non polluting

Charging a Sigil


Write it on a flammable surface and set it on fire (I favour bay leaves)

Carve it on a candle and let the candle melt (you can pick the candle colour according to the spell/wish)

Carve it on a surface with a pyrograph/something hot or carve it on something and put it close to fire where it can charge up.

Draw it on a firework and set it off.

Draw it at the bottom of a tea light and put the candle back in.


Draw it on a windchime and hand it up.

Make prayer flags with the sigils on them, or a simple flag that’ll blow in the wind.

Draw it on something light and non-polluting and let it go with a gust on wind.

Draw it on a balloon and pop it.

Draw it on a paper kite and let it go in the wind.


Draw your sigil on a soluble material and let is dissolve, it’ll also charge the water or draw it at the bottom of your cup and it’ll charge both the water and sigil.

Draw it on something non-soluble like a rock and let it soak or even throw it in the river;

Draw it on yourself when taking a shower and let it wash off.

Draw it on the shore where the water will wash it away.


Draw it on something from nature (so as not to pollute) and bury it.

Charge it with a crystal grid/previously charged crystals

Draw it on the earth.

Draw it on the leaf of a plant.


Place it in the sun or moonlight and let it soak it up.

Draw it with a glow in the dark paint.

Draw it on something that’ll disappear like fog on a mirror, lemon juice, ultraviolet pen and such.

Your own Energy:

Meditate on your sigil by focusing on it while you direct your personal energy into it.

Have it near you or on you during sex or masturbation.

Draw it on yourself and dance, sing, workout.

Have it on or near you during extreme pain or emotional states (anger, joy, sadness, etc.)

Draw it with your blood/drop some blood onto it.


Place it on a charging device (phone, computer)

Place it on speakers and blast music that matches the intent

Sing/Play an instrument to it

Draw it on the sole of your shoes

Draw it on/near a grave/with grave dirt/anything symbolic of death

Post it on a website such as tumblr where likes charge it and reblogs cast it.

Draw it on paper and tear it up

If you have your own way of charging sigils, do tell me, I am curious, and I’d like to add to the list, since this is in no way the only ways of doing so.

we should all hug the earth and thank it for everything it has ever done for us. we keep destroying our home, polluting the air we breathe, burning down trees and hurting our home so bad it leaves open wounds.

why are people excited for a life on mars when we dont even understand our purpose on earth and how we are supposed to live here?

it pains me so much to know that we keep hurting our planet while it desperately is trying to heal itself.
it pains me that people wont look into themselves and see that our existence wouldnt be possible if it wasnt for this amazing thing we are walking on each day.


So a few days ago I answered a prompt and wrote this
Some people asked for a continuation, and since I am a woman of the people, I obliged! (Edited by the wonderful @alittlemissfit)

The music playing in the mansion was so loud Scully could hear it outside. Rolling her eyes she inwardly groans, starts fantasizing about a vanilla scented bubble bath and a glass of wine.
Mulder comes up behind her and holds out his elbow with a smile. Blushing she promptly takes his arm.

The one positive of tonight was that he was attending the New Years party with her. When he’d picked her up at her apartment she nearly did a double take. Mulder looked handsome on a bad day, but he could clean up nice if prompted to. He was wearing tight jeans, a white button down shirt, a black suit coat and no over the top tie. He looked like he’d just stepped out of a GQ ad, and as pleased as she was he was her date tonight Scully was struggling to keep less appropriate thoughts out of her mind.

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The Little Mermaid: The Movies

Since I am a huge fan of the tale and have seen so many versions of it shown theatrically, I thought I might share some thoughts on these select movie versions of Hans Christian Andersen’s masterful tale of The Little Mermaid. Keep in mind, these are just personal opinions of a crazy fan of the original tale. *List goes from left to right beginning at the top right corner of the pictures. Click on the title to see the film/see the film’s trailer. 

1. Malá Morská Víla (1976) ★★★★★
Probably my most favorite of the film adaptions, this Czech release closely follows Andersen’s tale while also adding a few very enjoyable twists. With beautiful music, lovely scenery, and a good dosage of humor, this movie is incredible and always brings me to tears in the end. My only complaint is the lack of fins on the mer-characters.

2. The Little Mermaid (1975) ★★★★★
This is one of the best cartoon adaption of the story there is! This sweet 1.5 hour anime cartoon is both well done and charming, with lovely music, fun animation, and a great following of the original tale. I give this film five stars not only because it brings tears at the end, but because it does so well with character development and has great additions to an already great story.

3.  Saban’s Adventures of The Little Mermaid (1991) ★★★  
The first episode of this TV series is based on Anderson’s original tale, but if that was the only episode there was, this cartoon would get much less in the stars department. The original tale is done tastefully and with great adventure, but the series itself is where the magic continues. I love the mermaid, Marina, and though her prince Justin is a bit of a fail sometimes, this really is a great series. I’d recommend it to anyone.

4.  Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989) ★★★½
People are probably going to hate me for only giving this flick three and a half stars, but hear me out! I fell in love with this movie’s soundtrack before the movie itself and once seeing the movie, I held onto $20 for two years before it was rereleased and I could buy it. Why only three and a half stars then, you ask? Probably because the magic wore off. I still love this movie and enjoy watching it (oh the music!!!), but I think what bothers me most is how far it is removed from the original tale. Also, some of the characters get a bit annoying after a while (I can hardly stand to watch the Les Poissons portion anymore).  All-in-all though, this is a great movie, I just have found other film adaptions that are better.

5.  Shelly Duvall’s Faiere Tale Theatre: The Little Mermaid (1987) ★★★
Oh where to start? As lighthearted as the rest of her Fairie Tale theater stories, Shelly Duvall’s Little Mermaid is no different. Lighthearted with a few jokes only parents would understand, this is an enjoyable retelling with some very memorable parts (oh, the piano room scene!), but overall, it draws a little too far from the original tale for it to reach too far in the star category.

6.  Shirley Temple’s Storybook: The Little Mermaid (1961) ★★★
What can I say? This film version is adorable! Well done for 1961, this film takes almost a theatrical play sort of format as is the case in all of Shirley Temple’s Storybook movies. Though I am not a fan of her look in this film, I can’t help but adore the adorable mermaid Shirley portrays. Not all of the acting in this film is great, but I do enjoy a good mermaid film and this is one. Definitely worth a see!

7.  Rusalochka (1976) ★★★★★
I love this film! Though it is very removed from the original tale, it is so different to the point of a masterpiece!  The film twists are fantastic, the music is fun, the fashion is breathtaking, and goodness! Got to love all of the plot twists. A warning for young audiences, however, as there is very brief nudity during the mermaid transformation scene.

8.  Reader’s Digest’s The Little Mermaid (1975) ★★★★★
The mermaid is cute, the music is fun, and this follows the original story almost flawlessly. If you’re looking for a narrated film version with very few flaws, check this version out!

9.  Rusalochka (1968) ★★★★
This film was very well done and quite haunting. I think part of it has to do with the dark colors and fluid character design. Though not easily found in English, I give this film four stars for its closeness to the original tale and its haunting qualities.

10. HBO Family: The Little Mermaid (1997)
I was not a huge fan of this re-telling of the tale. I think part of it had to do with their twists to the original tale, but I think most of all, I just did not like the mermaid’s tail design. It was a creative twist, but it was distracting.

11. Magical Memories: The Little Mermaid (2011) ★★
This movie was well done with some cute humor, but it just wasn’t one of my most favorite, or one of the most memorable film retellings of this amazing original story.

12. The Little Mermaid (2007)
Heavily anchored with a non-discreet “don’t pollute” under message and an irritating song, I’ll have to say this version is only good if you want some quick entertainment for a few laughs.  

13. Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairytale (2001) ★★★★
Though this movie isn’t entirely the Little Mermaid (thus the 4 stars), it is amazing!! Though not all of the acting is great, the story, and the mermaid portion itself is so well done and so masterfully woven into the overall plot. I would definitely recommend this movie.

14. Golden Films: The Little Mermaid (2002) ★★
This version is hilarious. Though it’s not my most favorite version, it is one of the best low-budget options and totally worth a view… or more!  

15. Starlight Video: The Little Mermaid (2005) ★½
I’ve only watched this version once, and it was not one of my most favorites. Definitely not as bad as the 2007 cartoon release, but just not that memorable. 

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Name: 403

Pronouns: she/her (or they/them)

Country of origin: usa

Sexuality: bi

Star sign: ☆✫✦✧✬ (i’m too paranoid to put this here hahaha)

First language spoken: 中文!

Other languages spoken: english & español

1. pianos and guitars
2. dogs and cats
3. thunderstorms
4. text emojis/faces
5. tea (with sugar because i’m still 5 inside)
6. drawing clouds
7. non-light polluted night skies
8. the sound of people singing the same melody in different octaves
9. the sound of rain hitting umbrellas
10. major 7ths / other jazz chords in music 
11. puns :v

9 dislikes
1. donald trump (sorry, but it’s true)
2. mosquitoes
3. my own disastrous time managing tendencies
4. black licorice flavored jelly beans (they suck, i will pick them out)
5. light pollution
6. march daylight savings (where an hour is lost)
7. having my fingernails grow long (they really mess up the quality of my piano playing)
8. squirrels. i despise them
9. getting home rlly late :/

Other Facts:

  • i’m working on an original novel in my free time
  • i have a part time job as a piano teacher
  • i wear glasses
  • i’m allergic to cats, but i have two of them anyways
  • i don’t have perfect pitch, but i can play any pop song on the piano after listening to it for a few times

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Gleggie Richonne Caryl Desus

For those who likes to shit on bethylers,

I will obviously surprise you by making this statement, we like to ship other couples. And yes, sometimes yours too!

Do you feel dirty because we go to your tags and appreciate your arts, fanfics and comments about your ships? That makes me happy. Go away from the walking dead fandom, give up on your own ship ^^

More surprising, sometimes I read/appreciate rickyl, neganxeveryone, michonnexdaryl, corgan, maggiexdaryl, darylxglenn, glennxrick, michonnexmorgan, carolxrick and so on. 

Do you feel the dirt on you? on your ship? because a bethyler enjoys what you are enjoying?

Do you like that when someone you hate tags your ship and pollutes it with shit like this post?

If you think you are mature, stop polluting other tags. We enjoy carzekiel because Carol is beautiful when she looks at Ezekiel and because Ezekiel is hot. Your shit makes non-bethylers want to pollute your own tags. I love richonne, I love gleggie, I choose bethyl as a main ship to spite your kind of people. At first I shipped Carzekiel because they are cool, now I ship it and will stick to it to spite you.

GO AWAY FROM THE CARZEKIEL TAG IF YOU ARE JUST SHITTING ON OTHER SHIPPERS IN THIS TAG. (I don’t care who you shit on, just go away if you have nothing but insults to throw to any ships)

@thewalkingdeadfanrighthere is a perfect example of people tired of your bullshits.  You are making people non-involved in ship wars care because you are acting like bullies.
Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena wins 2016 Pritzker prize
Social housing visionary, who engaged residents in designing their own homes, urges architects to address issues of poverty, pollution and segregation
By Oliver Wainwright

And also THIS GUY!

Further to my architectural post yesterday, this guy is kind of the living embodiment of SolarPunk philosophy in the built environment. Sure - he’s not as pretty as Ole Scheeren, but I think he is practicing the exact kind of design that I am celebrating in my novel. A visionary, with a vision of a better future. 

Bravo! and Bravo! again to the Pritzker for recognising such a young, and interesting kind of architect. It says that they are taking the challenges of this century seriously.

From the man himself:

“One of the biggest mistakes that architects make is that they tend to deal with problems that only interest other architects. The biggest challenge is to engage with the important non-architectural issues – poverty, pollution, congestion, segregation – and apply our specific knowledge. It’s not enough to raise awareness. I want people to leave with more tools. We must share the challenges so we are aware of the coming battles.”

Night Drive

((A/N: First of all sorry for all the Jimmy Eat World song titles. Got another request done! I should have more done tomorrow while I wait for my cat to get fixed (erg) so I’ll get a few holiday/cold themed ones in that have been requested. Prompt for this was cute and I decided to do a younger version of Dean. Teen Dean seems like he’d be a sweetie.

PromptDean takes the reader for a drive, just cause (or so reader thinks). They end up spending the night with Baby, under the stars in a romantic field

Pairing: 18!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1550 ))

You’d known Dean a while now. Years. Since you were a kid. He’d always been the bad boy you were too afraid to ask out but it hadn’t stopped him from being a friend. You’d just assumed you weren’t his type. Made sense, right? You were just teenagers. Eighteen. Almost not a teenager, you insisted, though both John and Bobby said otherwise.

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Thank turds I am almost out of you. I am so close to moving to the serene solace and awe-inspiring beauty that is Portland Oregon, that I can almost feel the non-polluted air. I can smell the “not feeling like I’m breathing into a towel” humidity. I can see the endless crowds of people who are not dumb idiotic assholes. And best of all, Florida, I can feel your terrible toxic environment and influence being flushed away by the strong allure of the next chapter of my life. I am ready to live. I am ready to see what life awaits me. However, not with you Florida, you fucking nasty piece of shit.


Barcelona lightning part 4: Nighttime, I’ve colored the horizon with a bright yellowish color to simulate Light Pollution, which is common in real BCN as you can see in the picture below:

External image

I think it gives a dramatic feel to the city and will look even better when all the streetlamps are placed :D

Curiosity is Best Served With a Cup of Hot Chocolate

(Inspired by this imagine. I hope that you like it! P.S. I couldn’t think of a title. xx)

You sighed in content as you settled onto the aged wooden park bench that was sat on the edge of a park that still contained grass that was green and thriving even though autumn had set in. The fall foliage that fell in colors of gold and auburn scattered it, gently being tossed every which way by the soft breeze that barely chilled. As of now, the air in Kansas was still warm, not at all sultry like it usually was, but now cold enough that you could be comfortable wearing one of Dean’s leather jackets over your t-shirts. Looking over to where he was, you saw him getting hot chocolate for the both of you at the stand that was still open to eager couples in the early evening. When he caught your eyes with his beautiful green ones, he gave you the grin that never failed to make you smile as well. Turning around again, you felt a thrill go through you as you were reminded of what you had found the other day.

Misplacing your gun was a habit of yours, and you had been frantically searching for it while Dean teased you in the background and had that same loving grin on while watching you. He was laughing when you had playfully yelled at him that he should be helping you, and had called back saying that he would be looking around the library as you searched his room. After looking under his pillows and bed and the trunk at the end of it, you had let out a breath of defeat before going over to his nightstand. You had opened the drawer enough so that you could stick your hand in, searching for the cool metal of your gun; instead, you had been surprised to feel the sensation of velvet against your fingers. Curiosity was something that always managed to get the best of you one way or another, and you had grasped the box and pulled it out. Heart beating rapidly inside of your chest in both excitement and denial, you had pinched the lid and opened it and a loud gasp that you couldn’t be bothered to hold back had escaped your mouth.

Dean had then walked into the room and you had thrown the box back inside of the drawer, ducking down like you were still looking under the bed. Even though you had tried to act normal in front of him, the image of the simple yet beautiful diamond-adorned gold band always managed to become prominent in your mind. You would catch yourself looking at your fourth finger on your left hand, imagining the weight of the ring on it and smiling to yourself. A certain giddiness would always fill you up, and you knew that Dean knew something was up. Whenever he would see you grinning like an idiot and ask what you were thinking about, you would just respond with something along the lines of “Mm, nothing in particular” before returning to what you were doing. You were always racked with certain questions, though, like how long he had had the ring or when he was actually planning on proposing. Needless to say, the suspense was practically eating you up inside.

Your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a paper cup being put in front of your face and Dean stealing a kiss off of your cheek from behind you. When you accepted the drink from him and turned your head so that your lips would meet his for a short moment, he walked to the front of the bench so that he could take a seat next to you. He threw one arm around your shoulder and you scooted closer to him before leaning into his body, sipping your hot chocolate slowly so that you wouldn’t burn your tongue and enjoying the sweet taste.

“So, how’s this for a night off?” Dean asked, gaze warm as it connected with yours. “The non-polluted Kansas air, and the fact that there are actually places with no trash floating around.”

“Definitely way better than all of those big cities we’ve been hunting in lately,” you told him, snuggling even more into the heat that his body was giving off. “I like these small towns a lot more.”

“I do, too,” he agreed, taking a long drink of his hot chocolate before continuing. “You know that I’m even close to the guy that likes two-story twenty-year old houses, but I feel like that if we lived here, we would sure as Hell enjoy it.”

It was like he was reading your mind, delving into the thoughts that you had been having ever since you had found the ring. You reminded yourself to keep your breathing steady as you nodded, making sure that you wouldn’t accidentally out your discovery with a hasty stumble of your tongue.

“We could do without the white-picket fence surrounding it, though,” you teased, smiling as Dean brushed a lock of your hair that had fallen on your face due to the autumn wind. “But I already know that we would definitely love it, a place to call home without needing to worry about packing up our things the next day for a case.”

Your words sounded so yearning and familiar to Dean, making him look up at the darkening sky in thought. You always used the same tone when you told him that you weren’t thinking about anything important whenever he caught you staring off into space or at your left hand. He shifted so that he could see you better, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“You’ve been thinking about our future a lot, haven’t you?” he inquired, eyes holding a smirk.

You shrugged, trying not to look triggered by what he asked. “It is something that needs to be thought about, especially in the lives that we live.”

“But I’ve been catching you spacing out a lot lately with this big smile on your face,” he explained, and your heart started to hammer. “A lot more than usual, I mean.”

“Shut up,” you mumbled, making him laugh as you hit him lightly on the arm.

“So what have you really been wanting to talk about?” he questioned, and you were close to squirming. “There’s something you’re not telling me.”

“You’re being delusional, Winchester,” you told him. You were grinning, but you could tell that it was faltering as you tried to keep your cool. Dean saw this, and you saw curiosity flit across his face, and then something conflicted and unknown, before his expression settled on one that was absolutely warm and tender.

“…You found it, didn’t you?” he asked you softly, and you moved away from him the tiniest bit, knowing he could see the red flush on your cheeks even in the fading light.

“Maybe,” you whispered after several moments of silence passed, avoiding his eyes by staring at the ground.

“I knew it!” he exclaimed, chuckling when he saw that you were still looking down. “Y/N, look up.”

You slowly did what he told you to do, and you were surprised to see that a bright smile was plastered on his face. It was the first thing that your eyes were drawn to, but then they gravitated down a little to see that he was holding the velvet box that you had discovered just a week or so ago. It was open so that the dim light bounced off of it, and you swore that it looked even more stunning than the first time that you had seen it. Tears started up in your eyes, and you put down your hot chocolate so that you could put both of your hands over your mouth as they started to fall.

“Y/N,” he started in the most loving tone that you had ever heard in your life. You almost lost it right then and there, but stuck with a silent nod. “You’ve been putting up with me for a few years now, more than anybody’s ever been willing to stick around for, and now that I know you’re thinking about our future, I want you to know that I’m doing the exact same thing. I love you so damn much that you don’t even know.”

“D-Dean,” you murmured, voice cracking in happiness and making him smile even wider. You weren’t able to get anything else out of your mouth besides his name because you were too overwhelmed, too full of bliss.

“It’s true,” he told you tenderly, and your tears started overflowing onto your cheeks when he slid down to one knee on the damp ground. “And since it is, there’s one thing I need to ask you. Y/N, will you be willing to deal with me for the rest of your life, through thick and thin and whatever our jobs throw at us, as my wife?”

You nodded quickly before you spoke, sobs starting to rack your body. “Yes, Dean. O-Of course!”

He let out a short laugh of disbelief that quickly turned into amazement, letting out a nervous breath as he realized that you had actually said yes.

“Really?” he breathed, and you giggled shakily.

“D-Did I stutter?” you asked, and at that, he let out a loud whoop and picked you up off of the park bench so that he could spin you around in the air while the both of you laughed in complete and utter joy.

When Dean set you back down on the ground, it wasn’t only your hands that were trembling in anticipation as he took the ring out of the box. He gently took your left hand, and wide grins appeared on both of your faces as he finally slid it on your fourth finger. Now that the weight on it was real and not something from your imagination, you could revel at how it felt like it had belonged there the whole time.

“I was so nervous,” he told you quietly, looking like he was on top of the world; quite frankly, that’s what he definitely felt like. “That’s why I was holding back.”

“Maybe I need to be curious more often, then,” you joked as he wrapped his arms around you and you sank into his hold.

“We’ll see about that,” He captured your mouth in a loving embrace with his, the remnants of hot chocolate lingering in the passionate kiss; his emerald eyes were completely molten as he spoke next, pressing a soft kiss to the finger that now wore the ring. “Mrs. Winchester.”

The Alpaca Whisperer - Chapter 1

The Alpaca Whisperer
an epic story of love, courage, and poultry

Hartbig AU by iloveyouinchinese & isilagdur

beta extraordinaire: haveyouseenmyplot

Hey! Before reading, check out the prologue- otherwise, this won’t make much sense. Or don’t, you know. Some people like to be purposefully out of the loop. Maybe it makes them feel validated. Maybe it makes them feel alive. Next chapter will be here within the next few weeks so stay tuned and stay breathin’.


Previously on AW:

…It was so different, yet so alarmingly similar, sitting in the kitchen the first day they met, waiting to see her for the first time. She had been nervous, she remembers. She had bitten at her fingernail and stared out the window. Presently, Grace stares out the window, biting her fingernail, and wonders how different this time would be.

Summer 2014

“Honestly, I couldn’t eat another bite.” Hannah leans back in her chair with her hands crossed over her stomach, wincing slightly.

Aunt Carol shoots Grace a knowing glance. “I told you she was eating less in L.A. Can’t even handle a full meal.”

Grace snorts a little, nodding sympathetically at Carol. “You’re right. She gets tinier and tinier every day. Eventually there’s going to be nothing left but a snapback and a little leather-bound notebook.”

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Requested by shishiosatsukis

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: college!au: 3 a.m. cookies

Shizuo woke up to three things: a smoke alarm, students yelling, and someone hitting him on the head with a rag.

And his first thought was: shit… no cookies for me, huh?

Sitting up and rubbing his eyes, it took Shizuo a few moments to recognize the sharp beeps as the fire alarm and the odd smell as smoke. All he could remember was that his Sunday night before a midterm was frantic and anxiety-filled. It was math and he wasn’t good at math. He never was; it was his worst subject and most of the time he did well enough to pass, but this was entirely different. College math felt like witchcraft. It probably was witchcraft.

After hours of agonizing over his textbook and practice problems, after having assured Celty that she didn’t have to pull an all nighter with him, Shizuo decided to bake cookies.

The sugar would help him, he thought. It would give him energy and baking would calm him. The only catch was that he had never baked entirely by himself, but he found a box of ready-to-bake mix (just add oil and eggs) and he figured little could go wrong.

Much more than a little went wrong.

“Shizu-chan! Oi, Shizu-chan! Let’s go!”

Groggily, Shizuo felt himself tugged out of the chair, Izaya’s hand grasping his upper arm and leading him out of the building. The alarms were deafening as he was still trying to fully wake up and he stumbled outside, coughing once he realized how fresh non-polluted air was. “Nn… what about… my cookies…?”

Izaya stared at him. “…Shizu-chan, you could’ve died and you’re wondering about–”

“What about my midterm… is it cancelled…?”

“Well, Shizu-chan, considering you almost burned down our dorm from our communal kitchen and not the math department–”


Shizuo’s eyes narrowed as his mind became clearer, pulling his arm back. “…Why the hell are you being nice to me?!”

Izaya stared at him.

“…Shizu-chan, you’ve got an odd way of showing gratitude…”


“Ahh… Shizu-chan, don’t go jumping to conclusions now…!”

Giving an innocent yet hollow smile, Izaya watched as Shizuo struggled between blowing up and keeping calm, giving in and swearing, turning sharply to go find Celty to accompany. His smile turned into a smirk once his back was turned, hands moving to rest in his pockets with his fingers curling around a small bottle of pills.

See, Shinra? I didn’t lie.

The sleeping pills weren’t for me.