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Rey Kenobi doesn’t make any sense. 

The only woman Obi-Wan ever really had feelings for was Satine, and before they were reunited during the Clone Wars, they hadn’t seen each other since Obi-Wan was a padawan over a decade before. 

So, if they had a kid together, it would either have to be when Obi-Wan was a padawan or during the Clone Wars, Neither of which are really possible.

Obi-Wan said that had Satine said the word, he would have left the Jedi Order. Which can be translating to them not acting on their feelings for each other, as Obi-Wan likely wouldn’t have compromised his heavily Jedi-based morals and beliefs. Sure, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have sex with each other, but I find it highly unlikely that he would have tried something considering how he felt about her. Or accepted any advances initiated by her. So, Kenobi baby here is highly unlikely, if not impossible (plus, unless the kid has Rey really really late in their life, Rey would be Obi-Wan’s great granddaughter, not granddaughter).

If they somehow had sex during the Clone Wars, which I also find unlikely with everything going on, but whatever, it would be really obvious when Satine would no longer be able to hide her pregnancy. I’m sure that even if Obi-Wan never knew, the news would be pretty big. Satine wasn’t just some background character with no power, she was a very powerful and prominent woman, people would figure it out, as they would have with Padme in a perfect universe where nothing bad happens. 

So, if not with Satine, then with some random woman…after ROTS? After Anakin fell? After Padme died after giving birth to the twins? After, as far as Obi-Wan is concerned, probably, the Jedi’s teachings about attachments were proven correct? After he pretty much became a hermit and dedicated his life to watching after Luke? Does that really seem like a likely scenario? 

Maybe it’s just me, but Rey Kenobi feels a bit like character assassination, Obi-Wan’s assassination. 

Plus, the main Star Wars story is the story of the Skywalkers (other Star Wars stories exist that are non-Skywalker centric for this reason, guys), and there are too many Rey and Anakin parallels for them to not be related.


Haikyuu!! non-official mobile game available on Android!

(iOS Version)

Name: にゃんこバレー部奮闘記 ニャンキュー!!

Developer: superbear second


Chase the unforgivable crow who stole the meat buns as the animal(?) version of Hinata Shouyou!  Collect volleyballs and meat buns while dodging the ‘enemies’, including Oikawa Tooru, Kuroo Tetsurou and Kozume Kenma.  You can also meet up with the teammates from Karasuno High School Volleyball Club to help score more volleyballs during the game. If you meet the team captain Sawamura Daichi, he can show you 'a sight from the top’…?


-Tap the screen to jump!

-Double-tap the screen to double-jump!

-Dodge the obstacles by jumping and collect the volleyballs and meat buns!

(Please note that this summary is NOT the translation of the description of the game.) 

FYI to all my followers: I will be reblogging only officially released promo material for episode 3.02. That means anything released by BBCAmerica or Space, such as stills on their sites and trailers. I will be tagging all of it as spoilers.

I will not be reblogging anything I see that is not official from 3.02. I have not watched the episode and I don’t intend to until Saturday. I want my blog to be a leak-free place, but still partake in the promo material. 

And just to everyone who has watched the episode: please don’t reblog or post any gifs/edits/stills/quotes/anything that mentions episode 2 outside of official promotional material. You’re ruining the fun for everyone else by doing this, and it’s not fair. We waited so long for our show to return, please let us all enjoy it!