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Sammy Jam (Lampblack City Reprise)
themeatly games ltd. / WarWasp 26
Sammy Jam (Lampblack City Reprise)

(A revision of Sammy Jam for a revised Sammy Lawrence… From sheep to shepard, since those dark days down in Joey Drew Studios, Sammy has come a long way, in spite of, or perhaps because of his inky prison of a body. Who knew being a terrifying ink man could garner you so much reverence? And all it took was a little Ink on the streets for his flock to begin to gather before his anotherness. They came for Sammy’s power, but they stayed for his big ideas.

My brother (War Wasp) has been working on little tunes for Lampblack, as if they would be used in the hypothetical game, just because… it’s fun. He’s great at making music, but he hasn’t felt ready to share anything he’s made yet, until right now! Everything else he’s been working on is completely original, but in discussing what kind of music to do, I asked if he’d try out a “Sammy Jam” reprise for powerful-faction-leader-Sammy-Lawrence, as a step up from the original “Sammy Jam” which belonged to a pretty pathetic guy, and in my opinion he NAILED IT! What stands out most to me, besides it just being more energized in the best way, is that he turned those pieces of the original meant to be a little broken and deranged and turned them into powerful, intentional parts of the song; which totally mirrors how Lampblack!Sammy took his disturbed state and turned it into power. I can’t stop listening to this. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! -HG)

lowkey want a gc where i can just talk about liam and:

  • complain about how liam doesn’t know the definition of ‘soon’
  • proceed to take back every single complaint i made about liam taking forever with his solo music once he actually drops something
  • scream about his solo music and photoshoots

(also not really into actively hating cheryl or think the wee baby payno is fake)

if you’re interested…. like let me know or something…………..


Haikyuu!! non-official mobile game available on Android!

(iOS Version)

Name: にゃんこバレー部奮闘記 ニャンキュー!!

Developer: superbear second


Chase the unforgivable crow who stole the meat buns as the animal(?) version of Hinata Shouyou!  Collect volleyballs and meat buns while dodging the ‘enemies’, including Oikawa Tooru, Kuroo Tetsurou and Kozume Kenma.  You can also meet up with the teammates from Karasuno High School Volleyball Club to help score more volleyballs during the game. If you meet the team captain Sawamura Daichi, he can show you 'a sight from the top’…?


-Tap the screen to jump!

-Double-tap the screen to double-jump!

-Dodge the obstacles by jumping and collect the volleyballs and meat buns!

(Please note that this summary is NOT the translation of the description of the game.) 

FYI to all my followers: I will be reblogging only officially released promo material for episode 3.02. That means anything released by BBCAmerica or Space, such as stills on their sites and trailers. I will be tagging all of it as spoilers.

I will not be reblogging anything I see that is not official from 3.02. I have not watched the episode and I don’t intend to until Saturday. I want my blog to be a leak-free place, but still partake in the promo material. 

And just to everyone who has watched the episode: please don’t reblog or post any gifs/edits/stills/quotes/anything that mentions episode 2 outside of official promotional material. You’re ruining the fun for everyone else by doing this, and it’s not fair. We waited so long for our show to return, please let us all enjoy it!