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Lo cercherai ancora, inutile negarlo. E in mezzo alla gente avrai l'ansia di incontrarlo, come la prima volta che l'hai visto. E l'ultima volta che l'hai perso.
eiffel back home headcanons

ok strap in losers its time to talk about doug’s experiences back on earth after this shitshow is over

  • this guy can absolutely not get enough of cooked breakfasts. like decent hot food generally is a godsend but there’s something about a cooked breakfast that makes him appreciate being alive
  • if he gave a single fuck about fashion before he certainly doesnt now
    • probably looks like a disaster 90% of the time but he’s loving it
    • shops at thrift stores but has stopped worrying about looking classy in any regard
    • completely down to wear crop tops
  • he has a notebook of things to catch up on a la steve rogers
    • (a reference which he will get by the time he’s done with his list)
    • eiffel’s pop culture reference arsenal getting updated is probably the bane of minkowski’s existence and enough to make her miss space (but not really)
  • he takes quite a while to get used to gravity again so he’s always trying to leave things suspended in the air
  • forgets short people (minkowski) can’t reach the high shelves because she can’t just float up there any more
  • probably the kind of person who has an absurd amount of questionably useful things on them at all times
    • “eiffel, do you have a hairdryer in your backpack?” “of course, i’m not an animal”
      • sidenote brooklyn nine-nine is his new fave show
  • actually laments over memes he missed and will never have the opportunity to use
    • probably still dabs tho someone stop him
  • whenever anyone asks him what he was doing before he just says in a very sincere voice, “oh, well, i was actually a foreign correspondent for aliens” and it’s the best cover story he could hope for
    • random coworker: so, has eiffel ever told anyone what he actually used to do?
    • second random coworker: nope. there’s a betting pool going on. my money is on secret military experiment
    • random coworker: what? that’s nuts. i think he’s probably an assassin on the run from the feds


Humans Are Weird #3

What if there was an intergalactic war going on, and most sides were tough and scary looking with a couple non-threatening groups just trying to get by, and then humans were introduced into the equation and we just friendship-ed the universe into not having a war?

There have been many instances in human history where we befriend things that could theoretically kill us in an instant. For example: domesticating wolves, cuddling tigers, having actual non-lethal bear hugs, riding moose, etc. What if, once one of the non-threatening groups picked us up, and we accidentally stumbled into one of the intimidating sides bases, and we just made them our friends?

Like, the ship lands, and there are giant rock-looking things with spikes and permanent glares and look ready to eat them and one alien whimpers and whispers to the humans “These are one of the larger contenders in the war, and one of the most dangerous. We need to evacuate and retreat. Now.”

And one human just ‘d’awwwwww’s and says “They need hugs” and waddles their way over, heedless to the danger they’re putting themselves in and ignoring the shouts of the crew behind them, and just straight up hugs one of these giants and pats the highest place they can touch, which is their hip, and goes “Wanna be friends?”

It turns out that yes, these giants really, really do want to be friends with these tiny, adorable flesh bags that give them hugs and need to be protected. 

Eventually a peace treaty is made, because there are humans that are friends with every side now, and those humans are like “time to settle your petty squabbles that are hurting the rest of the known universe” and they do, a peace treaty is put into place, and the universe is saved because humans can’t stop making friends with dangerous things.

I’ll probably make a post later on the opposite, since humans are willing to do some pretty messed up things too. 


Hugs vs aggressive hugs, a lesson in greeting your long lost brother on your doorstep by Stefan Salvatore 😅

I love how, in this panel, every gif on the right is just a softer version of the one on the left.


Dawn Squad

From top to bottom: Darren, Connors, Ralon, Lyrene, Cyrus

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Kookie ^^ if you and jimin had to be in a couple costume what would you two dress up as? Aside from bunny and cabbage since u already did that ^^

JK: Well, we asked our hyungs for some ideas … and all I can say is that I blame Jin hyung and his puns…