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I wanted to make a lil’ something since the last episode of Wander Over Yonder airs today, so I sat down for 9 hours and made this instead of sleeping. I absolutely love this show and I’m going to terribly miss this orange furball ;w;

Thank you for all the good times, Craig McCracken and crew!  

kiddoryder  asked:

How you like Hater and Peepers now in season 2

I love what they’re doing to Peepers. I’m not sure if something big will happen to him during the course S2, but I hope I’ll get to see him interact with more characters , other than Hater, even if I do like their new dynamic.

Hater’s evolution is fine, though at times it does feel like he’s a little too silly. Nothing major, plus it is a comedy show, everyone here act silly from time to time. He’s on a way on becoming a good guy, it can be a little harrowing for him.

writingcyan  asked:

For your #spiteworks2k17, I don't understand the point about "anons only." Are the antis supposed to be anonymous? How does that work? What if we see them reblogged on our dash? Are /we/ supposed to be anonymous? Then were do we post our works, if we can't post them on our own blogs? Are we supposed to submit them somewhere? Please advise. :)

As in, if you’re going to respond to inbox hate with problematic trash just to flip off the hater, only do it to anons. For people willing to come scream at you under an account they actually use, take whatever action you otherwise would: block, tell them privately to go fuck themselves, tell them publicly to go fuck themselves so everyone can see what an asshat they are, etc.

For a few reasons:

1. #spiteworks2k17 is an attempt to make something constructive out of a destructive act that there’s just no worthwhile way to respond to. Non-anon haters can at least be publicly outed for what they are; with anons, there’s just no benefit to posting a response. Unless you respond by pointedly doing the exact thing they’re trying to bully you out of doing.

2. If it becomes a thing, it might be an incentive for people to put their actual usernames behind their aggro bullshit. Turning anon hate, in particular, into a joke would also undermine the practice of sending oneself fake anon hate as a cheap, easy way to garner sympathy and make the other side look bad.

3. I honestly think this will be about ten times funnier if the spitefic is never, ever targeted at a particular blog, no matter how richly they deserve it. It pulls the rug out from under the antis’ persecution complex.

(Other reasons I really like the idea: it underlines the difference between those yelling in defense of their right to create, and those yelling in order to censor and suppress.)


We all know this scene from The Monster at the End of this Book, right? Remember how it immediately started a debate between shippers and non-shippers? 

Wincest-haters said, “Sam & Dean were skeeved out by the idea. So there!” Wincest shippers responded with, “Who cares? The show mentioned us. SO THERE!”

But think about this for a minute: The show essentially took the audience by the hand and said, “Hey there, casual viewer. See those hot brothers? Some people like to think about them getting naked and buttering each other’s toast. Any interest in that?” 

How many new shippers did that scene recruit? WHAT KIND OF SHOW DOES THAT?? Supernatural. Supernatural does that and I love it. 

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Yes but this show specifically decided to tell the story of one flash fam member, Barry. I don't see them getting rid of the starlabs team to bring in the flash fam. They love the team stuff

They also love the family stuff. The team is not essential. When people (the non haters) talk about the heart of the show it’s always Barry’s relationship with Joe or Iris. And honestly, the team is definitely stunting Barry’s growth a bit because he doesnt have to rely on himself to figure shit out, even as the “leader”. Barry doesn’t get to think, even though we know he’s supposed to be super smart.
Wander Over Yonder shipping survey
So I've heard that the galaxy is ending but do you have a moment to answer these simple questions about relationships in WOY

I did it! The form is now live and you can now tell me about your favorite ships in Wander Over Yonder! I don’t know if anyone was actually excited about that or not but here it is!

If you have the time, please consider filling out this survey and/or reblogging this post so I can get more data points for more accurate analysis!

If you’re curious about what answers I get, I’ll make periodic posts about what I find in the #woy shipping survey tag.

Update 6/26: Added popular write-ins.

I get it...

Based on a random, non-sampling of the hater posts, it would seem a huge portion of them are all from fans of another actor nominated in the same category.  Hmmmm…

I get it now….

anonymous asked:

opinion on yixing leaving exo? for me i think it's bs

agree. i dont read or listen to bs rumors. cuz most of the time its either haters or non-fans who dont know shit about exo that spread these rumors.

The "non-shippers"
  • non-shippers: OMFG I despise X ship they are toxic and can possibly be triggering to some people, those who ship them are disgusting!
  • shippers: You can always blog the tags.
  • non-shippers: OMFG how can you say that so lightly? *makes a wall-long essay justifying their arguments*
  • shippers: Well okay, I respect your argument but where I stand does not change.
  • non-shippers (bordering on haters): YOU ARE HARMING PEOPLE BY SUPPORTING THE SHIP!
  • non-shippers: OMG LOOK! X blog which obviously ship X makes a post about that ship again, how utterly horrendous!
  • non-shippers: *comments on every little thing the shipper does*
  • non-shippers: *repeatedly state that they are a victim of some sort of abuse and that their argument is perfectly justified because of that*
  • non-shippers: I can't stand this fandom! *but does nothing to block the tags*
  • non-shippers: *makes anti-blogs devoted to their most hated ships*
  • non-shippers: *obsesses over the shippers*
  • shippers: ....
  • shippers: ...... sigh.

He tweeted about how we should change the term “daddy issues” and say “father troubles” instead (I don’t really remember the exact words) and some people called him out.

He replied with this, and then proceeded to delete the tweet. And that’s how Ezra Koenig ALMOST became my problematic fave. But I’m sorry to inform his non-existent haters that MY FAVE WILL NEVER BE PROBLEMATIC 💯

Doctor Who Challenge (non hater) - Day 10: Scariest Episode

Gotta be honest with you - unless something’s downright horror (and I don’t watch horror) I don’t scare easily. I’m not scared of the Weeping Angels or the Silence or gasmask zombies. I don’t find Who particularly scary at all, really. It’s not the show’s fault either - the same goes for the X-Files and other shows people call scary. It doesn’t scare me much unless it’s an outright horror movie.

I did choose a scariest episode, though, the Waters of Mars - the rest is under cut for spoilers.

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