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Do you hate ships in general or just gay ships?

I never said I hate ships, it’s more like I’m not into shipping of all kinds and other romantic stuff.
You ship all ya want on your own but I want none of it if you offer it to me.

It ain’t my thing, ya dig? XD

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Aurie, about the part in the Uprising Arc where Eren tells Jean not to bring mud tracks onto the floor and adds that it will displease Levi, most haters/non-shippers argue that Eren acted that way because he was worried and was afraid of what Levi might do to him. Your thoughts?

This made me laugh, because from all the things people could say from that moment, that one is probably the one I less expected!

But if, as you say, they were haters, it isn’t rare that they will try to interpret the facts on a way that suits their intentions…

My opinion on that scene is way different from that though!

It happens during chapter 51, they are preparing things before Levi arrives to the cabin. Eren has been of course cleaning because of this, but Jean, Sasha and Armin accidentally ruin his work while bringing the supplies inside.

Eren is definitely not happy with this! And he clearly tells Jean that Levi won’t be satisfied with their actions. Eren has been on Levi’s squad for longer, and he knows what Levi will be expecting of them on that regard.

However I do not think this has anything to do with fear! Eren isn’t scared of Levi’s reaction, or anything of the sorts. I’m going to jump a little bit further until the start of Chapter 52, after Levi arrives and when he discovers they haven’t cleaned as well as they should have.

Eren’s reaction in here always makes me laugh, haha. But I want to focus on Levi’s. He simply acknowledges their “lax cleaning job”, but he barely reacts to it. Yes, he has other priorities at the moment, but also this is just not such an important thing, and definitely not something that would upset Levi that much.

Fandom sometimes exaggerates things, and both Levi’s obsession with cleanliness and his violent tendencies are probably the two things that get exaggerated the most.

It’s true Levi has been violent on some occasions, but only when he truly has a reason for it. I might not agree with his methods in that regard, but he’s not going to beat them up for not cleaning some dirt under the table! And he might want things to be clean, but he isn’t going to suddenly go crazy if everything isn’t perfectly inmmaculate.

So I do not think Eren is scared of Levi reacting that way. I personally think Eren is not scared of Levi in any way. He respects him, I’m sure he’s careful around him, and probably feels a bit intimidated by him, but he doesn’t fear him.

So why was Eren so worried about this? Well, there are many reasons we could find. Of course Eren wants to please Levi, as he respects and admires him. He also wants to be a good soldier, since he always has wanted to be in the Survey Corps, and he takes his duties very seriously.

But I want to focus on something else:

We’re back to Chapter 51, this scene happens just after the one with Jean. Armin is wondering why were they chosen for the new squad Levi, and questioning if they’re good enough. Notice Eren’s expression while listening to this conversation, and how his immediate reaction is telling them again how they have to finish cleaning before Levi arrives.

Like I said before, Eren has been in Levi’s squad for longer, and knows what Levi will expect of them. And how high those expectations have been set by those who came before them.

I think it’s pretty clear after seeing this page what Eren was really thinking and why he reacted like that. Here he remembers how things were with Levi’s old squad and how good they were. He wants the new squad to work hard and be just as good. And the pain on his face is also obvious.

We know Eren had been feeling guilty for their death. Eren puts the weight of their deaths over his shoulders himself, as well as any other deaths caused by his decisions or somehow in relation to him, so this isn’t rare.

But I don’t think his actions here are only caused by him feeling guilty. And not just because he wants to please Levi, or because he simply wants them to be good soldiers. 

I think it’s possible he doesn’t want Levi to notice the difference that much, and miss the presence of his old squad. He wants everything to be perfect for when he arrives. That way Levi won’t have to make comparisons, or think about of how things would have been if the others were still alive.

People don’t often give Eren the credit he deserves on matters such as this. I think it was very thoughtful of him to worry about Levi and his feelings this way, trying to make the transition as easiest as possible for him, and wanting to save him the pain of feeling the absence of the ones who aren’t there anymore.

Let’s talk about Peepers.

It’s not going to be an analysis of his character, no, I’m leaving it after I watch the entire S2. I was considering if I should write this post at this point, but I had to, otherwise I’d explode. (A threat of not being to able to liveblog in the near future and lack of Internet overall also helped in writing that post.)

I should note that I got to “The Bad Hatter” and don’t know what happens after this episode.

So let’s talk about Peepers, his relationship with Hater, some hypotetical scenarios and how I tend to overanalyze a children cartoon.

Back in S1 he used to be a punching bag who was totally happy giving Hater all the control (to be fair Hater was competent back then in spite of his Hatey moments) and being in the shadow, doing the hard work. All in the name of the Hater Empire! …But not really. One could say the changes began back in “The Prisoner”, but the real deal was shown in “The Bounty”, where Peepers did draw a line - he had his ambitions and had to follow them. He still wanted to be a Commander of the empire that was supposed to rule the galaxy; perhaps even the universe itself. And after that he was shown to lose his paticence with his boss, acknowleding his flaws out loud.

Fast forward to S2 and Hater is not the greatest in galaxy anymore; despite his abilities and powers he got distracted by Wander way too many times for other villains not to notice. Peepers still follows him, though this time not without justified and verbalized complaints and screaming. And when they get to Dominator despite being the powerful one Hater is a distraction, while Peepers takes job into his hands and saves everyone along with Sylvia. “If you march in to my galaxy, you’re gonna have to deal with me!” was it?

Peepers and Hater’s relationship took a big step in “The Axe”. We as the audience learned that without each other the won’t be able to function in the villain world without each other, and Hater finally understood he needed his Commander. Peepers meanwhile seemed to be fully aware of his abilities and why he nedeed skeleton man in the first place. After he left the skullship he didn’t consider the obvious ‘there are so many other villains out there wonder if any of them would use a competent right hand?’ No, he was looking for a job in a NEWSPAPER showing that he does believe Hater is still the most powerful conqueror this galaxy could have. Not to mention his whole flashback song, where we witnessed him caring about Hater beyond the whole conquering thing. One more thing worth the note is that Sourdough noted how Peepers is the one who 'knows what’s being a true villain is all about’.

After this episode their relationship started to be much, much better, though not without its hiccups.

“A true villain turns weakness into a strength!”
I love this line. He technically tells Hater how great it is that he used his obsession with the tag game in conquering planets… But what he’s really saying is that he used Hater and his shenanigans to get back to the top ten. Not to mention that he considers Hater as his weakness overall; despite everything that happened not only he has some ounce of belief in him, not only he can not imagine conquering the galaxy without him (“The Axe”), he genuinely cares about the guy to some extent.

This sentence aside “The It” gave me a lot to think about (and laugh for that matter). Peepers had no qualms about freezing his boss in coldbrrnite and leavin him behind, just like he didn’t have any problem with locking him up in the box to use him for conquering planets. And the Sequence happens, where it’s more than obvious what Peepers wants, how he is the real villain in the Hater Empire, how he revels in his pragmatic villainy and using Hater for conquer. At the end he learns his lesson how while his boss is the instrumental part in building the empire overall, if he’s busy with Wander, he’s not able to carry out the mission and needs to stay away.

Time for the next Peepers-Hater episode. So what happens? “The Cool Guy” happens. Hoooo, boy, “The Cool Guy”.

The figurines play from the beginning is the obvious way of explaining stuff to Hater without boring him at the more formal meetings (the way that Hater took to the heart, if his 'commercial’ in “The New Toy” is any indication), but Peepers is also having fun. Until Awesome happens and takes Hater away. For almost the whole episode Commander is busy fretting over Hater’s abscence and irresponsibility while phoning him like a worried mother.
(Don’t worry that much, Peeps, Hater is a good enough boy to use a straw and a napkin.)

And then he decides he had enough, the time for invasion was coming with big steps anyway, had to do it himself.

Two major things happen: first of all his little speech. He knows that all Hater wanted was to be popular, not to conquer planets. He says that in such a mocking tone that made me think: a) he actually doesn’t really care what his boss really wants, jsut used his abilities, apperance and desires for galactic domination, b) is it just me or he sounds like a parent who dismissed their kid’s desires and 'knows’ what’s better for them, roping them in a job they didn’t really want? I’m probably taking the analogy too far here, but yeah.

The second thing is that he tried to conquer the planet on his own in his name. But wait, didn’t he just try to conquer in his boss’ name despite his abscence? Nope. You don’t put your face-eye on the banners where Hater’s face is supposed to be if you want to invade in his name.

But wait, didn’t I say that Peepers acknowledged that he needed Hater to conquer the galaxy? Yes, but with Hater’s incompetentence and him controlling pretty much everything he might have thought: “Alright, I’m doing all the work anyway, I’m much more capable of being the leader!”

“Bow down to your new master!”
Peepers had no idea that Hater was around to watch the invasion. So who was this 'master’? Come, on, he was testing the grounds, he wanted to see if he’d manage to conquer the planet on his own, though still using the skullship which is Hater’s symbol. He even had a peep pep talk with himself for flrap’s sake. But then Awesome happened (whose words imply that he actualy knew what Commander was planning to do? Or he just wanted to make a joke? I don’t really think he’d care any way, but still.) After that Peepers retracted and used Hater’s name, but the Thing happened anyway. Commander goes back to his boss just like the boss comes back to his Commander… though not without a little Wander distraction.

After that Peepers gets Hater to the 2nd spot on the villain leaderboard, though not without problems, like partying hard with Wander or making Major Threat fake his return to villainy. Not to mention getting smacked around few times. But overall Peepers could work with that and only Dominator was the real obstacle to get back on the first place. What could go wrong?

Then “The Battle Royale” takes place and Hater falls – literally and figuratively for Dom. Which is a big, big problem for Peepers.

In “The New Toy” watchdog is absolutely fine with Hater not taking the part in the battle; in fact he’s delighted he’s allowed to lead the attack by himself. Unfortunately not only his boss sabotages his plans, but it’s also obvious that without Hater’s cooperation he couldn’t get anywhere near beating Dominator.

“The Bad Hatter” is the main reason I’m writing that post. Once he finds out Hater has Wander’s magic Hat he takes it to make weapons to defeat Dominator and…


I said I was going to think about it, didn’t I?

Despite the fact that he cares about Hater somewhat and is willing to call him a friend, he is absolutely, 100% ready to put him aside for his own ambitions. He wants to defeat Dom and wants the galaxy to be HIS. There are even parallels with the civil war Wander talks about for grop’s sake!

So let’s recap: Peepers uses Hater, though he still cares for him, he does consider the posibility of working without him to pursue his dreams, he is thinking how much better he’d fill the leader’s position and he’d be glad to be done with Hater’s nonsense.

You’re going to ask: 'Ok, why are you telling us the stuff we already know?’ Well, I’m getting there.

Given what we’ve seen in the S2 so far it’s not without merit to think that Peepers might want to leave Hater after all. Anyone who has been following me knows how surprised I was that he didn’t leave skeleton man’s side after witnessing Dominator and her powers back in “The Greater Hater” and developed their reluctant friendship (which, for the record, I love, but it was still shocking to see that).

As of now they still have Dom to deal with, so while I don’t think Peepers is going to do anyting of the sort in this season, but S3 is still a fair game. Hater might have a moment of clarity or whatever to get the job done, but it’ll never be in the long term - Hater from S1 is not going to come back, he’s still going to be distracted by Wander, he’s still going to be ultimately redeemed. What would Peepers do in that situation? Would he still follow Hater into the path goodness? Possible, but not without complaining. Or some kind of story arc that would happen beforehand for that matter. Where he could at the very least think about leaving Hater to his own devices.

So let’s play a game of 'Peepers gets a better job proposition where he actualy can fullfill his dreams of ruling the universe’. Maybe not even in someone’s name, but his. Of course it’s absolutely hypotetical situation, but still very much possible.

Ok, so in that scenario Commander leaves his Lord to work for somebody else/begin reign in his own name. So Wander would have to do someting, right? Nope. Sure, he might have few words for Peepers, he’d definitely try to do something, but ultimately he’d fall deaf on his ears. Peepers doesn’t care about Wander, he doesn’t consider him a threat, he’d love to ignore him entirely and for Hater to do the same. I did complain that these two barely interacted, though it made sense why. Now with the possibilty I described here it would make even more sense, especially in narrative way.

But there would have to be someone who’d talk him down, at least partly, right? There’s Sylvia, I guess, they did find a common ground in “The Battle Royale”, recognising that they had similiar struggles, and I was told they have more interaction in few next episodes. But I don’t feel like Sylvia could do that much. Her words would have some effect, maybe, but not that big.

So who has any chance to talk to Peepers to get him out of this path?

Hm, this redeemed/almost redeemed guy maybe?

Tl;dr Peepers stop stealing the show.

An endless cycle of love and hugs!

I wanted to make a lil’ something since the last episode of Wander Over Yonder airs today, so I sat down for 9 hours and made this instead of sleeping. I absolutely love this show and I’m going to terribly miss this orange furball ;w;

Thank you for all the good times, Craig McCracken and crew!  

Hater: gonna get redeemed whether he likes it or not

Post S1 analysis

First of all I need to share this analysis by @fanfic-inator795 with you. It’s really well written and covers Hater’s development through both seasons.

Hater got through a lot this season, didn’t he? First he lost his position as the greatest in the galaxy, had to deal with ‘the cool evil dude’ Dom’s appearence, almost married destroyed Wander, fought with other villains for the planets, got closer to Peepers, faced the fact that his idol has been wanderized, got high at the dentist’s and sabotaged his own invasion, went to some parties with Awesome ending it with a punch to his face; only to fall in love with 'the coll evil laaaaaaady’ Dom, tried to win her heart on multiple times, lost his arm in a black hole, was a star in cartoon, fought with Peepers, sang his own theme song for four days straight, spied on Dom and Awesome along with Peepers; then did a musical number for his lady villain love only to be turned down big time, hid himself on a sitcom planet, lost Captain Tim and teamed up with Ripov, sliced off Robomechabotatron’s leg; and, at the end, stopped Dominator before she could destroy the whole galaxy in its entirety.

Our favourite skeleton man developed a LOT, mainly thanks to his relations with others. While I’m going to write about relationships in more detail in a different post, I do have to mention them a little bit here.

You could say that he took a step back from the person he used to be back in S1. And, yeah, I kind of get this argument, and I do agree there were few moments where his childish behaviour was a little exaggerated, but ultimately I think it was fine.
There’s also a topic of his crush on Dominator; apparently fandom didn’t welcome it with open arms back in a day (mostly fearing that there would be an actual romantic plot) until “My Fair Hatey” aired. Heck, even now I saw some people complaining about his behaviour in second arc, how his crush dumbed him down. I don’t really agree with that? Sure, love 'made him blind’ in a sense that he thought Dom was a suitable match for him, and that distracted him from conquering, but so did Wander? Sure, it was a little too long and I’d cut out one at least one episode about this topic myself, but it also brought a lot of good stuff and in the end it worked out. Musical style.

At first not only he lost his position, but had to face the fact he wasn’t able to work as an evil overlord without Peepers. He had to recognize his limitations, whenever he liked it or not, but thanks to that they started to spend more time together and eventually forme a reluctant friendship which is a big, big point for both their character arcs, but, again, story for another post.

Let’s just say that Hater, who always wanted to be liked and popular, was willing to let go of his 'cool guy’ image and punched Awesome in a face for picking up on Peepers.

“The Fremergency Fronfract” was a weird case. Hater did spend majority of it high on… electricity, I guess, happy to be good, willing to help others without any particular incentive. How much does it steem from his 'real’ self and how much from being indisposed? I’d say it’s a mix of both, which is another point on his path to redemption.

There’s an interesting moment in “The Good Bad Guy”. Hater thinks he’s bad, because he’s supposed to be bad; what else is he good for anyway? Which means that being wanderized means being brainwashed. And, to be fair, Jeff can kid of give that kind of impression. Not to mention Hater’s fremergency fronfract incident – after all Wander was willing to keep him that way!

As I mentioned I’m mostly fine with the 'Hater’s in love with Dom’ arc. It did distract him from being a bad guy (and Peepers was not happy but what else is new) in a name of pursuing, well, love. Sure, it failed spectaculary. Sure, he hurt a lot of watchdogs in a process. Sure, Peepers constantly tried to tell him it wouldn'twork and Hater refused to listen. But you know what Hater gained thanks to that? Empathy. This whole situation made him smarter, more cautious for future.

“The Hole…Lotta Nuthin’” was interesting not only for Wander & Hater interactions, but also showed the skeleton man can be pretty perceptive and knew how to hurt his 'nemesis’. By using words (using his powers never really worked anyway, hehe). Unfortunately for him Spoon isn’t easily broken and all he got from this experience was robotic arm.

He was pretty much absent in the third arc, except three episodes and finale, which honestly surprised me a little. I guess the biggest lesson for him was over and it was time for Wander and Sylvia to focus on finding a way to beat Dominator.

“The Bad Neighbors” was mostly about Hater distracting himself from what happened in musical (which was lampshaded by Peepers) – sitcom style! Who needs to worry about Dominator who… who totally didn’t break his heart or anything like that! Who needs to worry about her while she’s busy destroying the galaxy, right? In the end he and his army got off the planet mostly thanks to Peepers’ insistence, though they had to wait a pretty long while till the next time they met the galaxy’s biggest threat.

“The Search for Captain Tim” makes me laugh, really, really hard. See, Captain Tim is a wild creature, tamed only a little bit by Wander back in S1. He spent all this time with Hater, who literally loved him. And ultimately it was that love that made Tim turn against the queen and save everyone. That’s not all; the same love showed Ripov that “bad things can change”. All thanks to Hater. It’s hilarious.

In “The end of the Galaxy” old, competent Hater was back. He discovered the Secret Planet, he was alright with using Wander as a distraction, he activated skullcrusher mode… Ultimately to use his powers for protection. Tat’s not all, this scene clearly showed us his powers are emotion-based. The more love and adoration he felt from others made him work better. So much for hate in your bones, huh, Hatey?
And he save both Wander and Dominator. I just… Yeah, Hatey has CHANGED a lot.

Hater seems to have some hidden knowledge he reveals only when it suits his needs. Want to build H.A.T.E.R.V.? He’s going to do it himself! Want to know if there’s any planet in galaxy left? Oh, just gonna use his extensive knowledge of thernodynamics! (The latter can also tie in with the mokeyboy from “The Waste of Time”, but that’s another topic). Maybe 'hidden’ is incorrect word here; it’s just that he didn’t feel a need to mention it? I don’t know.

About the monkey theory – at this point Hater’s 100% somehow connected with the monkey astronaut. And there’s the only one electrical skeleton man in probably the whole universe.

What’s in a future for Hater? Learning his backstory. Perhaps galaxy’s inhabitants would see him as a saviour instead of a villain, thus making him feel good at being a good guy? Definitely redemption. Friendship with Wander. Some more shenanigans with Peepers.

TL;DR: Hater got really, really far in his character arc; a few more steps and he’s going to be redeemed.

In search of non-haters

Hello guys.

Are there any Skam blogs out there who does not bitch all the time? Give me a heads up… Because right now I’m only unfollowing people and I want some new content on my feed (I am tired of the bitterness tbh. We get it. You hate everything… But my life does not get any better by reading all this hate 24/7)

You don’t have to praise anything. You don’t have to be jolly all the time or positive about everything, as long as you are not on one or more of these rants that I see ALL the time atm:

  • Omg I hate william
  • Omg I hate Noora
  • Julie has destroyed SKAM
  • I hate this season
  • I have no hope left in my body
  • I honestly don’t care what happens from now on, because I’m hating on everything.

Disclaimer: I am all for constructive criticism, but none of the criticism I’ve seen is in any way constructive… It is just salty tears of bitterness…. And I don’t have time for that…

That’s all. Hit me up pals!

Excellence High~ ft. MiniCat

Well, I forgot the person’s user but they recommended a MiniCat with an high school au(Sorry for forgetting. ;~; Just msg me and I’ll add you in here). And I had a shit ton of fun writing this so here we go! Edit: IT’S DTK DUDE!!!

The hallways were bustling with kids older than him but probably far less smarter than him. His thick brimmed glasses perched proudly upon his perky nose that was far too small for his enormous forehead. Had he known this place was a no nerd zone, he would have bought contacts with the last bit of his allowance instead of snack foods.

On his shirt read, “Mini Lad”, easily being understood by passing students as the boy was quite literally short. A small lad indeed is what he was. Comparing his height to the other kids was probably an understatement to say they were yards taller.

One elbowed him as he passed, turning to joke about his height to his buddies and laughing behind the boy’s back with strong pride in his tall height. Another simply pushed past him, shoving him into the locker with a single hand flat against his shoulder.

As the seniors and juniors bustled towards their first period classrooms, the sophomores fled to the cafeteria for a late breakfast after receiving their new schedules. The boy had no clue where to go, his eyesight taking him beyond the crowd and towards a possible teacher or maybe principal.

“Excuse me?” the boy tried but his voice was too small to be heard among the noise. 

He groaned internally, trying once more, “Excuse me, ma’am? I’m Craig a-”

The lady glared at him and stalked off, her skirt swishing behind her in a petty manner. He suddenly found her to be a cheerleader in the seniors grade. “Fuck me…” He groaned, turning and looking around the enormous school.

A sudden hand was placed alarmingly on his shoulder and he gave a startled yelp. The male that had touched him, chuckled before grabbing Craig’s hand and pulling him into the cafeteria. “You new here, kid?”

“Y-Yeah. I don’t know where I’m supposed to go!” The boy tried swallowing his nervousness, his nerves pinching in his neck as he remained cool on the outside.

The taller male smiled and nodded, “What’s your name?”

“Craig. I’m a sophomore this year.”

“nice to meet you Craig! Welcome to our beloved, fuck of a school!” The male grinned, “I’m Marcel.”

As he said this, a sudden swarm of giggling males pushed towards him, a small male with monkey ears perked upon his head hopped onto Marcel’s shoulders with a squeal.

“Hey… This is Lui.”

Lui waved and grinned at Craig, who smiled and waved back. “Hey, I’m Craig.”

The swarm moved towards an empty table, claiming certain seats. Marcel and Lui followed and so Craig decided to tag along. “Guys, this is our dear new friend in the sophomore field.” Marcel introduced.

Craig waved shyly as the boys fanned over his appearance and his name. “He’s in the same grade as Tyler, Lui, David, and Arlan then.” A male in a red jacket responded, “Hey, I’m Evan!” sending a grin towards  Craig.

Craig grinned back, “Hey.”

Another male shuffled towards the group, he wore a white bunny headband with a tail flopping behind him lazily in fluff, tied around his belt loops without protest. “Hey guys.” the male paused before pointing at Craig, “Who’s that?”

“I’m Craig-”

“He’s Craig, bunny man. Sit down, your man was waiting.” A man with pig hears and a swirly pink tail following his tight zebra printed ass spoke with straight demand. 

Craig froze and glanced up at the largest buffed man he’d ever seen. The man had more muscle than his father and Evan combined, that was scary!

“Shut the fuck up, Tyler. Ryan can handle himself, you know.” A man in the purple button up spoke out.

The man in the bunny ears sprinted towards the purple button up and gave him a quick peck, “Hey Brycey.”

Craig smiled but lost his smile with his thoughts. What if they’re homophobic or non-binary haters? In  split second, his worries and insecurities pounced upon him from past, terrible experiences. (I wanted to add a twist, sorry lol)

Tyler noticed and wrapped an arm around Craig, “The others will be here shortly. But in case you ever need or want to know, I’m Tyler, cisgender male who is pansexual. If you need anybody to kick someone’s ass, let me know and I’ll fuck them up.”

Craig shuddered but smiled, “Oh nice.”

Marcel piped up with a grin, “I’m gay.”

Lui chuckled, “We all know that, after all, you and Scotty snuck out during pre-prom last year and fucked behind the school gates!”

Marcel choked on his breakfast bagel before responding with a hoarse voice, “We didn’t fuck!”

Tyler smirked, “You were damn near close, you idiots.”

Evan grinned, “You were lucky that me and Jonathan were planning the same thing or a teacher would have caught you instead.”

Craig smiled, “So pansexual, gay, gay, gay, and what else?”

“I’m a bisexual non-binary.” Bryce smiled timidly from his seat, Ryan protectively and encouragingly embracing him from the side.

“Male or female pronouns?” Craig assured, a soft grin on his features.

“Neither. I’m just they.” Bryce smiled, his lips helping prove a point with the gloss shimmering in the light on them.

“Well…” Craig began, earning a soft encouraging nudge from Tyler, “I’m a non-binary too. Sometimes it depends if I’m straight or gay so I guess I stick with Bisexual.”

“Your pronouns?” Bryce asked with pure curiosity.

“I prefer she on some days or he on others. Most of the time it’s he, but ya know.. Sometimes a they appears.”

Tyler smiled and sat down, inviting Craig to sit and eat with them. As breakfast passed them by, Craig and  Tyler became close. Tyler and Craig loved going to the mall and shopping and dressing up, they loved playing games, they enjoyed cuddling and watching movies. They even agreed that being afraid of snakes or spiders was a good thing, it meant they were normal in some occasions. 

However, the two came to a disagreement in their conversation at lunch. Being non-binary meant that you had to dress in different personas; different styles, colors, moods, fashions, brands. Tyler disagreed, saying they could be a girl and wear Nike’s and be a guy and wear the same brand. Or be a girl and wear blue and be a guy and wear blue.

Craig disagreed, he said that he enjoyed matching brands, fashions, styles, and colors in his clothing with his different genders. Though the disagreement took some self-explanation and some emotional strength for  Craig not to cry, as he was gaining a small minor crush on this man, the two stuck through it.

“Hey Craig, what’s your phone number?”

Craig let out a soft gasp, his eyes sparkling with the light as he mockingly questioned Tyler, “Are you asking for my number, playboy?”

Tyler chuckled and nodded, “Yes, mother fucker, gimme it. We need to play games and hang out and watch movies together this weekend.”

Though the two looked at one another as really close friends, the squad could tell that Tyler had finally found the right lover. A non-binary, bisexual nerd with a hint of pure passion for gaming that could match Tyler’s any day.

The two would grow together in that high school, from sophomores to juniors then to seniors. Through graduation, through college, and through life together. The two could stay side by side with minimal to average arguments on a weekly basis. Their relationship would be healthy and beautiful, engaged in their passions for gaming and their passion for one another.

The ending was rushed, I apologize. It was nearing 10 pm and I got really tired suddenly from all the exams we’d been doing these past weeks. And so, I’m off to bed. If you, person who suggested this, or anyone else, dislike this, send me a message and let me know and I will rewrite one. Ii won’t delete this one, just remake one. And if you want me to continue this, also let me know. :) *Will tag later. ;)

SIGNAL BOOST PLEASE! I took this photo of stealingallofyourshekels blog. It has many posts like this. They spreads hate towards lgbtqipa communities and individuals. Please report them. Idk if this blog is just a bad joke etc but please just report them so they can’t continue hurting people this way. Please help me spread this. ( benjiscloset misfitreindeer misandry-mermaid.)