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D&D monster concept

Non-newtonian slimes

Hitting them harder does less damage

Their AC is 13 and you have to roll below it to hit

especially effective against high-level players

Walking on quicksand is possible because it’s a non-newtonian fluid.Basically, there are lots and lots of sand particles suspended in water but as there are so many, when you step on it the water is forced out and it becomes a solid. If you waited in one spot then you would sink in.


Meet Oobleck ( Corn Starch )- A Non- Newtonian Fluid!

It is a fluid, but not the conventional type. You can walk or even dance on it and yet not sink. Under the percussive action of the speaker, it abstractly behaves as a solid! 

You can dip your hands in it and play around with it like any other fluid. But if you try to punch it ( see animation ) it becomes hard ( like a solid).

Bewitching isn’t it?

PC: Slowmoguys, Discovery, Hong Leong Bank.

French fries are delicious. French fries with ketchup are a little slice of heaven. The problem is it’s basically impossible to pour the exactly right amount. Ketchup can’t seem to make up its mind. Is it is a solid? Or a liquid? The answer is: it depends.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why is ketchup so hard to pour? - George Zaidan

Animation by TOGETHER

I wanted a milkshake but because I am a lactose-intolerant sadsack I could not simply purchase one

so I blended a scoop of Ben&Jerry’s new dairy-free ice cream (peanut putter cookie flavor), a tablespoon of actual peanut butter, two bananas, a handful of frozen raspberries, and about two cups of almond milk and holy shit

this is the most decadent thing I have put in my mouth. It’s…. kind of like drinking a pb&j sandwich, but in a good way.


I took these photos for posterity- the date is April 19th, 2017. Today we got the most glue we have ever had the opportunity to obtain since the beginning of known time. As you can see, we now carry clear glue in gallons. The slots for regular glue are completely filled. You now have a choice in brand as well. 

Prediction: people will still only use Elmer’s Glue because the tutorials suggest Elmer’s. It is a lie. You can use any of them. Brand names are a construct, they must be defied. 

We also have kits to make specific kinds of slime.

Including poop. 



Yes! You, too, can make a non-newtonian fluid that looks just like human feces after an enthusiastic trip to Golden Corral. Kit includes plastic flies and corn kernels. 

William Shakespeare would be so proud of us.

But don’t worry, mom and dad! We’ve got something for Little Suzie, too! Presenting- Unicorn Poop: brightly-colored rainbow slime with little gemstones inside. You can have an awkward conversation with your child about how unicorns are extinct because shitting out literal diamonds caused the entire species to experience anal lacerations and that it was not an adaptable feature. 

Or perhaps it would just be easier to say that Darwin killed the unicorns.

Of course… no one really ever buys the kits. The big draw for most of the kids is to be able to customize it yourself and experiment with materials, so making something from a kit doesn’t really appeal to people. (We’ve even had trouble selling the glow in the dark kind. I mean… dudes. It glows in the dark!)

So as we’re talking about it, my boss makes a face at the poop slime (oh god, I just had flashbacks to June 2016) and says:

“I really hope no one wants to make that at the next one.”


Deer in the headlights. 


“Oh, the Slime Bar was such a success that we’re having another one in two weeks.”

Hello Darkness, my old friend….

It is going to be a long, long summer. 

You know, a lot of people don’t realize this but….

The animals at the zoo represent so many opportunities for biologists around the world to learn basic information about, well, animals! We get research proposals all the time from researchers, both among our own staff and globally, seeking permission to include the animals in their research. We approve the proposals that are of the greatest scientific value, that have potential to help us even further improve our qualities of animal care, and that are certain to cause no harm of any form to the animals. Recently two papers were published in major academic journals by scientists from regional universities that contribute some fascinating information to the global body of knowledge about animals.

Dr. Bonnie M. Perdue (Department of Psychology, Agnes Scott College) published: Perdue, B.M. 2016. The effect of computerized testing on Sun Bear behavior and enrichment preferences.            Behavioral Sciences 6, 19; doi:10.3390/bs6040019

The field of comparative cognition investigates species’ differences and similarities in cognitive abilities, and sheds light on the evolutionary origins of such capacities. Dr. Perdue realized that, while cognitive studies commonly are conducted with animals such as dogs, elephants, primates, and even giant pandas, many animals have never been studied. So, she applied some standard methods, using an ingenious rugged computerized touchscreen apparatus, to our sun bears. Bears typically use their tongues to explore and manipulate their environment and, she found that the bears actively engaged the touchscreen menus with their tongues.

The screens had dabs of honey on them in the earlier trials, to draw the bears’ attention to these novel objects. Once familiarized with the screens, the bears proceeded to learn to interact with specific color- or shape-targets on the screen in exchange for treats. Soon, the bears were preferring to interact with the computer screens more than any of the other enrichment items available to them. This study discovered a new method by which bears can be studied and showed that the experiments were preferred by the bears who actively involved themselves at every opportunity. This is fascinating stuff!

Alexis Noel (a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech) and her colleagues published: Noel, A.C., Guo, H-Y., Mandica, M., Hu, D.L. 2017 Frogs use a viscoelastic tongue and non-Newtonian saliva to catch prey.           Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14: 20160764. 

Frogs can capture insects, mice and even birds using only their tongue, with a speed and versatility unmatched in the world of synthetic materials. How can the frog tongue be so sticky? In this multi-faceted study that included some frogs here, used high-speed films of frog feeding to understand the behaviors involved in tongue-feeding. Then they used high-tech measurements and characterizations of frog tongues at Georgia Tech to investigate the structural properties of frog tongues and saliva.

They found that the tongue’s unique stickiness results from a combination of an incredibly soft and stretchable anatomy soft and a saliva that simply does not follow the normal rules of how liquids respond to pressure. The tongue acts like a car’s shock absorber during insect capture, absorbing energy and so preventing separation from the insect. The unique saliva spreads over the insect during impact, grips it firmly to the tongue, and yet it slides off easily once it is back in the mouth. This combination of properties gives the tongue 50 times greater work of adhesion than known synthetic material (such as everyone’s favorite, the sticky-hand toy). These insights offer many new ideas and models for applications in industry and engineering. Yet more proof that frogs are the coolest animals on Earth!
To learn more things people dont realize about zoos here ~>  Zoos Queues

romananalogicality  asked:

heyy would you be willing to write some fluffy & adorable platonic interaction between Logan & little!Virgil ? i love your age-play writing!! c:

Analogical of any kind is my jam! (and little!Virgil is irresistible! He’s so sweet!) This started out not completely sweet and fluffy, but I promise it turns around in the end! I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Nonsexual age play, little bit of Logan angst
General Tag List: @frustratedwaffle, @prplzorua, @justanotherpurplebutterfly, @tssanderssidestrash, @thebeautyofthomas, @daenerysraine

Willing though he is, Logan is rarely called upon as Virgil’s sole caretaker when he is feeling the need to indulge in age play. Logan tries not to mind–after all, Patton is the paternal trait, he provides the parenting instinct and warm, fatherly affection that Virgil no doubt craves, while Roman is both adventurous and brave, better suited for playing pretend and providing protection.

Logic plays very little part in Virgil’s need to distance himself from the responsibilities and cares of his adult life, even if roleplay itself is a very logical coping mechanism to use. So it stands to reason that Virgil would not wish to spend that time with him, Logan.

And Logan doesn’t mind. Truly. Jealousy is irrational at the best of times, and even more so here, where Virgil’s well being should be Logan’s first concern. The time he spends with Roman and Patton is very, very good for him, and Logan would not want to take that away.

Besides, there are still “family” movie nights, when Virgil will move indiscriminately between laps, when Logan has the chance to hold his warm, pliant, trusting body close for sometimes even an hour at a time. And Logan has seen him carry the stuffed bear that Logan conjured up for him on more than one occasion–he obviously appreciates Logan’s acceptance and encouragement.

Rationally, it would be ridiculous to want more than that. And Logan knows this, reminds himself of it often. Virgil’s happiness is more important than Logan’s inability to adequately control his own emotions, and this does make Virgil happy. That’s worth any of his own momentary discomfort.

Still, none of his logical, rational thought stops the warmth that fills his chest and makes his traitorous eyes water, the night that Virgil does come to him.

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For many fluids, the relationship between force and deformation is not simple. The catch-all name for these materials is non-Newtonian fluids. In a recent episode, the Hydraulic Press Channel did some experiments extruding a couple non-Newtonian fluids: oobleck and a temperature-sensitive putty. What they demonstrated is that a fluid’s response to the forces it experiences can change depending on the rate at which force is applied.

Take their putty example from the latter half of the video. When the hydraulic press pushes the putty slowly, it extrudes in a smooth, semi-solid string. When they increase the pressure driving the hydraulic press, it pushes the putty more quickly, causing it to spray out of the die in a shredded mess. What they actually did here is surpass a threshold for what’s known in manufacturing as the sharkskin instability. This behavior occurs due to long-chain polymer molecules in the fluid. Inside the die, flow near the walls is slowed down by friction but moves freely in the middle of the pipe. When the walls are suddenly gone, flow at the outside accelerates to match the inside of the stream, which stretches the polymers until they can snap free of the die. The result is the rough, saw-tooth-like pattern seen here. (Video and image credit: Hydraulic Press Channel, source)


because of this post and my ongoing love affair with the entire concept of fantasy scientists

  • attempted to tag displacer beast… it was 5 feet behind me 
  • got a physics lesson in non-newtonian fluids attempting to tranquilize a gelatinous cube
  • in the field studying mimics, failed to find any… until i went to pick up what i thought was my notebook 
  • thought my vehicle proficiency would get our wagon through a local swamp. two wheels later, that was not the case
  • hide behind “boulders” in some weird bushes to escape from a dragon, find out the hard way they’re roc eggs & nest
  • lost campsite, found it again! lost it once more when i realized those were actually will-o’-the-wisps
  • cast speak with animals to ask wildlife where the nearest owlbears are, only to be out of spell slots to actually talk with them once they’re found!

anonymous asked:

So where would I need to submit my art on Discord (for the contest)? Is it the artist_hovel chat?

No.  You’re welcome to share your work there if you like, but to make an official submission, just send a message starting with @Non Newtonian, then drag and drop an image of your work right into the message field and send.  (Adding the image will work a little differently if you’re using the mobile app)

You can find the submission instructions in the #public_annoucements channel too.  Or you can just inquire about it in the #general channel.  People there will point you in the right direction. =)


The Tubeless Siphon

Certain non-Newtonian fluids which are elastic display a large resistance to extensional flow. Such behaviour leads to fluid flow arrangements which are simply not possible using ordinary Newtonian fluids. These flows manifest themselves in a variety of ways. 

In the so-called ”tubeless” syphon, a fluid can be made to flow up through an unsupported liquid column above the free surface of the liquid. One way to achieve this is by slowly withdrawing and raising a syringe from a pool of the liquid below.

In the ”open channel” syphon, after initially commencing the flow of an elastic fluid from a beaker, the fluid will continue to flow up the side and over the lip of the beaker for some time, despite the level of its free surface having fallen considerably below the top of the beaker. In this way, the slightest spill will cause the beaker to partially empty in what is commonly referred to as a ”self-syphoning” effect.


Me: “How can I be so contrarian that merely being told I can’t do something makes me want to do it, AND so agreeable that I bind myself up into agreeing to things I don’t want to do out of an aversion to minor conflicts?”  

Friend: “You’re a non-Newtonian fluid.  If I push hard, you aren’t going to give, but if I keep slow and steady pressure on you, you’ll melt.”  

Me: “…that is good insight, shit.”  

Wishlist #6

Mystery man Gaster as a non-newtonian fluid.