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'It was obvious he was muslim' REALLY? So white Christians don't commit terror attacks? I fucking hate you. I hope these 'dangerous' Muslims hunt you fucking down and kill you.

When’s the last time a white Christian deliberately rammed his vehicle into a crowd of people and stabbed a police officer to death while chanting “Praise Jesus Christ!” compared to the last time Muslims have done so in the name of Islam? It doesn’t take a genius to know a Muslim was involved the moment we heard about the nature of this attack, turned out to be exactly correct once again and the fact that it’s so easy to predict a Muslim as the perpetrator just proves that we have a very serious, disproportionate problem with this religion in the West and all over the world. It’s a primate, tribal religion whose religious leader is a blood thirsty warlord, can anyone be that surprised? 

Lol thanks for proving to everyone the true nature of “moderate” Muslims, it’s exactly what I’ve been talking about. When we say that a large proportion of Muslims are radicalized, that doesn’t mean that they’re all terrorists, it means that they hate and despise non-Muslims, Western values and they want anyone who critizes Islam to be killed which is what you’ve just showed us - in fact under Sharia, anyone who insults Muhammad or Allah are to be executed. 

All the polls I have posted show that these “moderate” Muslims living in the West hate gays, they hate women, they believe terrorism and honor violence is justified and they refuse to assimilate and adopt Western values, they view non-Muslims as dirty and refuse them entry and force them to pay money to Muslims (Jizya) as a sign of their inferiority. Students refuse to condemn ISIS as it’s apparently Islamophobia and when Muslim students in UCSD were asked to condemn Hamas (a Muslim terrorist organisation set on wiping out Jews world-wide) they refuse to condemn them also. This is because while they may not be terrorists, they still hold much of the same beliefs. This is what is meant by radicalized Muslims, it’s not all about terrorism. 

The whole point of this discussion is to provide awareness of the mentality which you so clearly possess. If someone scrutinizes or points to very real problems within Islam, it gets labeled Islamophobia and death is called upon us. We often hear “if you say mean things about Islam, it will make more Muslims turn to terrorism and it will be your own fault”. This narrative just proves how radicalized and on the brink of terror moderate Muslims are if they will turn to blowing themselves and others up because some girl on tumblr proved Islam has flaws. So much for Islam having nothing to do with terrorism. Lol I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect example than yourself, some people think I’m just making this shit up so thank you for proving to us what we already know. Islam has never been the religion of peace.