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Oh et puis j'ai envie de te dire que t'as le droit au bonheur autant que les autres, que t'es pas normale non t'es différente, j'ai envie de te dire fume si ça te fais du bien le temps d'un instant, bois si ça t'aide à oublier les mauvais moments et arrête, arrête de regretter tout ce qui te rend heureuse, j'ai envie de te dire vis, arrête de te prendre la tête, d'écouter les autres abrutis, cette vie t'appartient les autres ne seront plus là dans 5 mois ou dans 5 ans. Qu'est-ce qu'on s'en fout de leur jugement sérieux, rien ne leur convient jamais de toute façon, pas vrai ?
—  A

Also I had a white dude guess my ethnicity just from my smile, this is so bizarre

He tried to guess it without me smiling and got it wrong, then I did and he immediately said Moroccan

How the fuck??? Normally non Moroccan people have a really difficult time placing me. Amazing

hey listen, if you think crushes between straight kids are adorable and pure but you think it’s inappropriate to show the same type of puppy love between gay kids, you need to check yourself

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How's the WINGS tour so far? Are you enjoying it?

JK: >:D

why you should watch andi mack:

  • centers around an asian-american family
  • normalization of interractial couples (asian-american mother, white father)
  • mature storyline
  • continuity of said storyline throughout the entire season
  • a main and supporting poc cast
  • created by the creator of lizzie mcguire
  • said creator picked the cast based on their normal, non-glamed up looks
  • possibly storyline about sexuality for one of the boy characters
  • similar to gilmore girls w/ mother-daughter relationships
  • no laugh track or bright, unrealistic sets
  • relatable characters
  • just a cute ass show tbh.
  • me, a year ago: g/t is my deepest darkest secret.... i can only view terribly rendered giants in icognito mode.... i can never tell anyone, i will be seen as a Freak, no one must know that i am small

“Scusa, non sono una persona con cui è facile stare”

hc idea that Nino will be the first one to know that his friends (and Chloe) are superheroes.

And with that he will be the one saving them in school and begin telling excuses to save their asses cause hell knows non of them is good at lying. 

“Adrien? He must have been call for a photoshoot. You know my bro. And you know his dad too, Ms. Bustier.”

“Marinette had to help her parents with an order! She must have forgotten to excuse herself, Ms Mendeliev,”

“Alya is trying to record another video for her blog, you know how stubborn she is about her self being, but here, she gave me her homework.”

“Chloé? Eh, who knows, probably hiding somewhere.”

(he starts telling better excuses for Chloé when he notices how she saves his girlfriend more times that he should have expected coming from her, both in and out of costume)

Hai presente quella sensazione di essere mai abbastanza? Di non valere nulla, di non essere l'amica perfetta, di non essere la ragazza perfetta, di non essere quella bella, di non essere quella simpatica, di non essere quella spontanea, di non essere quella alta, di non essere quella che ha tutti i ragazzi dietro, di non essere quella che tutti chiamano alle feste, di non essere mai quella per cui vale la pena, di non essere mai abbastanza per tutto. Ecco io sono quella “non abbastanza per nulla”

Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people how I simultaneously love girls so freaking much but also have internalized lesbophobia that makes it harder for me to view myself in a loving and committed relationships with a woman because of society’s fetishization of lesbians and wlw to the point where being with a girl just feels like I’m part of some kink to get straight men off


I guess you…saved me. So…
- Cool.

“can men and women be just friends?”

yeah if you dont socialize boys from birth to only see women as sex partners/objects and normalize healthy non-sexual/romantic friendships between men and women