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Storm gathers

Let that hair fly freely in the wind while you have it, Thor. MEANWHILE I love seeing the weather change with his mood, it’s still good :’))
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Good news and bad news

Hey guys!

It’s official, I will not be keeping my job. I want ya’ll to know what’s going on because I do feel you’re a big part of my life, even if I don’t get to talk to all of you personally.
Today our regional manager is coming by the store I work to “talk” about my contract termination; and honestly, I don’t really give a flying fuck about what he has to say. I was told I had a good chance to stay after I was transferred, and that chance lasted about three days. To say I feel cheated is an understatement.
Aside from that, I feel relieved. First, because I have clarity, no more stressing or panic. Second, it turns out that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be for some time now. (About two years, took me a while)
I didn’t feel comfortable but I didn’t notice because I just kept going, instead of stopping for a moment to see how I was actually doing.
All in all, a blessing in disguise. I already have an invite for a job interview, which is awesome, because I only sent out my resume yesterday. If I get this job, it’ll allow me to continue school with the same teacher and in the same class. So, fingers crossed!

I want to thank you guys (again) for all your amazing messages and support. I really wish I could make a living out of writing (since I don’t just do fanfiction, I have actually been working on my own story) but I don’t see how I could.

On to the next point: are you guys interested in reading something non-marvel or Bucky related? Let me know!

I love you guys! 💕 and thanks again :)

I have such a weakness for ships where at some point one is brainwashed and supposed to/has been sent to kill the other but doesn’t through *~the power of love~*

I mean

It’s a trope

That I apparently 

can’t get enough of. 

Send help.

anonymous asked:

First of all, hope you enjoyed the holidays of course. Anyway, there is pretty much always a ton of drama in the gaming press/discussion forums at any given time for one reason or another. Do devs talk about this stuff with each other in the office or is it not a concern?

We might discuss it among ourselves over the figurative water cooler, but not in any real seriousness. We’ve all got our own things to work on. We really only care if we get a significant reaction from multiple metrics and it’s directly related to our project. Most of the time the gaming media and/or forums mean very little because the public literally doesn’t know the half of it. Most of them don’t know what’s actually going on, and there are an awful lot of armchair financial analysts who want to believe they know better than we do. That might seem dismissive to say, but before you start judging me, let me give you a real example of a scenario where the community for one of the games I worked on started getting really ornery. 

Imagine this: The game I was working on was a licensed property - a very well-known licensed property - and the license owners were putting out a big budget product launch with that license in a different medium and wanted to focus all license-associated marketing presence on that launch. The license owners were so focused on this product launch that they put out a mandatory marketing blackout on all licensees not directly associated with that product launch for one month in each direction from the launch of that product. If you don’t quite get it, imagine if Disney decided to stop all non-Avengers related Marvel properties (e.g. Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-men, etc.) from promoting themselves during the final months of the marketing campaign that led up to the newest Avengers movie, in order to focus the public’s attention on the Avengers and not cannibalize attention. This resulted in a two month span of time that we were not allowed to market our game. At all. 

This meant that we couldn’t promote any new content, we couldn’t advertise our existing stuff, and severely hamstrung our ability to put out new content because we didn’t want to release content without actually letting people know what was coming. The players were upset - we were being quiet (because we had to be), and they were clamoring for new content because they always want new content. The hardcore fanbase called us negligent, lazy, said we didn’t care, and had many other choice words to describe us. Granted, we often got this sort of thing from our hardcore fans all the time anyway, so it wasn’t too big of a difference. Still, it wasn’t ideal for us, but we had to bear it.

The situation really put us between a rock and a hard place because you just can’t admit to your players that you’re going silent on content and news for two solid months for a game that’s still actively supported by the dev team and publisher - that translates to torpedoing your own player base. You also can’t publicly point the finger of blame at your license-holders for wanting to push their big budget product either - it’s a terrible idea to speak ill of your business partner. You certainly can’t tell the public what’s going on either - not if you want to stay in the good graces of the license holder, anyway. So you just grit your teeth and continue development silently because you don’t have any other good choice.

In situations like this, there really isn’t much you can do. It doesn’t have to be a business restriction. It might be some developer putting his foot in his mouth during an interview, or a marketing plan that players really didn’t like, or a business model that the fans violently reject, or even some kind of perceived beef between a company and an individual. Regardless of what crazy scenario it is, the press and fans out there will always be chasing it somehow somewhere, and they’ll never have all of the facts to have an informed opinion about it.