. Destroy me or I will destroy you.”