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so people want baby possums to be left to die because "white people", somehow? that's... kind of depraved.

It’s regrettably a common thing on tumblr to decry anything weird or somewhat gross as a “white people thing.” I know it’s supposed to be funny but it has the unfortunate connotation that wildlife rehab or science or whatnot is a “white” activity and it demeans non-white people who participate in it.

It’s not a productive viewpoint.

A very delayed Fashion Challenge request from @asidian!

Character: Shallan
Item: Fingerless Gloves

This was fun for obvious reasons, and I have this feeling Kaladin is the type to try to protect her honor in a somewhat grouchy, flustered way. Bless his blushing heart. <3

Not that Shallan would wear gloves (yet) but I can’t help but hope the safehand modesty, male education, female non-participation in war, and other gendered boxes continue to get challenged in the series. I have a feeling Jasnah will definitely come through. :)

Seeing animated films that center around aboriginal culture coming out makes me think… like… they always center around ~spirituality~ and ~nature~, and set in an ancient fantasy world…

It’s always some kind of evil spirit or demon that threatens their culture. And while these films are beautiful and visually pleasing, they sorta hide the real issue, the real reason why aboriginal culture face the risk of being lost.

It’s not an enraged god/goddesses or evil spirits. It’s the long historical exploitation and eradication of aboriginal culture through eurocentric global capitalism and genocide… and other non-european nations who participate in it.

And these films’ settings also imply that, the problems and challenges aboriginal people have been fighting against are no longer present, all solved through a magical adventure in the past.

In a way it hasn’t really deviated much from old narrative of aboriginal people: Spiritual, Nature, Ancient, Magical, etc. Why can’t they exist in the present?

Idk. I’m not aboriginal so I can’t go into details but this is how it reads to me.


You can’t imagine fame. You can only ever see it from an outsider and comment on it with the rueful wisdom of a non participant. When it happens to you, it doesn’t matter what age or how, it is a very steep learning curve. The important thing to realize in all of it is that life is short, to protect the ones you love, and not expose yourself to too much abuse or narcissistic reflection gazing and move on. If fame affords me the type of ability to do the kind of work I’m being offered, who am I to complain about the downsides. It’s all relative. And this are obviously very high class problems. The way privacy becomes an every shrinking island is inevitable but also manageable and it doesn’t necessary have to get that way.

DHRFAVORITES | Favorite Oneshots 

Everybody Wants to Rule the World by attica
“You often kiss former bullies?” “So far there’s only been you.”

Pervigilo by attica
And they had been enemies right from the beginning. They had never had time to be strangers.

Spill Your Breakfast, Drip Your Wine by eevilalice
She will fill them with something else. Even if it’s revulsion. She can’t have anything tarnishing Malfoy’s beauty unless it’s by her own hand.

I was surprised when he said yes, which he did right away.  He’s not interested in being particularly partisan, but he cares, he gets it.

JOSS WHEDON, on when he asked ROBERT DOWNEY JR. to participate in his “Save the Day” voting initiative.

“It leads with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. — the biggest name in Whedon’s line-up and a guy who has tried to remain non-political over the years, even though he has occasionally expressed that he has conservative leanings.

Whedon wasn’t sure what Downey would say when he asked him to participate.

‘I was surprised when he said yes, which he did right away,’ the director says. 'He’s not interested in being particularly partisan, but he cares, he gets it. What he wrote me when I emailed him was, ‘I suppose I can take part in your champagne socialist agenda.’ So I was like, yes, I can’t argue with that.’”  EW

if bowser and peach have been a loving couple this whole time does that mean all that “kidnapping the princess” and “oh no mario please help me!” was actually forcing other people to witness and participate non-consensually in their weird kinks in public?

makes u think.

The unbearable daintiness of women who eat with men.

By Kate Handley

A substantial body of literature suggests that women change what they eat when they eat with men. Specifically, women opt for smaller amounts and lower-calorie foods associated with femininity. So, some scholars argue that women change what they eat to appear more feminine when dining with male companions.

For my senior thesis, I explored whether women change the way they eat alongside what they eat when dining with a male vs. female companion. To examine this phenomenon, I conducted 42 hours of non-participant observation in two four-star American restaurants in a large west coast city in the United States. I observed the eating behaviors of 76 Euro-American women (37 dining with a male companion and 39 dining with a female companion) aged approximately 18 to 40 to identify differences in their eating behaviors.

I found that women did change the way they ate depending on the gender of their dining companion. Overall, when dining with a male companion, women typically constructed their bites carefully, took small bites, ate slowly, used their napkins precisely and frequently, and maintained good posture and limited body movement throughout their meals. In contrast, women dining with a female companion generally constructed their bites more haphazardly, took larger bites, used their napkins more loosely and sparingly, and moved their bodies more throughout their meals.

On the size of bites, here’s an excerpt from my field notes:

Though her plate is filled, each bite she labors onto her fork barely fills the utensil. Perhaps she’s getting full because each bite seems smaller than the last… and still she’s taking tiny bites. Somehow she has made a single vegetable last for more than five bites.

I also observed many women who were about to take a large bite but stopped themselves. Another excerpt:

She spreads a cracker generously and brings it to her mouth. Then she pauses for a moment as though she’s sizing up the cracker to decide if she can manage it in one bite. After thinking for a minute, she bites off half and gently places the rest of the cracker back down on her individual plate.

Stopping to reconstruct large bites into smaller ones is a feminine eating behavior that implies a conscious monitoring of bite size. It indicates that women may deliberately change their behavior to appear more feminine.

I also observed changes in the ways women used their napkins when dining with a male vs. female companion. When their companion was a man, women used their napkins more precisely and frequently than when their companion was another woman. In some cases, the woman would fold her napkin into fourths before using it so that she could press the straight edge of the napkin to the corners of her mouth. Other times, the woman would wrap the napkin around her finger to create a point, then dab it across her mouth or use the point to press into the corners of her mouth. Women who used their napkins precisely also tended to use them quite frequently:

Using her napkin to dab the edges of her mouth – finger in it to make a tiny point, she is using her napkin constantly… using the point of the napkin to specifically dab each corner of her mouth. She is using the napkin again even though she has not taken a single bite since the last time she used it… using napkin after literally every bite as if she is constantly scared she has food on her mouth. Using and refolding her napkin every two minutes, always dabbing the corners of her mouth lightly.

In contrast, women dining with a female companion generally used their napkins more loosely and sparingly. These women did not carefully designate a specific area of the napkin to use, and instead bunched up a portion of it in one hand and rubbed the napkin across their mouths indiscriminately.

Each of the behaviors observed more frequently among women dining with a male companion versus a female one was stereotypically feminine. Many of the behaviors that emerged as significant among women dining with a female companion, on the other hand, are considered non-feminine, i.e. behaviors that women are instructed to avoid. Behavioral differences between the two groups of women suggest two things. First, women eat in a manner more consistent with normative femininity when in the presence of a male versus a female companion. And, second, gender is something that people perform when cued to do so, not necessarily something people internalize and express all the time.

Some SMH Soft Bromance™ headcanons, as requested by @hellaswawesome:

  • Platonic snuggling. Obviously not all of SMH, some people have things about not liking to be touched or only liking to be touched by certain people and the team respects that, but movie nights at the Haus are a sprawl of bodies tangled together on the floor of the den, Ollie and Wicks casually spooning on the couch, and the few non-participants in chairs they pulled in from the kitchen, tossing popcorn at each other.
  • Bitty’s Love Pies™ are a Haus meme (“You can taste the love in every bite! Except when Bitty’s mad!! Then you taste the rage.”) but the concept is totally true. Anytime anyone has had a bad day they know they can come into the kitchen and just sit and listen to Bitty chatter. It feels like home: the best possible version of it. When they eat the pie, some players say it feels even better.
  • Ransom knows everyone in the Haus’s coping strategies when they get stressed. He’s always so grateful when Holster (and everyone else, but mainly Holster) helps him during exams, and he just wants to make sure everyone always knows they can expect the same support from him. 
    • Especially Holster. He copes by taking really long showers and rewatching episodes of 30 Rock while eating italian ice. Ransom always makes sure they have it stocked in the freezer just in case Holster needs it. 
  • They keep a tally to see how many times each pair of them has been mistaken for a couple. Ransom and Holster are definitely in the lead now, but Jack and Shitty were almost tied with them a few times.
    • Mostly because Shitty was always naked and sprawled over Jack. There was a scandal a few years back where someone took pictures of them together and “IS JACK ZIMMERMANN GAY?” headlined. They were able to set the story straight (heh, puns)
      • Jack is very not straight, but is now glad that that story ran bcos now anytime anyone makes any assumptions about him dating Bitty he can be like “Dude ESPN ran that story three years ago, you’re gonna have to go farther for shock value.”
  • They have songs for their best bros. 
    • Ransom and Holster’s is “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. 
    • Holster and Bitty’s is “Popular” from Wicked
    • Bitty and Ransom’s is “Get Me Bodied” by Queen B
    • Dex secretly thinks about Nursey when he hears any love song whoops
    • Holster and Nursey’s is “Wasted” by Tiësto
  • Ransom and Holster have slowly begun to phase the ‘B’ out of their Bromance, but neither one of them has brought it up yet 
Unsolicited Advice

Although I am not “active” on Tumblr anymore - I watch you all soar, transform, and triumph. I check in daily. I may be a silent observer, but I see you, I applaud you, I admire you.

Nearing three years post op Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, I am old news. A broken record of disordered eating and exercise addiction. Stagnant. A participant of non-consensual maintenance. I don’t feel like I have much to contribute.

Tonight, like most nights, I’m awake. Staring at my ceiling. Ruminating thoughts fighting slumber.

This is on my mind:

Looking back on the past three years, my biggest weight loss surgery mistake, my deepest regret is the emphasis I placed on the "honeymoon period.” The notion that the bulk of my success would only be achieved in the first 12-18 months following surgery put me on mission with a vengeance. All or nothing. Tunnel vision. No room for living. No room for moderation. I followed my diet to a T. I exercised consistently. I put all of my effort and passion into winning this race. My hobbies fell to the wayside. I lost myself. I sacrificed everything, but I never reached that illusive goal weight. I was a mere six pounds shy. I never recovered and I’m left with an internal clock that is wound too tight. Constantly ticking. A driving force of anxiety.

Sometimes I weigh 184 pounds, sometimes I weigh 200. Regardless of where I fall on the spectrum my body fat percentage is in the normal range, my resting heart rate is classified “Athlete” and I have the most goddamn beautiful quads. This should be the validation I need to consider myself a success, but it’s not. When I reflect on my journey as a whole I don’t exclaim “I lost 179 pounds!” Instead my mind says “Why can’t you lose those last 14-30 pounds?”    

Using beratement as motivation is a dangerous, dangerous thing. This tactic was ultimately more destructive than the prior habits that initiated my weight loss journey. You may reach the numeric and physical goals you set for yourself, but you run the risk of never feeling satisfied. Your success will never be enough.      

I am a firm believer in “You Do You,” but sometimes I slip and fall prey to human nature and assert my opinions where they don’t belong. This is one of those times. 

So here it is. I am unapologetically giving you my unsolicited advice:

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle. For every ounce of pressure you put on yourself to succeed, double those efforts to love yourself. You are kind. You are worthy. Show yourself the grace and compassion you extend to others.

The ability of the government to use violence greatly exceeds that of the rebels. Indeed, violent rebellion often strengthens oppressive regimes which can plausibly claim that rebel violence necessitates repression. Government’s comparative advantage lies in violent action. The comparative advantage of the people, in contrast, lies in their ability to deny their cooperation without which it is nearly impossible for government to persist. Consider the deadliness to a government of tax strikes, boycotts, general strikes, and widespread refusal to obey the law. While these tactics are nonviolent, their universal and unyielding use should terrify any government. Nonviolence has other advantages as well. Because it seems less dangerous and radical than violence, it more easily … wins broad public support. The costs of participation are lower, so more people are likely to participate. Traditional non-combatants like children, women, and the old can effectively participate in nonviolent struggle. It is more likely to convert opponents and produce internal disagreement within the ruling class. It generally leads to far fewer casualties and material losses than violence. And since it is more decentralized than violent action, it is less likely to give rise to an even more oppressive state if it succeeds.
—  Bryan Caplan, “The Literature of Non-Violent Resistance and Civilian-Based Defense” Humane Studies Review, Vol. 9, No. 1 (1994)

“You can’t imagine fame. You can only ever see it from an outsider and comment on it with the rueful wisdom of a non participant. When it happens to you, it doesn’t matter what age or how, it is a very steep learning curve. The important thing to realize in all of it is that life is short, to protect the ones you love, and not expose yourself to too much abuse or narcissistic reflection gazing and move on.” -Benedict Cumberbatch

“Meet The Aro Day”

Meet The Aro Day will occur on May 25, 2015!!! 

It will be a movement to promote awareness of the aromantic community (both asexuals and non-asexuals). 

All participants will post 5-10 random facts about themselves. It’s a humanizing idea that isn’t based around selfies (though no one’s to stop you if you want to include a selfie)

For those who are not out or are uncomfortable posting their facts on their own blogs, I have created the blog AroDayPosts, where anonymous submissions can be made. I will post and reblog anything submitted to this blog as well as any thing tagged #aroday.


is there room for one more on the trans visibility bandwagon??? bc my gender is–[loud truck passes by]