non huma

Hand poked for Huma, photo taken two days after tattooing. Thank you Huma for a wonderful afternoon. 


In truth, Gina was no fan or empires or emperors for that matter. Oftentimes, she found them to overbearing, far more arrogant than any human being should be, and honestly, a lot of them were just a bit insane. There were some pleasant ones she had met, but she always prepared herself for disappointment. But in her line of work, one had to deal with them.

This certain emperor went by the name of Gallus of the empire of a place called Taria. Or maybe it was his uncle. The reports had been rather unclear about that. Nonetheless, she found herself being sent there, along with Enkidu. Hopefully, his non-humaness wouldn’t cause too much of a panic.

“I’m going to make a good impression,” she told him.

Which is why when they finally came to a stop, she promptly fell off the horse while trying to disembark.