non meus

Salvete, Gaius Iuli'us Caesar sum et pilorum album quam nivem habeo et aureos, sed interdum virides lauros et imperium Romanum construxi et eius eram quasi primus Caesar (sic merui nomen meum) et multi indicant mihi me Marcus Crassus similem esse (si non scitis Marcus Crassus, vobis opus est pecunia). Brutus non est filius meus quod est bonum nam ET TU, MI FILI???!?. Iamia sum sed dentes rectos et albos habeo. Pallidam cutem habeo. Etiam, maga sum magicum ludum, nomine Pigverruca, visitans quod desinam (ego sum MMCXIV), veni, vidi, vici. Classicus sum (si vos id non suspexistis) et multas togas emptas in Basilica Iulia habeo. Ratio amo et bellum Gallicum gero. Veluti, hodie omnia Gallia occupata. Omnia Gallia? Certe! Non est vicus parvus inter Aquarium, Babaorum, Laudanum et Brevisbonum. Ambulabam foris Pigverruca. Ninxit et pluvit et Gallia divisa erat in partes tres, quod me fecit felix. Marcus Porcius Cato me observavit. Digitum medium illo monstravi.

Tevinter slave

She couldn’t count the syllables in her name, a battle with an ultimate defeat. She traced the lines of her strong jaw, wondering if she was gifted any of her mothers features.
She caught her own eyes in the reflection of a goblet, silver on silver. The curved surface hid the true expression of her face; showing only the glimmer of her decorations, fused into her skin and hair. Another defeat.

Atelas, her younger brother, shared the stormy clouds that found refuge in their irises, a moving sky reflected in a tranquil sea. She wondered if her mother really fell for her father because he had told her that the ocean in her eyes was where his world rested; this is what she told Atelas when he asked her, dirt on his cheeks and cuts on the soles of his feet.
She told him she could remember them, the smell of cherries in late summer rain.
But she couldn’t even remember her own name.

“Galain!” It bellowed like doom down the hall, bells ringing, a known desperation settling deep in her gut; a snake, hissing.
She allowed herself a moment behind closed eyes, reminding the nervous cells in her skin that atleast she still was.
She was and she would still be.
Actus me invito factus non est meus actus.

“Galain!” He shouted again, and she knew, she knew and she withered, twice for a crime commited in negligence.
“Venio, messere” she resigned, collecting heavy books in her broken embrace.
The hall was great, silent, but for the clinking of her golden cuffs rushing ahead of her in a humiliating crescendo.
She settled with the dust as the tomes fell open to the floor, lifted againg by the three enchanters circling a group of young elves, worth naught more than a trial of recently discovered magic.

“Altiora etiam petamus,” they demanded as they cut her skin, prying it open to weep.
She focused on the same sentence of the chant she was forced to recite, blood swirling around her in a growing fog, consuming the lives of the young men; her hands begging for forgiveness as they rose towards the ceiling.

Na via lerno victoria - Only the living know victory.

Ay Deus, se sab’ ora meu amigo

Ay Deus, se sab’ ora meu amigo
cum’ eu senneira penis en Vigo!
E vou namorada.

Ay Deus, se sab’ ora meu amado
com’ eu en Vigo senneira manno!
E vou namorada.

Com’ eu senneira estou en Vigo,
e nullas gardas non ei comigo!
E vou namorada.

Com’ eu senneira en Vigo manho,
e nullas gardas migo non trago!
E vou namorada.

E nullas gardas non ei comigo,
ergas meus ollos que choran migo!
E vou namorada.

E nullas gardas migo non trago,
ergas meus ollos que choran ambos!
E vou namorada.


anonymous asked:

What's really sad is that not even all the MeU who went to smtown could get lightsticks. And the non meu who also wanted a luna lightstick to support her couldnt get one either. I know some shawols and sones tried getting one but couldnt. I kno she has the smallest solo fandom in f(x) but they treated her like she was some nugu with no fans. Imagine how she thinks knowin sm dont even believe in her popularity?

I saw that :( Did you see the MeUsWithLuna tag on Twitter? Lots of people in that tag were not MeU. The amount of love and support she got for being there all alone was incredible. Hopefully they get their act together and have adequate stock at SMTOWN Japan when she’s all alone again. Hopefully organizers keep that tag going for all her solo SMTOWN appearances and it can be even more used next time.