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The New York Project: History is Happening in New York.


The Tattoos of Lynn Gunn

Credit to whoever the original tattoo artists were - these are just non-profit replicated designs. The tattoos are:

Arrow on her left forearm
Lighning bolt 13 on her ankle
Pisces sign on her wrist
Pvris stylised ‘P’ behind her ear
Elemental ‘Earth’ triangle symbol on her thumb

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anonymous asked:

hey, do you know any studio that focuses on humanitarian architecture? Or do projects like the one in Djibouti from Urko Sanchez Architects?

Most large firms participate in some non-profit design work, but if you are looking for a firm or organization that is focus in this kind of work, here is a list of the ones I know about (but by no means a comprehensive list):

Images SOS Children’s Village In Djibouti Urko Sanchez Architects


A Clean Energy Future for North Carolina