non official stuff


“Family is everything to me… you have to know that.”

FYI to all my followers: I will be reblogging only officially released promo material for episode 3.02. That means anything released by BBCAmerica or Space, such as stills on their sites and trailers. I will be tagging all of it as spoilers.

I will not be reblogging anything I see that is not official from 3.02. I have not watched the episode and I don’t intend to until Saturday. I want my blog to be a leak-free place, but still partake in the promo material. 

And just to everyone who has watched the episode: please don’t reblog or post any gifs/edits/stills/quotes/anything that mentions episode 2 outside of official promotional material. You’re ruining the fun for everyone else by doing this, and it’s not fair. We waited so long for our show to return, please let us all enjoy it!