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I think one of my favorite things about Sinon is that despite being a ~ cool~ and ~ serious ~ character she is… such a mess? She has non-prescription bulletproof glasses? She doesn’t understand how people can smile while playing videogames? She tells Kirito a dozen times she hates his guts and then proceeds to help him? She’s dating her sniper rifle or something??? I love her

After being pulled over for a stop and search by police, officers realised that the car Ted Bundy was driving was unlicensed, so they arrested him. Having just escaped from jail, Bundy panicked, kicked at the officers and managed to run away. An officer, David Lee, fired two warning shots, gave chase, and tackled Bundy to the ground. The two struggled over Lee’s gun before the officer finally subdued and arrested him. After searching the vehicle that Bundy had stolen, three sets of IDs belonging to female FSU students, 21 stolen credit cards, and a stolen television set were found. Also found were a pair of dark-rimmed non-prescription glasses and a pair of plaid trousers, which were later identified by Bundy as a disguise he used while hiding in Jacksonville. As Officer Lee transported the killer back to jail, unaware that it was one of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives he had just arrested, he heard Bundy crying in the backseat. Through tears, he told the officer: “I wish you had killed me.”

An elite university graduate Jaehee Kang is a hardworking chief secretary for an absolute perfectionist heir of C&R International–whom may not or may be gay–called Jumin Han–also nicknamed as Mr. Trustfund Kid.

Her job including: required to wear non-prescription glasses, perfectly pressed suits, and short hair; 24/7 of overwork, sometimes for the nonsense demands of her boss and his love for cats; and the aforementioned cat, who loves to shed her C-hair all over the place.

All the while she has to juggle everything with her love for Zen’s musical–the only bright thing in her life, really–with her anxiety over her job and unfulfilled life, and also the lack of love life she has (consequently correlated with the may or may not gay feelings she has with MC).

What a girl has to choose, being overworked in a stable job or uncertainly pursue her own dreams?

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Pete seems to have a huge trouble with academics and it sort of reminded me of Ron's problems, who I HC to actually be dyslexic? With how ancient and ~traditional~ wizards are it wouldn't surprise me if they actually treated mental illness with less finese than muggles do, chalking it up to 'being looney' or 'dimwitted'. Imagine Kagome realizing this when Pete describes his problem to her and looking up specific spells to help him out? Like something to change the fonts of what he reads!

!!!! Or maybe charming him some glasses (non-prescription ofc) so he wouldn’t have to cast a spell every time?? Like I’d imagine unless he did it on the sly, the Professors wouldn’t allow him to cast any spells during tests bc cheating, right? 

Unless they’re understanding and believe him about his difficulty reading the words, which, as you mentioned w/ how ancient and traditional they are, they probably won’t believe him? Or not all, at least?

Not until they’re older and can go out to muggle London themselves to a library or a bookstore to find books on it, and maybe show McGonagall or maybe even Professor Sprout?? Or both. I think Sprout would listen to them without the evidence, but I feel like McGonagall wouldn’t? Since she’s a pretty no nonsense lady, she’d probably put it off as something that studying more diligently could fix. Not to be intentionally mean, but like she did the same thing with Harry and the other’s before, not listen or take them seriously bc they were kids. And the fact that Peter is part of the Marauder’s wouldn’t help him either, the whole bunch is known to play games.

But Professor Sprout welcomes her students to come to her about any and all concerns and listens with a kind and considering ear, and maybe she’s had a couple of students with enough courage to come up talk to her about it. She doesn’t know much about it but she believes them and looks into it, finds a spell or two that helped them manage. Maybe McGonagall will mention something, and Sprout will approach them for a chat, gives them the spells and offers to help teach them.

Yet, the problem with casting the spells during exams, and especially OWLs and NEWTs is an issue – with evidence and Sprout, McGonagall will allow it, but how about the ministry officials that monitor exams and the other professors? So Kagome and Peter work to find a spell or work a new one to charm a pair of glasses for him so it won’t be a problem

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Can you have the GOM + Kasamatsu finding out that their gf wears contacts because she's insecure about wearing glasses?

Akashi: Akashi would know right away that you wore contacts because he’d see the outline of them in your eyes. He would forget about it but then remember and ask you about it one day. When you replied that you were insecure about glasses he would say that he thought girls with glasses were attractive he just thought you preferred contacts.

Kise: When Kise found out that you wore contacts he would press you to wear your glasses for him. When you complied reluctantly he would exclaim how smart and cute you looked. After you tell him you are insecure with them on he would look confused and say how nice they were on you.

Aomine: Aomine would hide a pair of non-prescription glasses on him since he didn’t think he would be able to convince you to try them on for him. He’d pull you to him and put them quickly on your face. 

“_-chan you look so hot!” He would say before kissing you. After that you decide to wear glasses everyday.

Midorima: Midorima would blush and say that he thought girls with glasses were really cute. You would put them on and his face would turn beet red.

“_-chan, maybe you shouldn’t wear them afterall. You’re too irresistible with them on,” He would say before picking up his bag and leaving suddenly. 

Murasakibara: Murasakibara would shrug saying that you’d be cute no matter how you looked. When you would wear them around him you found that he wanted to make out by books and desks a lot instead of your usual places. 

Kuroko: Kuroko would offer to wear glasses too if it would make you feel better. He would end up getting glasses that were too big for his face making you more comfortable with your own glasses.

Kasamatsu: Kasamatsu’s face would turn bright red and he would nervously say that he thought glasses were hot on girls. After that you wore glasses everyday and Kasamatsu would turned red before he took you hand.

“So hot,” You’d hear him whisper under his breath.

Tossed Kylux AU #2:

thrift store AU where Hux works as a sales associate at an overpriced resale shop and Kylo always comes in to buy ripped jeans and flannels. Kylo likes Hux’s non-prescription glasses and affinity for kale and coconut water. Hux likes that Kylo writes sub-par mystery novels on an old type writer. they fall in love listening to bands you’ve probably never heard of and talking about Wes Anderson movies