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Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people how I simultaneously love girls so freaking much but also have internalized lesbophobia that makes it harder for me to view myself in a loving and committed relationships with a woman because of society’s fetishization of lesbians and wlw to the point where being with a girl just feels like I’m part of some kink to get straight men off

Things that Make the Scale Lie

Here is a list of things that will make the scale say you’ve gained weight:

•Bites, Licks, & Tastes add up
•Not enough water
•Too much alcohol
•Lack of sleep
•Lots of fruit, not enough veggies
•A change in your daily routine
•Lack of variety in food
•Lack of exercise
•Not eating enough
•Lots of carbs, not enough protein
•Not enough fiber
•Rationalizing (a.k.a. EXCUSES)
•Not portioning food
•Medications (don’t change/stop medication just because of weight gain!! Talk to your doctor)
•Too much sodium
•Exercising right before weighing yourself (Lactic Acid- your body retains fluid to heal muscles)
•Not eating breakfast

Non-Scale Victory~!

I have gone down from a size 20 jean and a size XXL in tops to 16 in jeans and L in tops!! Yess so excited. Now it will be easier to find things my size instead of having to pass things up! No more plus size sections for me ! :)


“Chicken of the woods” (Laetiporus sulphureus)

Chattahoochee national Forest
September 21st 2015

There are generally two types of Chicken Of The Woods. One that has yellow pores and one that has white pores. We generally find the white pore variety close to the ground where the old trunk or roots of a decaying tree still remain. The yellow poor variety is usually found growing on the trunk of a dead or dying tree. Personally we prefer the white variety because it seems to be a little thicker which makes it slightly better when cooked. We have posted photos of both white and yellow variety. But regardless of what variety you find it is a tasty edible! The texture is really like chicken meat. If one were to slice the mushroom thick, sauté them in a pan with butter and chicken stock, one would easily believe that they are eating chicken. It’s great in a roast or a stirfry too.
It’s exciting when finding this mushroom because it pops out of the forest with its bright orange and yellow color. It’s beautiful and is supple to the touch. Here in the Southeast, we wait until the temperatures change, the leaves begin to turn, and have had about a week of rain. We keep an eye out when hiking or when driving the gravel roads in the mountains we keep our eyes peeled and take it slow.
We consider the Chicken Of The Woods mushroom in the top five safe mushrooms for beginners to forage. Always consult an expert before consuming wild mushrooms. Below is a link to further reading on this mushroom.

Chicken Of The Woods Wikipedia link:

We hope this post finds you doing well!



Polyam Feelings #022

Wandering the aisles of a store with your partner[s], giving each other PDA occasionally and getting confused glances from others.

hey @ingthing, i just saw someone reblog your post and add in the tags, “this is a good explanation of mlm fetishizing”. i just have to wonder, was this your goal? that someone could listen to your obviously non-mlm opinions and agree with them rather than the voices of mlm (and especially trans mlm!) who are extremely bothered by the homo- and transphobia that omegaverse as a trope in and of itself is built upon, and then say, “yes, this non-mlm’s opinion is right regarding what and what isn’t mlm fetishization”?

it makes me draw conclusions, but i’m open to changing them if you were to answer what we’ve written instead of hiding behind “some of my mlm followers doesn’t think that i’ve done anything wrong” (opinions, though valid, shouldn’t let you dismiss the worried voices that come to you)

Poly Principle: Every Relationship Must be Able to Stand on its Own

As a polyamorous person, have you been tempted to expand your polycule as a way to mitigate concerns about your current relationships? Perhaps you’ve had a partner suggest that whatever you’re dealing with might be easier if you had another partner?

Have you felt like your polycule must always collaborate to solve any issues all together, or else you’re doing it wrong?

Here’s a theory: every relationship must be able to stand on its own.

Time and again, this is a concept that I’ve returned to. Though it can sometimes take greater courage from everyone involved, dealing first with individual relationships – even within a larger polycule – tends to simplify everything.

If a relationship between A and B isn’t quite ideal, B starting to date C isn’t going to directly address whatever needed fixing between A and B. If contentment in A & B’s relationship is dependent on B having a relationship with C, then the relationship between A & B isn’t in a healthy spot. A & B need to find a way that their relationship can be healthy even if it’s the only relationship that either of them are in, since there’s never any guarantee that any other relationship will start, or continue, to exist. Mind you, this applies regardless of whether A & B consider themselves primary partners, anchor partners, secondary partners, casual partners, or anything else. 

Let’s say, now, that A, B, and C are all in a triad. Maybe A feels jealous about the time that B is spending with C. Let’s say there’s a complicated dynamic in play, and A wants B to do something differently with C. It might be tempting for A to ask B to change their behavior with C to help A feel better. This is a red herring. A and B need to find a way to feel stable in their relationship, between only the two of them, that doesn’t involve B changing their private behavior with C. The relationship between A and B must stand on its own. For that matter, so must the relationship between B and C, and A and C. 

When I was in a triad, during the occasional times when I felt overwhelmed by the dynamic between the three of us, I felt relief by breaking it down into the separate dyads. All I really needed to worry about was my individual relationships (which numbered two) with each of my partners. If I could ask for what I needed from each of them, and they (individually) from me, and I could also assume they were doing the same with each other, then the previously complex-seeming triad relationship suddenly felt a lot simpler. I like that a lot.

This is just an idea. This is not a concept I have heard discussed a whole ton in my poly communities. What do you think of it? I welcome your feedback and would love to discuss this!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips for studying for a subject you absolutely despise? ((looking at you Social Science -.-)) anyway, if you would have any tips that would be a great help! Thanks <3

Hey! Omg yes, my little demon was maths + corporations law fml. I’m sure everyone has a subject they absolutely hate with a fervent passion but have to get through. 

Here’s a few tips for studying a subject that you absolutely despise: 

1. Do the bare minimum 

Lol, let’s be honest here. There’s going to be subjects that you love and there’s going to be subjects that you hate. You don’t have to love every subject that you study - all you have to do is pass. 

So, canvass your syllabus/ course outline and see what you’re going to be examined on. Tab the relevant sections of your textbook and ignore the rest. Look at the broad areas of your course and how much weighting they’re given (e.g. the number of weeks dedicated to studying that portion, the assessment %, the type of questions in practice exams). 

Often you’ll find you’ve just condensed the course to about… well ¾ of your textbook/ reading materials. And out of those chapters, its not like you need to memorise all of it - just the key concepts (see: the intro, the conclusion and probably one body paragraph outlining the key example). 

All those extra readings? Fuck it. That set of extra essays or ‘areas of academic interest’? Screw that. If its not going to make up a huge portion of your examinable content, leave it to one side. 

Condense the course to the bare minimum you need to study so that you can pass. Sure, it’ll be an ugly, barely scraped through pass, but hell that’s all you need.

Use that time for a subject you enjoy. 


2. Leech off someone who enjoys the subject (this includes your teacher)  

Sometimes, its a matter of finding what other people love about it. Finding a friend or another student who is passionate about the subject you hate, asking them what the enjoy about it or heck, just seeing their enthusiasm may help you appreciate the subject. Sure, you’re not going to love it but heck, at least you understand the appeal.

+ people who are passionate about a subject tend to love sharing their knowledge. Engage in casual conversation, ask them questions about areas you’re struggling with etc. 

And they may even point to an area or a niche area of the subject that may pique your interest. This leads me to my next tip…. 

3. Putting it into context 

Sometimes we hate a subject when we can’t put it into context - e.g. “what the fuck is the point of learning how to transform a fucking graph!” 

Ask someone what they love about a subject. Maybe they know an advanced application of what you’re learning that leads to an area of interest. 

Google shit. Youtube shit. Maybe you’ll find a small aspect that may help you appreciate the subject. Because the mere study of the subject doesn’t necessarily reflect its practical application. For example, I found contract law extremely boring and dry – it wasn’t until I started working in the area and realised how these contracts affected the buildings/ events/ my general day to day life that I really began to enjoy contract law. 

4. Be strict with your time

When you have a subject you hate, its easy to put it off to one side. Be strict with your time. Allocate a set time period to do your required homework/ reading etc. Clear your desk of any other subject, books etc phone. Anything not related to that subject goes out the fucking door. 

Start small - maybe 30 mins. After your allotted time is up - MOVE ON. The pomodoro method may help in this regard (see an intro post to the method by @etudiance

When you start out, it may be that you spend those 30 mins staring blankly at a book. But by day 6, with routine and time, you’ll eventually start slowly chipping away at what you need to do. 

As to the sequence…. I liked sticking it in between studying two subjects I enjoyed. So I could start my study session with something I liked, then do my allocated hour of doom and have something to look forward to later. 

5. Find a different way to study the same shit 

This depends on your study method tbh. But perhaps find a new way to study what you don’t enjoy - whether that be swapping out those flashcards for a mindmap, dictating as opposed to writing shitones of notes, youtubing videos on the concept etc. 

However, this doesn’t mean procrastinating. Don’t kid yourself - spending ‘3 hours to tidy up your desk before you start work so you can be productive later’ isn’t going to achieve your goal. You’re just putting off your work. Same with re writing the heading of your notes 10 times so you can get the right colours and fonts. 

Rather, space that ‘productive procrastination’ out between your study. Have a 30 min ‘preparation session’ before you study where you clean your desk, get all your supplies, draw up your headings. If you don’t finish, tough - relegate the rest of that prep in your breaks. Move on and get cracking with studying. 

6. Reward yourself! 

After you’ve finished that chapter? DO SOMETHING YOU LIKE. NON STUDY RELATED. Preferably healthy. 

+ heck, sometimes the motivation that comes with nailing 3 exam questions in a row is enough to keep your confidence and momentum up. 

Here’s a few more pointers from some other studyblrs! 

If you want specific resources re: social science give me another shout and I can dig some up (wasn’t sure what level you’re studying at), or check out some studyblr community lists etc (e.g. @studyblrindex) and I’m sure there’s someone who will be happy to help out (OR SCREAM INTO THE ABYSS TOGETHER W. YOU) 

All the best!  

Look….it’s sUPER interesting how we have an established love interest…and yet y'all r trying to imply that yousef isn’t, in fact, Sana’s love interest. Because, every other season has had a fast establishment of a love interest, and there’s been no fight put up. Y'all were over the moon when Evak was established, but this incredible Muslim girl of colour has a healthy relationship with a beautiful boy of colour and all y'all can do is grasp at straws and complain abt how things are “too perfect” mayb Julie is trying to show that Muslim girls can have nice, healthy, non-mysogynistic relationships, unlike what western media mostly chooses to portray. For the moment, maybe just take a breather and relax