Here’s to the ace-spectrum people who are not actually asexual and receive even less recognition than the already shitty recognition that is allotted to asexuals. Here’s to the demisexuals, the fraysexuals, the cupiosexuals, and the greysexuals. Here’s to the lithosexuals, the autochorissexuals, the placiosexuals, the abrosexuals, and the apothisexuals.

I see you. You are beautiful. You are valid. You are real. You deserve recognition.

I am so angry right now. Protesting against G20, okay, yeah, fine, go ahead. All those peaceful protests: Great, this is the right way. But what is happening in Hamburg is awful. What the fuck does vandalism, destroying local shops, attacking local flats and houses and FUCKING BURNING CARS of innocent people have to do with that?! Burning down the possesions of people who might even be prostesting right this second as well, or even if not, people who don’t have shit to do with it, is just plainly disgusting.