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Hi, first of all I love what you're doing with this blog, it's very helpful! The protagonist of the story I'm writing is non-binary but I don't know anyone who identifies that way and was wondering if you had any advice on writing them?

Since we received this question, @scriptlgbt was born, so I’m hoping they’ll see this and reblog with an A+ answer.

However, I do think it’s important to note that while finding someone who identifies as non-binary (or any individual with specific experience in anything) is important, their experience doesn’t necessarily speak to the whole. Because we’re individuals, and one person who identifies as non-binary may have a completely different experience as someone else who is also non-binary. So to wonder if we have advice on writing “them,” makes it seem like we can draft up one true, right way to write about these characters. And I don’t think there is one right way, or even two or three. 

Three non-binary characters may share that in common, but if they grew up in homes with vastly different support systems, or if they were open about it or forced to hide it, or if they faced bullying for even more than just their gender identity (race, sexuality, disability, ect.) then that compounds their ability to embrace their identity as a whole, and depending on the character’s coping mechanisms, they may evolve in various ways. 

However, just because you write a non-binary character does not mean you have to write about non-binary social issues. You can still tell a story that’s independent of the character’s gender identity. I feel like that’s one way we start to show that it’s normal, but I know there are various opinions on this, because ignoring the social issues might minimize how marginalized they are as a group.

I’d love for anyone to chime in, reblog, add comments, especially if you identify as non-binary, so this anon can be setup for success. 


here’s your not so friendly reminder that if you are against bi/pan/non-lesbian sapphic women identifying with butch or femme, you’re simply upholding the consequences of the lesbian feminist/lesbian separatism movement of the 70s-80s, which was disgustingly biphobic, vilifying bi women for being attracted to anyone who wasn’t a cis woman and tearing them from communities they were previously a part of & helped build <3

From non-binary to gender critical

So, not many of you know this, but from about mid-2015 to early 2016 I identified as non-binary. Now there are a couple of reasons I did so.

1. Anorexia screwed with my hormones. When males are underweight (in my case 48kg at my lowest, with a Body Mass Index of 15), their testosterone level drops dramatically, which messes with the balance of testosterone and oestrogen in the male body. However, with still higher testosterone than a female body, it left me with something in between; not quite ‘female’ and not quite ‘male’ (even though I was, still am, and always will be very much male). It’s really, really hard to explain. However, this was about 5% of the reason.

2. The other 95% is because I felt I had to. The discourse around the LGBT+ community right now perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes. I, however, break societal norms as a gender non-conforming (GNC) man. For a boy like me - who loves flower crowns, flowers, dancing, baking, makeup and other traditionally ‘feminine’ things, and who is kind, gentle, curious, caring and loving, and who even looks ‘feminine’ - the label of ‘masculine’ doesn’t fit me. I didn’t fit the stereotype put forward by toxic masculinity, therefore I couldn’t be a ‘man’. So I turned to the LGBT+ community. What did I get? I got “No, you’re not a man, you must be non-binary!” To them, I didn’t fit the traditional gender stereotypes, therefore I wasn’t a man, and I could identify out of being one. Not only that, but I also have quite severe body dysmorphic disorder. People in the libfem and trans community told me that this is body dysphoria (it is not).

There is an immense amount of pressure put on GNC men and women (particularly on GNC lesbians and gay men) to identify out of being lesbians and gay men. Society can’t handle us, and apparently neither can our own community. How about that, our own community can’t handle a butch lesbian or a fem gay man, so they want us to identify out of it.

I could have identified as non-binary for the rest of my life, but I have my friend and radical feminism to thank for snapping me out of this delusion. My friend is a de-transitioned lesbian radical feminist, and she told me something I had trouble dealing with. Gender and gender stereotypes are bullshit. I am masculine because I’m a man. The notions of masculinity enforced by the patriarchy - and upheld by liberal feminism - don’t mean anything. My masculinity involves wearing makeup, dancing, baking, kindness, gentleness and everything that is me. She taught me that it is up to GNC men and women to reject the categories that society tries to force us into, to stand up and say no, we are masculine/feminine, nothing that anyone can say will ever take that away from us, and that traditional notions of masculinity and femininity are bullshit.

This really did help me, and it made me realise just how much liberal feminism has become a tool of the patriarchy to uphold oppressive gender stereotypes.

Not only this, but the whole ‘non-binary’ category allows people to attempt to identify out of privilege. You can be heterosexual, rich, white, male and masculine presenting, but if you decide to identify as non-binary, you suddenly become oppressed. 

There is no doubt in my mind that people, whether it be on a conscious or subconscious level, do this. How many times has a man (sorry, non-binary person) - who is heterosexual, white and masculine presenting - told you that he’s more oppressed than you on the basis of his gender? For the women out there, how many times has he said that you benefit from being women while he doesn’t benefit because he’s ‘non-binary’. It’s happened to me, and the man in question had a full beard and a man-bun.

The question is, if you have to continually keep telling people how oppressed you are, who are you really trying to convince?

I hope a GNC gay man or lesbian out there reads this. If you are one of these people reading this, I want you to know that you matter and you are valid. Your identity is yours, and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

when anyone says ‘you’re saying only people assigned female/male at birth can be women/men!!!’, a fundamental misunderstanding has already taken place.

the issue isn’t who is “allowed” to be a man or woman - gender criticism is all about the fact that those intangible states of being don’t exist. there isn’t a higher, metaphysical state of ‘being a woman’ beyond female embodiment (or vice versa - ‘being a man’ is just male embodiment) in a patriarchal misogynistic society, which only people of one biological sex can experience. 

now, if the issue is rephrased to view ‘woman-ness’ or ‘man-ness’ as a set of social codes and behaviours, then yes, it’s possible that a person of any biological sex could in theory conform to these, and be treated as a member of that group. however, those codes and behaviours are not innate, they are learned, so deciding that someone’s ability to conform to codes and behaviours other than the ones they were originally socialised for does nothing to prove that those categories of ‘man’ or ‘woman’ really exist or do anything other than harm people by enforcing a hierarchical power structure.

most if not all problems of misogyny originate from sex oppression - based on a hatred for female embodiment. trying to displace those discussions, as if misogyny is a hatred for ‘woman-ness’ (meaning the codes and behaviours expected of female people) makes the issues impossible to solve by obscuring their origin, and perpetuates a kind of victim blaming attitude, where it seems logical that women could escape oppression by either not conforming to femininity or ceasing to identify as women. this, obviously, doesn’t work. what is needed instead is a return to identifying the root cause of misogyny (and patriarchy itself), which is hatred not for the feminine, but the female. any female person who wants to join in female liberation is welcome, regardless of how they identify, because identity is not what is being legislated against and attacked, but an undeniable biological reality.

Listen. This is a post for all non-kin, anti-kin, and extremely misinformed otherkin out there: Otherkin is not an LGBT identity.

Otherkin isn’t a sexual orientation, nor a gender identity. Being otherkin is non-physically (most frequently spiritually or psychologically) identifying as non-human–and yes, I’m looking at all the people who claim “I can define the word otherkin and how it applies to everyone however I want, there is no set definition of otherkin! uwu” when I say this, because that type of mindset and incorrect information is a part of why people misunderstand what otherkin is so frequently. 

Implying that otherkin is, somehow, an LGBT identity is harmful both to the otherkin community and the LGBT community, because you’re blatantly ignoring what both communities are about, and spreading complete misinformation on them at the same time. This also applies to the fictionkin community and the LGBT community, and any other community found under the alterhuman umbrella as well.

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A friend told me that a "queer activist" (his words) in Berkeley stabbed a bunch of people a couple weeks ago but I haven't seen anything about it anywhere. Do you know about this?

Ah that would be the Pablo Gomez Jr. case. He identifies as “non-binary” and was in “Latinx studies” (I understand the “x” is for gender neutrality but outside of the US in actual South American languages isn’t used because it makes no sense) and was part of the “Queer Alliance Resource Center” at Berkley.

He stabbed two women, killing one.

if right now today, every single person in this entire world identified as “non-binary” and used they/them pronouns, guess what? the same half the population would still be oppressed by the same other half. it doesn’t matter what men and women “identify” as, women will still be oppressed by men, regardless of what they call themselves. the oppression of women by men is not an “identity”, it is sex-based, you do not get to choose whether you will be oppressed or an oppressor. 

Next up is Chara (and a bit of Frisk)!


Apathetic yet logical–Cynical with a lot of philosophical insight–

They’re not known to dally with affairs unless they find personal interest in it.

Role in Monofell

Notable Differences

  • They, along with Frisk, identify as non-binary. Please respect this.

  • They are exactly 10 years old.

  • A very important detail to their design is their lack of pupils.

  • They keep their word.

Hi friends!

As we all know, the English language has a very important word when dealing with non-binary people and transgender people in general. The pronoun ‘they’.

‘They’ helps us talk about someone with gender disconformity and it’s another option for people to choose pronouns from. In Spanish we don’t have that option.

Many Spanish-speaking gender non binary people face a lot of invisibility problems because they don’t even know what to call themselves. That’s why we’ve created this petition. By signing here you will allow thousands of gender non conforming people to finally have a word to express themselves with.

The petition is sent to the Real Academia Española (RAE- Spanish Royal Academy) which is in charge of making all of the new spanish words, rules, dictionary, etc. 

Your signature could help thousands of gender non conforming people around the globe!
What It Means To Identify As Non-Binary
"I’m very adamant about making sure people understand that I am somewhere on the spectrum, but I’m not a man and I’m not a woman.”

As the queer community demands room for more nuanced identities beyond the binaries of gay and straight, man and woman, we at The Huffington Post want to let those living such experiences speak for themselves. So we spoke with Jaz Joyner, a person who identifies as non-binary. Joyner, a programming manager at AOL who uses the they/them pronouns, spoke with HuffPost’s Noah Michelson on our most recent episode of “The Spectrum,” a bi-weekly series where we explore diverse identities within the LGBTQ community. 

Joyner explained that being non-binary means not identifying as either male or female. They said they often refer to themselves as “pretty boy,” “femme boy,” “non-binary guy” or “trans person.”


Beauty Witchcraft

You know what I wanna talk about? Beauty Witchcraft. What do you guys add to your beauty routine? As a beauty blogger, I’d like to discuss! (Let’s hear some input from non female identifying persons as well!) Here’s some examples of what I do on the daily:

- sigils written in concealer under foundation

- glamours while putting on makeup

- cleansing meditations while wiping off makeup and cleaning face

- adding colored ribbons to hair with a magical correspondence

- wearing false lashes or mascara or even eyeliner charged with a “see through the bullshit and lies” spell

- wearing a headband charged with a memory spell

- adding glitter to my eyeshadow as a glamour to make people notice me more and think I’m dazzling.

- charging my concealer to hide blemishes; on my skin and in my character

- lipstick charged with a love spell

- nail color charged with a spell (i.e. everything I touch turns to gold spell and wear gold polish)

What can you you guys think of? Give me some good ideas and I’ll feature my favs!

- Lav (beauty blog is @flawlessdomination for those interested, but it’s a mundane blog)

Terms of the non-human community you should probably know:

Otherkin (Otherkinity) - Someone who either spiritually or psychologically identifies as non-human.

Therian (Therianthrope) - Someone who spiritually or psychologically identifies as an animal that exists or existed on earth.

Theriomythic -  Essentially the same as Otherkin, but identifies as a feral/uncivilized creature from myth, and is animalistic in nature. 

Fictionkin (AKA Otakukin) - Someone who either spiritually or mentally identifies as a fictional character or of a creature from a fictional series.

Draconic (Draconity) - Someone who spiritually or mentally identifies as a dragon. 

Animafidem (Animafidemism) - Someone who spiritually identifies as non-human, because they believe their soul is non-human.

Cerebrumalius (Cerebrumalia) - Someone who psychologically identifies as non-human, because they believe their brain responsible.

Incarnate (Reincarnation) - Someone who believes they are an incarnation of someone/something from a past life.

Otherhearted - Someone who strongly identifies with something non-human.

Copinglink - Someone who creates or has an identity to cope with mental illness. Not the same as an otherkin or therian.

Kintype - The type of being an otherkin identifies as.

Theriotype - The type of animal a therian identifies as.

Spirit Guide - A spirit of any species that guides you along your path. A seperate entity from your being.

Awakening - When you realize that you identify as something other than human and discover what you are on the inside. “Awakening your otherself”

Astral Limbs - The sensation of limbs that you do not possess in this life, that one believes exist on the astral. 

Supernumerary Phantom Limbs - The sensation of limbs you do not posses in this life. 

Phantom Limbs - The sensation of a limb or limbs someone used to have, but have lost or were amputated. (Not the same as supernumerary limbs and not non-human)

Astral-Shift - (A-shift) Spiritually shifting into that which you identify in the astral realm. Although it is believed one can take any form there.

Mental-Shift - (M-shift) Mentally shifting into the mentality, instincts, and urges of that which you identify.

Aura-shift - When someone’s aura field takes the shape of that which they identify.

Cameo-shift - A temporary shift into something that doesn’t last and isn’t actually you. Often confused with an actual shift.

P-Shift (Physical Shift) - Turning into that which you identify physically, which under any circumstance is not physically possible. This does not and can not happen.  Any claims of this are liars, scammers, or under delusional impression.

Greymuzzle - An older member of the community, usually having been a member for at least 10 years, or are someone highly respected. 

 Fledgling - Newer members of the community, usually for no longer than 1 year. 

Polykin - An otherkin with multiple kintypes, or having more than one thing that they identify as.

Polytherian - A therian with multiple theriotypes, or having more than one thing that they identify as.

Cladotherian - A therian who believes they do not just fit one specific species, but the whole species or “clade” of that type. (Ex. Not just a housecat, but all species of cat) 

Positive Vibes

It didn’t matter if you have way more body hair, on your chest, on your hands, on your bottocks, on your face, or and your feet than other ppl who promote it in bodypositivisme, you are still non-binary as long you identify as non-binary and you can be proud of your body and not feeling guilty for it.

Literally though, if you refuse to agree with my post about pansexuals you literally refuse to identify transgender people as male or female you like to separate them, sick of all the people on here, “what about agender or bigender” or any of that bullshit. trans people are not non binary because they identify as male or female… fuck me it isn’t hard to understand, I hate all this gender shit but seriously this community or whatever, it needs to stop with the 10000000 genders.