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Today in health care economics:

One of the psychiatrists in the hospital reads somewhere that, by slightly changing the way he writes his notes, it will get classified in a different “billing category” and the hospital will make twice as much money per patient seen. He tries this and it turns out to be true.

He gets very excited and tells all the other psychiatrists, who had never heard anything about this before. They briefly consider it, then decide that slightly changing the way they write their notes sounds hard, and their salary is unrelated to how much money the hospital makes off each patient. Nothing changes.

One would think that the hospital would either mandate this new type of note directly, or link the psychiatrists’ salaries to the amount of money the hospital gets per patient in order to incentivize changes like this. It doesn’t. One would think the hospital would at least have somebody come around and tell people that a slight change to the notes would make twice as much money, in case somebody wanted to act on it. They didn’t.

I’ve been told that it’s wrong to care too much whether a hospital is for-profit or non-profit. My hospital is non-profit, and I wonder if a for-profit handles this kind of thing differently.

For Your Consideration:

What if Snap Wexley had a cute Hubby That Maybe Looks Like Mohinder Suresh of Heroes (HTMLLMSOH, for short)? 

Like OKAY, here is my pitch. HTMLLMSOH (presumably he would have a different name) is like, an accomplished do-gooder space doctor. Out there. Saving orphans & inoculating space refugees & shit. GOOD STUFF. 

MEANWHILE. His space hubby Temmin “Snap” Wexley is off flying reconnaissance missions for the Resistance. MAYBE they met when Snap crashed his ship on some desolate planet where HTMLLMSOH was doing his do-gooder BS in the space equivalent of Doctors Without Borders. Anyway, HTMLLMSOH patched Snap up and they had a WHIRLWIND ROMANCE. Like I’m talking lots of BEARD BURN & TOUSLED CURLS, if you know what I mean, and I think you do, etc, etc., good times, great oldies. lots of very careful space sex is what i’m saying obvs

So they get married & do the long distance thing & Snap DESPAIRS as HTMLLMSOH keeps going off & putting himself in danger, helping sick people in far flung planets & non-profit hospital ships all over the galaxy; HTMLLMSOH is like, Temmin (no one but HTMLLMSOH can call him Temmin like are you kidding), you fly an X-wing, really fast, in search of enemy forces, stop being a condescending arse. They bicker a lot. HTMLLMSOH wears a shoulder bag & visits whatever Resistance Base Snap’s staying at that month. It works as well as it can which, at this point, is p well. #RelationshipGoals

Also like, in terms of a plot to explore, if you wanna throw some Finn/Poe in there, which I do: Snap and Poe are SUPER CLOSE. They have an X-WING SALUTE. Finn notices this. HOW CAN HE COMPETE? He doesn’t know the handshake. He is full of woe. He is UNAWARE of the fact that Snap Wexley is a happily married man, and he is so happily married, of course, because his husband is the one man in the ENTIRE GALAXY, perhaps, who is more beautiful than Poe Dameron:

So in conclusion, I am just saying, give this man a husband already:

also maybe a cute lil’ Force sensitive adopted daughter that they have to rescue & protect from things just saying no pressure


I want to dedicate this Tuesday to raising awareness for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Not only is this non-profit pediatric hospital working on ground breaking research, but they are providing care for our future. And giving incredible care and comfort to children who are going through tough times is something that inspires me so much. Find out the different ways you can give back here.