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does anyone remember that one magical time when one of the non-replica Phantom productions put out a promotional pic from Masquerade where Christine happened to be standing in front of a chorus member whose gloves were the exact same color as her dress at just the right angle that it looked like she had arms jutting out of her boobs

good times

“When I was a child, when I was an adolescent, books saved me from despair: that convinced me that culture was the highest of values.”

—Simone de Beauvoir, The Woman Destroyed


Consumers Aren’t Confused, You’re Just Upset That We Like It Better

I’ve been thinking about stuff like this all week. People complaining about how labeling vegan products as “milk” or “sausage” or “meat” etc. is somehow deceptive and confusing for consumers.

Meanwhile I’ve never seen someone buy peanut butter when they meant to buy dairy butter. I’ve never seen someone buy a can of coconut milk when they meant to buy dairy milk. I’ve never seen someone confuse the flesh of a young coconut for animal flesh. These are foods that have existed, and have kept the same name, for years and yet have not rustled anyone to the point of writing poorly-penned NPR articles about it or posting passive aggressive tweets about plants being “naughty”.

Using words typically associated with animal products to describe plant-based products IS NOT a new thing. People are only butthurt about it now because these popular non-animal based products are a challenge to the profit they build off of exploitation. Pay attention to who produces the most content about these products being “deceptive”, because almost 100% of the time they’re also the ones making the most money off of using animals.

Farmers, sponsored nutritionists and politicians make a lot of wild claims about how these foods “confuse” people. The article on “can you legally call it milk” even cites one sponsored nutritionist who claims people are confused because they think it means anything labeled “milk” has the exact same nutrients. 

But let’s make it clear: 

1. consumers can read the label on the side of the carton. 

2. There are more reasons people purchase plant milks than just nutritional values (like cooking and convenience). The majority of people who buy dairy milk don’t do it because they “know they need their calcium”, but because it’s just a part of their everyday lives. My mom doesn’t put milk in her tea because of health concerns - she does it because that’s how she likes her tea. We might justify our eating habits by listing its nutritional value, but the majority of consumers do not eat for optimal health - they eat around a lifestyle that they and their culture has cultivated. 

3. Ever hear someone mention drinking dairy for vitamin A or vitamin D? That’s fortified, just like it is in plant milks, making the “but it doesn’t have the same nutrients” point essentially ignorant. Dairy milk, unfortified, really doesn’t have the benefits so many marketing companies boast about. What they do boast about are the fortified nutrients, and so often just omit the fact that it’s added in during processing. 

4. Plant milks are not devoid of nutritional value - like I just said, many ARE fortified, just like dairy milk is, but beyond that the ingredients chosen also have their own nutritional value. Almonds, oats, peas, cashews, soy. These are foods with nutritional benefits. The myth that plant milks lack the same essential nutrients, like calcium, or any nutritional value at all, is really just that. A myth.

And can you really convince me that people are buying sausages out of health concerns? And that meat-free alternatives aren’t healthy, if not healthier?

We get it. You’re upset that our culture is changing and progressing. But throwing a tantrum about plant-based milks, meats, condiments, or anything else is not earning you support. Your arguments are transparent and consumers are not as confused as you’d like to believe.

We let youth covered up ourselves in vines, tangling in complicated breaths and heartbreaks beating simultaneously.

We makes home out of everything / night city lights / a pair of arms / couple pairs of arms / your eyes beneath my laughter line / the sound your soul makes minutes before the sunrise / out of nothing.

We grow monster in our lungs and called it love / called it your laugh resonance down to my collarbone to the inside of my stomach / called it slipping through the thin ice and still speeding, speeding, speeding.

We teach our heart how to be brave / how to sew itself new / how to let go / how to hold on / how to not be drown in these waves of overwhelming feelings / how to befriend our demons / and not let it consumes us.

This, me, you. We’re thumping our soul in one beat with fingers intertwined. We grow monster in our lungs and called it love. When does the monster becomes the angel? When you help me make peace with my pain, and I am to yours

Beauty and the Beast PSA

the beast’s name is not adam.

The Beast’s name is not Adam.



so uh, i updated my download link to go through a ‘tou’ page first, and tbh i’m so proud of how it turned out i haven’t had this much fun with html stuff in ages ;-;

anyway, what you see is what you get- if you want to edit any of my original meshes (which i think is like one jeez i can’t even remember) feel free to do so, sky’s the limit!

  • Common property in the best case scenario: Everybody gets to access and/or control the necessary resources and means of production that maintain society daily; personal property for homes, non-capital consumer goods, and individually-operated non-essential means of production is maintained
  • Common property in the worst case scenario: 51% of a given community boots you from the premises; """tragedy of the commons""" happens and resources are depleted because each person is trying to maximize self-gain (and no social sanctions for over-use are put into place, because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Private property in the best case scenario: You're the property owner, or the property owner is a benevolent autocrat and you end up with some nice benefits (benefits wholly contingent on the sole choice of the arbitrary owner)
  • Private property in the worst case scenario: Autocrats control the necessary resources and means of production and get to decide who does and does not have a right of access until said autocrat decides to relinquish property; can withhold unused resources and land arbitrarily as long as ownership claim is recognized by a state; encourages the state to impose violence on the propertyless when they inevitably seek out a new arrangement; maintains the interests of the powerful

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Grocery customers: I don't care if you decided you didn't want the thing and put it back. Really, we don't get offended. But if it's something that has to be cold (meat, seafood, dairy), PUT IT SOMEWHERE COLD. EVEN THE FREEZER IS FINE (for non-liquid products), JUST PLEASE PUT IT IN SOMETHING COLD. Otherwise it can and usually does spoil :(


Palais Garnier inspiration in different non-replica ALW Rooftop scenes

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Don't give up!

If there are any newer vegans out there that still crave animal products, if your mouth still waters at the thought of a juicy steak, crispy chicken, etc., don’t feel guilty. Most of us come from a heavy meat and dairy background, and old habits die hard. You don’t have to hate the taste of animal products to be a good vegan.

As long as you have enough fortitude and selflessness to remember that the well-being of your body, animals, and the environment is more important than a little pleasure from a short meal, that’s all that matters. The more you practice and the more you discipline yourself, the more you will adjust and the easier it will become. Every day, you are helping to make a huge difference. Let that inspire you, and embrace it.

full offense but

shaming non-offending MAPs, bullying them, and making it harder for them to find support is contributing to the potential of a child being harmed.

they are reaching out for support because they deeply, profoundly want to never, ever hurt a child. 

it is entirely possible for a MAP to live without ever offending, but like anyone with a natural predisposition toward harmful behavior, support and community are vital parts of that equation. 

and even if you don’t want to openly be an ally or openly show support for people who are actively working at living a life that is lawful, meaningful, productive, and non-offending, then you can at the very least not be a dick to them. 

[note: as a non-MAP i don’t want to talk over actual members of the community so if you are a MAP and i have said something wrong, please feel free to correct/clarify– and if you aren’t one but have questions that an actual MAP might be better able to answer than an ally, i highly recommend @mappositivity, who is super friendly and helpful and has educated me a ton] 


sorry this took so long - i’m still taking requests even though writer’s block got me for a bit. send them in! and check out the ‘before you request’ link to make sure i got your ask :)

three .

“Shawn! Shawn, love, please don’t play in the mud,” Karen calls from her place on your back porch, wine glass stem perched gracefully between two fingers. She watches her son stop and smile back at her, sticky dirt on his palms, clothes a mess and shoes completely submerged in the product of non-stop rain over the past week.

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Miraculous Ladybug Orientation Headcanons

Marinette- bisexual with a preference for guys and blondes.

Adrien- heteroflexible is how he would identify in school, but pan af.

Plagg- gray-romantic asexual. He’s not likely to be interested in anything other than cheese, but he can fall in love with non-dairy products too.

Tikki- panromantic asexual. She’s just full of of love, but no lusting (except for cookies).

Alya- super pansexual with a tendency for celebrity crushes.

Nino- heteroflexible. He’s not super into guys, he prefers the ladies, but damn if Adrien hasn’t made him question some things.

Nathanaël- probably thinks he’s straight, but Chat and Adrien could persuade him otherwise.

Chloé- super gay. Just like she and LB are “super girlfriends”.

Sabrina- very gay, likes women with authority *cough* Chloé *cough* Marinette *cough*.

Ivan- he’s heteroromantic demisexual and super in love with Mylène the sweetheart.

Mylène- straight, but a huge ally. She loves people, but she’s really only into Ivan.

Kim- Polysexual. He had a crush on Chloé, but he’s totally dating Max.

Max- demiromantic homosexual. He only falls in love with his friends, so it seems, luckily his unlikely bro, Kim, was cool with becoming his bf.

Juleka- gay. Do I really need to explain. Julerose is perfect.

Rose- also gay. Flower child X emo cinnamon roll power forever!

Alix- super aro ace. I brotp her with everyone.

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Soooo, the koala is like Eccleston, the cockatoo like Tennant, the snail with the cupcake on its head reminded me of Smith... Am I crazy for seeing all of this?

The koala is Simm, the bird is Tennant, the snail with a cupcake on its head is

a snail with a cupcake on its head

Desserts and pastries are legitimate (but time-sensitive) headwear

carnists who bitch about how hypocritical vegans are for using non-vegan products like medication or smth crack me up.

and by “crack me up” i mean “infuriate me.” 

because you know who put animal products in every-fucking-thing under the sun in the first place? to the point that it’s nigh impossible sometimes to find alternatives without them? cuz it wasn’t us.