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does anyone remember that one magical time when one of the non-replica Phantom productions put out a promotional pic from Masquerade where Christine happened to be standing in front of a chorus member whose gloves were the exact same color as her dress at just the right angle that it looked like she had arms jutting out of her boobs

good times

What no one tells you about being vegan: you’re going to fuck up sometimes.

You’re going to accidentally eat eggs.

You’re going to accidentally eat dairy.

You’re going to accidentally eat honey.

You’re probably not going to accidentally eat meat though, let’s be real. 

Edit: Yeah, I can see how you might also accidentally eat meat; I was thinking of large chunks of meat being easily avoided, but I can see from the notes on this post how someone could accidentally eat meat.

You can unintentionally eat a non-vegan food or use a non-vegan product and STILL BE VEGAN. Even if you’ve been vegan for years and years, you might still discover that you’ve eaten or used something an animal by-product. I used to admonish myself in the first few months of being vegan whenever I messed up and bought a non-vegan product, but years later, I still occasionally make a mistake and eat a non-vegan food without realizing until later.

Which is okay! I’m still vegan. I’m still doing my best to avoid the abuse of all animals, which is the literal definition of veganism – doing what you can! Not absolute perfection but doing your best.

✨✨My Vegan Hacks✨✨

(Disclaimer: This advice is coming from a 17 yo black girl living in a near food desert. Over the past 3 years and counting of being vegan, I have learned a few things.))

Money Saving:
✨Rice and beans is your best friend. It’s really filling and doesn’t easily overburden your palate (I can have it for dinner repeatedly). Add veggies for more nutrients and variety.🍛
✨Frozen fruit. All the nutrients are preserved and they work amazingly for smoothies and summer days :) ❄
✨Canned food. May not be the healthiest. I just suggest that you nix the brine or choose the low-fat/sugar-free options.🍶
✨Weigh your options. Sure, that new chick'n strip package or coconut icecream looks delicious, but are they as essential, healthy, or inexpensive as your trusty firm tofu and coconut milk? Didn’t think so.♎
✨I don’t do takeout (unless in emergency). It can become an expensive crutch. Also, homemade food just tastes better.🍟

Health & Beauty:
✨Use sites like iherb to find new products for your medicine cabinet. They often have sales, free shipping, and label the vegan/cruelty-free items.💻
✨DIYs are the best route. Body butters, perfumes, and face masks are simpler to make than you know.💄
✨Make food your first medicine. I think it is important (not just for vegans) to become less dependent on over-the-counter drugs. Ginger can be your new Oragel, turmeric your acne spot treatment, etc.💊
✨DO NOT COUNT CALORIES. A vegan diet is one that can be altered to your tastebuds and hunger patterns. If you eat accordingly (with limits on processed food) and you have no extenuating ailments, you will see your body improve without effort. Besides, calories are energy. You don’t want to harm your body by limiting its functions and processes. (If you have problems with binge eating, try drinking enough water at the appropriate times)😊

Meal Planning:
✨I either use my bullet journal or mah cranial organ to plan what I would like to eat. 📒
✨I suggest giving yourself some variety by getting vegan inspiration from Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.💭
✨Find out what accidental and non-accidental vegan products are available at your local grocery store/supermarket/corner store.🏢
✨Take note of your favorite recipes. Use them as a backup for when your recipes fail or to use as a comfort dish.♨

For your tastebuds:
✨I eat raw till 4 for one week every year. It reminds my tastebuds how naturally flavorful plants can be (trust me–I grew up in a Caribbean household where salt, sugar, and a myriad of spices were liberally used. Just try it for yourself).🍌
✨Coconut milk (the canned kind) will transform your rice and beans (or another dish–savory or sweet).🍼
✨Get the nutrients you need by putting the things you hate (but are packed with goodness) in a smoothie. Bananas are sweeter than they seem. They even mask the bitter taste of kale.🌱
✨Drink ENOUGH water. It is a palate cleanser in addition to an essential to your body.🚰

✨On telling people about your diet: I am not the kind of vegan who tells everyone about my eating habits (no shade if you do…i just don’t bring it up). Still, I find that my lifestyle makes an impact. People around me realize that I’m vegan from my meals and, soon enough, they begin asking daily what I have packed for lunch. Many of my friends have tried being vegan for some period of time.💬


My skincare routine or How the Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine can be Modified for Dry Skin with Non-Toxic products

1. ✨Oil based cleanser: Pumpkin seed-shea-Corn oil mix (provides skin with emollients which will help the skin retain moisture for longer while easily breaking down makeup)
2. ✨Foaming cleanser: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap: With gentle foaming action, the coconut oil (!) based cleanser relieves pores of any residual dirt.
3. ✨Exfoliator: Pearlessence Charcoal & Neroli Face Scrub: Every 3 days, I use this to extract the build up of any oils or pollutants from the air.
4. ✨Toner: Apple Cider Vinegar: It restores the skin’s pH in case other steps and/or the environment have disrupted it. I use the cap for the dilution. I pour in one drop of ACV and fill the rest of the cap with water to reduce its strong acidity. (Sometimes I use the LUSH rosewater face mist as well here)
5. ✨Essence/Eye Cream: Rosehip oil: It reduces wrinkles (and dark spots) and plumps the face with moisture. I’m not too concerned with wrinkles so I mainly take this step as a moisture and vitamin boost. This oil has many antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins E, B-carotene, C, and A.
6a. ✨Serum: Shea Moisture Spot Correcting Serum: Other than moisture, my skin problem is hyperpygmentation (on the sides of my face–note: it has noticeably improved with this routine). This improves whatever sunspots and dark spots without using a harmful skin brightener. A little bit goes a long way!
(6b. ✨Face Mask: Sheet Mask or LUSH Mask of Magnaminty: I do this step on days that I use the exfoliator. Right now, I am using a lavender sheet mask which is really soothing. I usually just use whatever looks good (and has good ingredients!).) 7. ✨Moisturizer: Body Shop Honey Body Cream or Oil Mix from step 1: The cream is for nighttime and the oil is for daytime. This step is essential for my dry skin because it locks in all the good stuff from the products before, makes a barrier from pollutants, and, obviously, moisturizes.

(8. ✨Sunscreen: Alba Botanica Facial Sunscreen: It will not clog your face and does not have any harmful active ingredients!) N.B. this routine contains a few comedogenic products because my skin is more dry than acne prone. Shea and coconut oils do not cause blackheads on my skin. The oils/products can be substituted. Also I suggest less moisturizing products for normal to oily skin

The ironic thing about the whole “veganism is for rich people” thing is that as an activist, I’ve always found that the hardest people to advocate veganism to are the rich. People who are working class tend to speak the language of exploitation and oppression, they understand what it means for someone to feel entitled to someone else’s body or labour; it is usually the rich who do not identify with these struggles. They can hide behind free range, organic and grass fed labels and a deeply held belief in entitlement and hierarchy. 

I have never met a rich vegan, but I know plenty of vegan single mothers, vegan students, vegans on disability benefits or food stamps, vegans with no fixed residence, vegans living with their parents or in areas with limited food options. Of course they are not always perfect, they may not be able to replace all of their animal fabrics or always use non-animal tested products, but they do their best and that is what veganism is all about. These people should be praised for their efforts and supported in continuing them. Yet instead they are routinely erased; or worse, used as pawns in the arguments of people who insist that veganism is exclusively for the rich, the white and the privileged. 

How to make SHAME USA not lame...
  • Make Julie Andem write and direct it.
  • Make Mari Magnus in charge of the social media and text updates.
  • Make a non-commercial production company produce it – May I recommend NRK.
  • Make something we haven’t seen before – Like maybe start where the original SKAM ended?
  • Make the actors’ age match the character’s.
  • Make sure to add Robyn to the playlist alongside The Weeknd and small Norwegian artists.
  • Make the dialogs not sound like High School Musical (noah fence). It really helps with the realness, if the characters speak Norwegian… But you could like add English subtitles?
  • The same goes for the text updates. William’s text was a classic example how bad it can go, if you start writing in English.
  • Make sure the actors have a natural connection – May I recommend Tarjei and Henrik? They know what’s up.
  • Make the filming location a chill environment with non-problematic extras – May I recommend Hartvig Nissen in Oslo.

… That’s it. This will for sure make it a success!

Don't give up!

If there are any newer vegans out there that still crave animal products, if your mouth still waters at the thought of a juicy steak, crispy chicken, etc., don’t feel guilty. Most of us come from a heavy meat and dairy background, and old habits die hard. You don’t have to hate the taste of animal products to be a good vegan.

As long as you have enough fortitude and selflessness to remember that the well-being of your body, animals, and the environment is more important than a little pleasure from a short meal, that’s all that matters. The more you practice and the more you discipline yourself, the more you will adjust and the easier it will become. Every day, you are helping to make a huge difference. Let that inspire you, and embrace it.

the-mobian-blogger  asked:

Hello Hello, noticed that you know your stuff when it comes to Toku so I was hoping you could answer a tricky question. Can you name some old Toku heroes that seem distinguished from each other? (Excluding Sentai, Riders, and Metal Heroes.) (If you're curious why, feel free to PM me.) =v=''

Sure!  By old I assume you mean pre-1980s so I’ll limit myself to the era between the 1950s and 1970s.  Now, a lot of the older heroes are either missing episodes or most of the series is missing so I can only really mention them in passing.  The first actual TV Tokusatsu hero was Moonlight Mask/Gekko Kamen from 1958.

He rode a motorcycle, wore a mask, had a scarf and dispensed justice from the barrels of his twin six-shooters in a total of 131 episodes from February 24, 1958 to July 5, 1959. Sadly, a lot of the first few episodes are missing, which isn’t uncommon for TV series of this vintage.

Another TV hero from 1958 was Planet Prince.  

This series may be more well-known in the US for the theatrical movie version which changed up the main character’s costume to include a full mask and was released here as Prince of Space and featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

A lost series from this era features a character called Messenger of Allah, who looks somewhat similar to Moonlight Mask above though with a more “Arabian Knights” theme.

Skipping ahead a bit to 1967 we get Toei’s first color tokusatsu hero show, Masked Ninja Red Shadow/Kamen no Ninja Aka Kage.  This was a hero show with a difference, being set not in the modern day but in the late 16th Century. The heroes are Ninja with special powers who fight evil and monsters.

Entering the 1970s we have and explosion of unique tokusatsu heroes.  Sticking with the more Ninja-esque themes we get Toei’s Henshin Ninja Arashi:

and P Productions’ Kaiketsu Lion Maru.

At about this same time, Toei produced Shotaro Ishinomori’s android hero Kikaider. This was an interesting one with a lasting impact and introduced a conflicted hero built for evil but made good with an imperfect conscience circuit constantly warring against his own programming. This was a pretty fertile time for Ishinomori’s heroes as in addition to a Kikaider sequel (Kikaider 01) he also had Inazuman (a mutant bug-man) and Kaiketsu Zubat (a costumed vigilante guitar player) on the small screen.

By far his strangest hero show though was the Three Musketeers as Demons series Akumaizer 3.  The protagonists were three non-human demons who worked with humanity to fight off their own people to prevent harm coming to innocents.

Go Nagai, who is more famous for his anime work, also got in on the tokusatsu craze of the 1970s with two very interesting shows.  The first is Battle Hawk, a series with a trio of heroes empowered my magic tomahawks (a theme Go Nagai enjoyed) given to their mentor by a mysterious Native American tribe that transforms them into heroes with axes for weapons.

The stranger one though is Star of Pro-Wrestling Axteckaizer which combined professional wrestling, tokusatsu heroes and animation in a very different way.

Most of the series featured live action but the end of every fight scene switched to animation to show off the strange wrestling moves that would have been impossible given the budget of the show and the limitations of the way human bodies bend.

These are just a few of the more notable non-franchise series of the older days of tokusatsu.  There are so many more to look into that I just don’t have the time to list here but these above are some that stand out to me or I find notable for their place in the history of the medium.

Thanks for the question!

We let youth covered up ourselves in vines, tangling in complicated breaths and heartbreaks beating simultaneously.

We makes home out of everything / night city lights / a pair of arms / couple pairs of arms / your eyes beneath my laughter line / the sound your soul makes minutes before the sunrise / out of nothing.

We grow monster in our lungs and called it love / called it your laugh resonance down to my collarbone to the inside of my stomach / called it slipping through the thin ice and still speeding, speeding, speeding.

We teach our heart how to be brave / how to sew itself new / how to let go / how to hold on / how to not be drown in these waves of overwhelming feelings / how to befriend our demons / and not let it consumes us.

This, me, you. We’re thumping our soul in one beat with fingers intertwined. We grow monster in our lungs and called it love. When does the monster becomes the angel? When you help me make peace with my pain, and I am to yours

The poster for “Phantom of the Opera” in Gothenburg, Sweden. They’re doing the Finnish non-replica production. (from the designer’s Instagram)

Death Note Characters as @wolfpupy tweets
  • Light: have to stop saying "How am I going to kill my way out of this one" every time there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud
  • L: popcorn, or as cerebral smart minds such as myself refer to it 'popped corn', is the number #1 food of watching things
  • Near: thats cool. oh that wasn’t a response to what you said i was just noting that it’s cool that i wasn’t listening or caring
  • Misa: if you think im going to compromise my luxurious hair with inferior non bubblegum scented hair product think again and another thing,shut up
  • Mello: i am abandoning the twitter world to pursue a career as a gun slinging fashion diva. good riddance to you all
  • Matt: tired of people always telling me go to hospital and that i've lost a lot of blood, its my severe head injury not yours stay out of it
  • Soichiro: Hey kids I know you're struggling right now, but I'm here to tell you everything gets worse forever
  • Matsuda: my lights aren’t all on upstairs because i am saving energy, just doing my bit to help the planet, not that you’d know anything about that
  • Mogi: the world continues to spiral out of control and i am just sitting here like a bad bitch
  • Aizawa: hey murderers and killers, knock it off. stop killing and murdering all the time, thats just my opinion though
  • Ide: going to play devil's advocate here and say they shouldn't let bodies hit the floor
  • Ryuk: hate when people say im lurking in the shadows when im just chilling
  • Rem: one of these days i will float up off into space and no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa
  • Kiyomi: everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • Mikami: once again i am not included in the list of the world’s most successful people because of my complete lack of success, bias at its finest.
  • Beyond: its impossible to prove that i cant kick every extinct animals ass and i will be flexing in victory for the next several hours
  • Naomi: I hope one day I will find love, or a cool looking leaf. either one
Sugar Baby Beauty Tips Pt. 1

Skip false eyelashes! Having on a heavy set of lashes can make you look tired and your eyes to look droopy. Especially during night time, when the light often hits your face from above, the false eyelashes will cast a shadow that makes your eyes darker and accentuates dark rings. Stick to regular mascara unless your eyelashes are very short. This will make more light to hit your eyes, and a more flattering look! 

Find a schampoo that has salicylic acid in it. This will make your scalp produce less sebum. For me it adds 2 additional days where I don’t need to wash my hair and therefore it gets less damaged. 

Only use non-heat products to style your hair. Want curly hair? Use hair rollers overnight. Play around and try different ones to see which ones are most comfortable for you to sleep with. I always sleep in hair rollers before an important date! Bonus if your hair is slightly damp, the curls will hold several days! On an everyday basis I like to sleep with a braid, not as beautiful as with hair rollers but still nice.

After you’ve done your makeup, put a little bit of the same blush you have on your cheeks in the crease of your eye. It should be barely visible, but makes you look so much more healthy and fresh! 

“When I was a child, when I was an adolescent, books saved me from despair: that convinced me that culture was the highest of values.”

—Simone de Beauvoir, The Woman Destroyed