non objective sculpture


The process of Matrix

I first began by gluing the mirror to my base.  I had to use construction grade adhesive to ensure the mirror was safely attached.  Then I taped the mirror to the base and let it dry for 48 hours.  Afterwards, I was able to begin gluing the acrylic onto the mirror.  I used a glass jewelry glue, so the glue dried clear and was not noticeable.  I had to use multiple objects to prop precariously placed pieces.

It took around 20 hours to complete this work.  There are a total of 96 acrylic blocks in the piece.


Gravity - Courtney Jackson 2014

Wooden blocks, painted in Golden acrylic, mounted on wooden base

As a continuation of the theme of reflection, I used metallic paint to create literal reflection, while using visual symmetry to add a more subtle use of the theme.  I wanted to make the blocks appear like they were floating off the board, so I mounted them on their corners.  I differed the directions of the large and small blocks in order to create movement in the piece, and play with the effects of shadows.


Fractured - Courtney Jackson 2014

Mirrors on wooden rods, painted in black acrylic, mounted on wooden base

I created my first concentration piece using the theme of reflection.  I created distortion by using rods of different heights and radii.  I included multiple pictures in order to show the true appearance of the piece, which is hard to capture because the surface is completely mirrored.


Matrix - Courtney Jackson 2015

Acrylic on mirror

I explored distortion and illusion within this piece.  I wanted to create the appearance of a variety of shapes and sizes of acrylic, even though I only used one size.  By building on top of a mirror, I created the illusion of a larger work of art.  Each acrylic block is perpendicular, which reminds me of the matrix.